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Uniconverter: The best video and music converter

Uniconverter: The best video and music converter

Uniconverter: The best video and music converter

The technological world has blessed us with this amazing software to download, convert or record some video and do the most amazing things with that. The amazing software is known as “Wondershare UniConverter”. Let us know what makes this software amazing and have an inside out idea.

Have you ever tried to convert a video file? You probably know how tedious this process can be. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of various tools for this job, both free and premium. However, finding the one that provides the right balance between simplicity and utility seems an impossible task. This is precisely the reason and this WonderShare software comes into action, we talk about UniConverter, one of the best programs to convert videos, music and more.

First impressions: 

Although Uniconverter is a video and music converter designed for anyone to use, it does not neglect the necessary features to make high quality recordings. Before starting our review, we will see some of its key features:

Very high design
Compatibility Very high
Average Optimization

Like any application you will find positive and negative opinions on the internet. The best thing is that you download it and try it for yourself to decide if it meets your expectations.

Another recommendation is that during your test you use the support center, since it is an issue that we should not leave aside, because that will be your support for any problem with the application.

Personally, I think it has the essentials to convert videos in high quality, but I recommend you check the technical specifications for a better experience.

Below I mention the minimum requirements:


– Supported Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10.
– Processor: Higher than 750MHz Intel or AMD CPU.
– RAM: 256 MB of RAM for Windows XP and Windows Vista, 2 GB for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
– Disk: 200 MB of free disk space for installation, 2 GB for optimal operation.
– Screen Resolution: 1280 × 768, 32-bit color.
– Internet: The Internet connection is required to register the program and access online services such as the effects store.


– Supported operating system: Mac OS 10.7 or higher
– CPU: Higher than 1GHz Intel processor or higher
– Memory: At least 246 MB physical RAM.
– Screen Resolution: 1280 × 768, 32-bit color.
– Disk: At least 250 MB for proper operation.
– Internet: The Internet connection is required to register the program and access online services such as the effects store.

Why use Uniconverter?

After testing it by converting my own video for YouTube, I found it quite easy to use, despite some areas of the user interface that could be improved in future versions. These are my 5 reasons why you should use Uniconverter:
    Simple interface.
    Compatible with any video and music format.
    It allows you to record the screen of your computer, if you want to record gameplays.
    You can convert directly to Youtube, Vímeo and more.
    Excellent tutorials for beginners.

Uniconverter Review:


As you load the software, you will be presented with the main window.

When you start UniConverter, you will see a very well designed and modern looking interface. At the top, you will see five featured icons that will take you to five different tools offered by this software (with many other options as well). But we will only discuss about the Convert tab.


As the name implies, this is the “main” function of UniConverter. It all starts by adding a video that you want to convert, for example vob to MP4. You can click ‘Add files‘ or even better, simply drag and drop the video into the central part of the user interface of this tool. After a few moments, the application will import the video and you should see its details. On the right side, you will see the preview of your video along with three useful tools below. You can trim your video, add an effect, watermark, subtitles and more. As you make all these edits, you will see previews in real time. It is important to say that there are professional level tools that allow you to really adjust your video. You can adjust its brightness, contrast, saturation and more. Once you have finished, click on ‘Accept’ to apply the changes you have made.


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