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Unlocking The Benefits Of Car Title Loans



“A penny saved is a penny earned,” This adage holds with car title loans. These loans are an increasingly popular way to access the funds needed for financial emergencies, but knowing what you’re getting into before taking out a loan is important. Unlocking the benefits of car title loans ensures you get the maximum benefit from these short-term solutions without facing major pitfalls.

In this article, we’ll explore how car title loans work, their potential advantages and disadvantages, and other key considerations when considering them as a funding source.

Car title loans allow individuals who own vehicles outright or have significant equity in their vehicle to use those titles as collateral for a loan. The lender will hold onto your car title until the loan is repaid; if you default on payments, they may take ownership of your vehicle. While some view this process as risky, several ways to access money through a car title loan could be beneficial.

For instance, car title loans can provide quick access to cash – many lenders approve applications within 24 hours – allowing borrowers to receive much-needed financing rapidly during times of emergency or crisis.

Additionally, because these types of loans require no credit checks, they may be helpful for individuals whose credit scores prevent them from accessing traditional forms of lending like bank loans or lines of credit.

Despite the potential upsides of borrowing through a car title loan, it’s important to understand all aspects before agreeing. Let’s dive deeper into unlocking the benefits of car title loans!

What Is A Car Title Loan?

A car title loan is a short-term loan that uses your vehicle’s title as collateral. This means you are borrowing money against the value of your vehicle, and if you default on the loan, your lender can legally repossess it to recoup their losses.

The advantages of a car title loan include quick access to cash without waiting for approval from a traditional bank or credit union. The process usually takes less than an hour, and many lenders don’t require a credit check. Car title loans also have no prepayment penalties, so you can pay off the balance early without incurring extra fees.

This makes them an attractive option for people needing emergency funds who may not be able to qualify for other types of loans due to bad credit or lack of income. Furthermore, they offer flexible repayment options such as weekly payments over longer periods, allowing borrowers more flexibility in managing their finances while keeping their vehicles.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For A Car Title Loan?

When it comes to car title loans, understanding the eligibility requirements is essential. Eligibility for a car title loan depends on several factors and can vary from lender to lender. In general, applicants should be at least eighteen years old and legally allowed to enter into a contract in their state of residence. They will also need to own the vehicle outright or have sufficient equity to use as collateral against the loan.

Additionally, lenders may require proof of income, a current registration, and insurance documents for the vehicle used for collateral. The vehicle’s value must meet certain criteria set by each lender; often, this means having an estimated retail value of more than $3,000.

Finally, borrowers must possess a valid driver’s license and a clear title free of liens. The borrower has full ownership rights over the automobile until all money owed is repaid. Obtaining these documents before applying can save time when you’re ready to submit your application.

What Are The Benefits Of A Car Title Loan?

The benefits of a car title loan are numerous and diverse, offering an opportunity for those in need to get the help they deserve.

Imagine gaining access to financial support with no credit checks or lengthy applications. With a car title loan, this dream can become your reality! This type of lending offers many advantages:

Speed- Instead of waiting days or weeks for approval, you could have the funds you need quickly and easily;

Flexibility- You decide how much money you borrow and when it is paid back;

Low Costs- Title loans often have lower borrowing costs than payday loans; and

Security- Your vehicle acts as collateral, so lenders don’t require additional security from borrowers.

Car title loans provide an excellent solution for individuals short on cash. These loans allow people to stay afloat financially until their next paycheck arrives, whether due to unexpected medical bills or other emergency expenses. So if you need quick cash, consider turning to a car title loan provider today – it could be just what you were looking for!

How Can I Use The Money From A Car Title Loan?

Unsurprisingly, car title loans are becoming increasingly popular in the US. According to a recent survey, over 7 million people have used this type of loan in the past five years alone. So how can you use the money from a car title loan?

First and foremost, it is important to note that these loans are incredibly versatile. They can be used for many things – such as covering medical bills, paying off debt, or making home repairs. It depends on what your current financial situation calls for. Many lenders also offer flexible payment plans, so you don’t have to worry about having all the money upfront.

Regarding repayment options, several are available depending on which lender you choose. Some may require full payment by a specific date, while others will let you make installments over time. Be sure to shop around and find the best deal that works with your budget before committing to anything.

Regardless of your option, just remember that taking out a loan should always be done responsibly and never taken lightly.

What Are The Risks Of A Car Title Loan?

When it comes to car title loans, understanding the risks is essential. After all, this type of loan can provide a fast and convenient way to access cash, but some potential downsides should be considered.

One risk of a car title loan is that borrowers may owe more than they initially borrowed if they cannot make their payments on time. This is because most car title lenders charge high-interest rates and additional fees for late or missed payments. Failure to repay your loan could also result in repossession of your vehicle.

Another risk associated with car title loans is that they often have short repayment periods, usually 30 days or less. While this means you can get quick access to funds when you need them, it also means the full amount needs to be repaid quickly – otherwise, you might be hit by extra charges or even face losing your car if you don’t keep up with the payment schedule.

It’s important to weigh these potential risks against the benefits before taking out a car title loan to decide whether it’s right for your financial situation.

Reading through the terms and conditions carefully, budgeting ahead, and ensuring you understand how much will be paid back each month can help reduce any stress associated with borrowing money via a car title loan.

How Can I Find A Reputable Car Title Loan Lender?

When searching for a car title loan lender, you want to ensure the company is reputable and trustworthy. Knowing which companies are reliable and provide quality services can be difficult.

Here are 4 tips for finding a reputable car title loan lender:

Do your research – Read online reviews of lenders before making any decisions. Look into their customer service policies, terms and conditions, fees, repayment plans, and other details related to the loan.

Ask questions – Don’t hesitate to ask the lender as many questions as necessary to get all the information you need about the loan. Questions should include whether they offer pre-approval or early payment discounts, how long it takes for funds to be released after approval, what documents are needed for the application process etc.

Compare rates & fees – Compare different lenders to find one with competitive rates and reasonable fees. This will help you identify potential hidden costs to avoid them when taking out a car title loan.

Read the fine print – Before signing off on a contract with a car title loan lender, carefully read over all details. Pay close attention to anything related to late payments, defaulting on loans or repossession of property if applicable.

It’s important to find an appropriate lender and understand their policies before committing yourself financially through a car title loan agreement. Be mindful of possible risks associated with this type of borrowing, and choose wisely!

What Are The Terms And Conditions Of A Car Title Loan?

Car title loans can be incredibly beneficial if you approach them with an understanding of what to expect. Before taking out a loan, knowing the terms and conditions is important. That way, you can ensure the lender’s offer aligns with your expectations and goals.

Car title loans generally involve you providing collateral in exchange for money. Depending on your state laws and regulations and the specific guidelines set by each lender, this could mean giving up all or part of your vehicle’s title until you repay the loan. The interest rate will also vary from one lender to another, usually from 12% to 36%. As such, it pays to shop around and compare rates before settling on any particular option.

Other things worth considering when evaluating lenders include their customer service policies, turnaround time once they receive your documents and information, their repayment plans (which should be flexible enough to allow adjustments based on your situation), and whether or not they charge additional fees like late payment charges or prepayment penalties. All these factors must be considered when deciding which car title loan lender works best for you.

How Can I Make Sure I Repay My Car Title Loan On Time?

Repaying a car title loan on time is essential to unlocking the benefits of this type of loan, such as avoiding massive penalties and fees. But what steps can you take to ensure you stay ahead of your payments?

One option is to put together a repayment plan that works best for you. Creating a budget that includes all income sources and expenses will help you identify how much money should be allocated toward paying off your monthly loan. Consider setting up automatic payments so that they are taken out every month without any extra effort from yourself. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting or being late with payment deadlines.

Another important step in repaying your car title loan on time is understanding the terms and conditions laid out by your lender. It’s important to know exactly when payments are due, the penalty fee associated with missed payments, and other details like interest rates or prepayment options available.

If there’s anything unclear about these terms, contact your lender directly and ask questions until everything makes sense. Taking responsibility for knowing the ins and outs of your loan will go a long way in ensuring timely repayment.

Creating a reasonable budget, taking advantage of automated payment systems, and familiarizing yourself with the details outlined by the lender make it easier to repay your car title loan on time – allowing you to enjoy all its benefits without experiencing any setbacks along the way.

In conclusion, car title loans can be a great way to access fast cash in an emergency. With the right lender, you can enjoy several benefits from a car title loan, such as quick approval and competitive interest rates.

However, it is important to remember that risks are involved with any type of loan, so make sure you understand the terms and conditions before signing up for one. To ensure timely repayment, plan and budget accordingly to avoid defaulting or incurring additional fees due to late payments.

Overall, doing your homework is essential when considering taking out a car title loan. Research various lenders and compare their offers before making your final decision. Ensure that all aspects of the agreement are clear and that you fully understand what will happen if you fail to meet the repayment schedule.

Lastly, never take out more than you need or can afford so that you don’t find yourself in unmanageable debt further down the line.

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Corruption In The Queens Divorce Courts Part 3



This is the 3rd part in a series of what I have witnessed while in court with my friend in her divorce case. Here is part 1 and part 2. Part of the reason I am writing this, is I do not believe this is an isolated case and there are those who are afraid to speak out for themselves. The violation of ones rights should be something we all fight for. In my friends case many of her rights were violated and sadly a lot of them by the attorney’s she’s had.

Before I start I went to tell you what happened last night. In re-reading and checking the first article I put up, I realized several links were taken down and I replaced with ones that weren’t. Miraculously they were back up today, so I am adding them here, here and here. Hopefully these links will not be taken down again.

Here is how this all started:

When my friend told me about her divorce case I was stunned. When I came to her house for the first time there was paper work in piles all over her house. She asked for my help and I agreed. In looking at this paper work, I saw so much. I immediately noticed what looked like insurance fraud. There were numerous checks from insurance companies. My friend had not noticed the amount or how many checks or claims were made in a short amount of time. Over a million. It was staggering. In a way it was like a gigantic puzzle.

The next day I went to court with her, because it was just going to be her and her attorney. As I have stated before, no-one should have to go through this alone. Her attorney was Alyssa Eisner, who was one of the rudest human beings I have ever met. She talked down to my friend, was condescending and kept telling her to shut up. The very first thing and last thing she said was “I need more money.” I tried to tell Ms. Eisner what I had discovered and asked did she want me as a witness and she said “No I knew nothing about the law.” I proceeded to tell her “I was a journalist and had read about the law.”

When I got into the courtroom Judge Viscovich asked the other side if I was to be a witness and they stated no. This happened the second time I was in court as well. In both occasions my friend was threatened with being thrown into Rikers and her attorney sat there stone cold silent.

Ms. Eisner told the Judge she was not prepared to go to trial.

In court Ms. Eisner, seemed more on her husbands side than my friend’s. Her attitude and her tactics seemed unrehearsed and rather shabby. Her performance made me want to know more, so I did research.

On lawyer ratings she rates poorly 1.7 out of 5

You can read here what other’s went through and it mirror’s what my friend went through.

A couple of days later I drove with my friend to Ms Eisner’s office, where my friend gave her the money she required.

The next time I was there, Ms Eisner again was impolite, discourteous and uncivil. Again the very first thing and last thing she said was “I need more money,” even though she had been paid a couple of days before. Though this day was to separate assets, my friend was sent home with Ms. Eisner not even objecting. The reason why was the Judge wanted the marital home appraised. The joke of this was this could easily have been done the next day, when they didn’t have court, but the Judge specifically ask for this date.

While at the appraisal, my friend slipped and fell and was not feeling well. During this time Ms. Eisner was texting both my friend and her daughter with her daughter answering what my friend should have been answering but couldn’t, because Ms. Eisner kept insisting that my friends daughter make discussion on her mother’s behalf. Her daughter did not have the power of attorney to do this, so why was Ms. Eisner texting her? When the decision’s had been made and was texted to her daughter her daughter told her “This was one of the worst deals ever made.”

The reason my friend had not been answering the texts was she was ill due to what later was diagnosed as a brain concussion. The fact is my friend could have died.

The next day in court, my friend told the Judge she was not well. He didn’t care. Ms Eisner actually for the first time since I had arrived stood up for her, because it was clear my friend was unwell.

The court went on that day for over two hours and the reason for this was Ms. Eisner now wanted off the case. This happened as my friend was not able to make discussions.

Because of the brain concussion, she was hospitalized, had to see a specialist and still has short memory problems.

Ms. Eisner was my friends lawyer for less than 3 months and made over $75,000. My question is for what?

By the way in the case where Dr. Robby Mahadeo was to be jailed for six months in Rikers Island, the reason for that was, that he objected to paying $88,000 in legal fees to Alyssa Eisner, his wife’s lawyer. The couple had a prenuptial agreement that clearly precluded such payments and yet Judge Viscovich took it upon himself to cancel it. This made it to NBC News.

Again, if you are in need of help, have more information, or can help please email us at

Inspector General’s Office

New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, 61 Broadway, Suite 1200, New York, New York 10006

Marguerite A. Grays: Administrative Judge-Civil Term, Eleventh Judicial District: Presiding Justice – Commercial Division, Queens County: Queens County Supreme Court: 88-11 Sutphin Boulevard: Jamaica, NY 11435 (718) 298-1212

Grievance Committee for the Second, Eleventh, and Thirteenth Judicial Districts: Renaissance Plaza
335 Adams Street, Suite 2400: Brooklyn, NY 11201-3745: (718) 923-6300

The Queens Courier PO Box 610257, Bayside NY, 11361 Phone: 718–260–2500 718-224-5863

TimesLedger Elizabeth Aloni 45-17 Marathon Parkway Little Neck, NY 11362 718-260-4537

Queens Chronicles Mark Weidler  718-205-8000 x114 4161 Kissena Blvd Ste 2077 Flushing, NY 11355 (718) 886-8160 30 Rockefeller Plz Fl 7 New York City, NY 10012 (212) 664-4444


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16 Year Old Artist Henri Reed’s Debut Exhibition at Lux Contemporary



Lux Contemporary, the newest Chelsea gallery adjacent to Rolls Royce New York, will launch “Henri’s World,” a new solo exhibition by 16-year-old LA-based emerging artist, Henri Reed, on view from Friday, April 19th –  Sunday, May 19th at 270 11th Avenue in New York.

The gallery’s owner and renowned celebrity art dealer, Emanuel Friedman, will host an Invite-only artist reception on Thursday, April 18th from 5pm – 8pm. Expected attendees will include a selection of celebrities and pro athletes, who are collectors of Henri’s works.

Henri, who has already created buzz across the country with collectors in L.A., N.Y., Chicago and Miami, including Babyface, will also make his New York City debut as the featured artist at the New York International Auto Show at the Javits Center, where he has created “Year of the Draggin.” More than a painting, the work serves as a tribute to the thrill of drag racing and the spirited culture surrounding it, set in the Year of the Dragon.

Named to honor the enduring appeal of drag racing, this piece captures the essence of a timeless passion. While it fits into a show centered around cars, its significance goes beyond any specific moment in time. Instead, it invites viewers to experience the exhilaration of speed and competition, regardless of when they encounter it. As one admires “Year of the Draggin,” they’re not just looking at a painting—they’re feeling the pulse of a culture that spans generations. And while its creation may be rooted in a particular year, its impact promises to resonate far into the future, leaving viewers to wonder which era of drag racing it truly represents. The work will be spotlighted at the Manhattan Motor Cars booth, spotlighting all the biggest exotic brands like Rimac, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini and more.

The “Henri’s World” exhibit will take over Lux Contemporary’s gallery space, highlighting over a dozen impactful, large-scale canvases and wood works. The young artist’s highlighted works will include Completa, a work made of two weathered planks of wood that were lying around for weeks in Henri’s studio. He knew he wanted to use them and brought them together, aligning them side by side. With pencil in hand, he began to sketch, treating them not as separate entities but as a unified whole. This piece quickly became the artist’s favorite in the collection. Its significance extends beyond mere materiality, reflecting a profound truth about human connections. When we view others as individuals, we may see only their vulnerabilities. But when we come together, our collective strengths shine forth, overshadowing our weaknesses. “Completa” embodies this essence—the beauty of unity, the power of togetherness.

High on Heels, a depiction of the timeless bond between a loyal canine and its skeletal walker, going beyond life and death. The dog’s love and loyalty shine through, while the walker’s bones remind us of life’s fleeting nature. Yet, together, they show us that love can endure forever. One Million Dollar, a recreation of the dollar bill with a Henri spin pays homage to his brother with his favorite color being green and his birthday spotlighted within the piece. On April 17th, Henri will also be appearing as the featured artist at the New York Stock Exchange’s private gallery collection. He is the youngest artist to be shown in the gallery. The collection is curated by world-famous trader and extensive collector, the “Einstein of Wall Street”, Peter Tuchman. The NYSE’s gallery is seen by world leaders, business titans and foreign dignitaries.

“I paint with shadows and whispers, leaving clues for those who dare to decipher the riddles hidden in plain sight,” said Henri.

Henri’s artistic career began at the age of 14 when he found an old wooden crate in his family’s garage and asked his father if he could use it. Before his parents returned from their dinner that evening, Henri had dismantled the crate and finished an original piece using materials from around the house.  A local collector saw a photo of the piece on Henri’s Instagram and immediately commissioned Henri for a new piece for his own home.  Within the next week, Henri began selling artwork to collectors, including Hollywood celebrities, music stars, and business leaders.

In February 2024, Henri was signed by New York City’s Lux Contemporary Gallery, which has featured works by Banksy, KAWS, Daniel Arsham, Brendan Murphy, Mr. Brainwash, Enrique Cabrera, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Jonty Hurwitz, Robert Indiana, Jeff Koons, Robert Longo, Takashi Murakami, King Saladeen and Hunt Slonem. Henri is the first emerging artist that the gallery has represented.

Henri’s World will be on view from Friday, April 19th – Sunday, May 19th at Lux Contemporary at 270 11th Avenue in NY, adjacent to Rolls Royce New York.

Exhibition hours are Mondays -Saturday: 10 AM – 7 PM; Sunday: Closed and by appointment.

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Corruption In The Queens Divorce Courts Part 2



When you have a voice, it is important to stand up for your beliefs, which is why I am writing about my friends divorce case and what I have witnessed. I do not have a problem in being called as a witness, but there are procedures you must abide by and laws to which you must adhere. In this case, I have not witnessed this basic right.

In keeping with what I wrote yesterday, I did contact every one on my list. The only person I had a problem with was Marguerite A. Grays (Administrative Judge-Civil Term, Eleventh Judicial District), the reason being there was no e-mail, so I called. What happened next was a prime example of what is going on. In a calm voice, I contacted her secretary to ask for her e-mail, so that the Judge was on the same page. I reasonably explained my reason for calling and was told I was threatening. Here is the dictionary’s definition: expressing or suggesting a threat of harm, danger, etc. indicating or suggesting the approach of possible trouble or danger. I did none of this. I was trying to give information. Needless to say, she will not have this information until I finish the series of articles and can mail them to her.

I will include who I also contacted from the Inspector General’s Office

I stated I would talk about the IRS and criminal activities that Judge Viscovich has sat on for years. To do this, I need to visit the beginning of this marriage. When my friend’s husband, who I will now refer to as O, married her, he did so under a false name, while being a fugitive. He ended up in jail for over 6 years after being convicted of selling drugs. At that point, she had 2 children, one of whom was from another marriage. She decided to stay in that marriage, because she believed he had reformed. They went on to have a third child. They started multiple construction companies, an importing business, and a sheet metal company. They were successful until things went south.

In China, O started an affair and began ciphering marital funds. This went on for eight months before my friend found out. She heard O on the phone stating that he was going to destroy her. So, she filed for divorce. She has emails to this effect. O immediately opened up a new corporation company in their son’s names, using their social security numbers for his own accord. O owned a company and had borrowed money from Wells Fargo. He used the marital home as the collateral. This company closed in 2013, and O never reported that to the bank.

There was another company that O owned with his stepdaughter. He funneled money from that company to pay off the home equity loan. His stepdaughter at the time had no idea he had done this. With that home equity line, he drained the marital assets of over a million and a half dollars. That money, he used for personal indulgences, including his extramarital relationships, his divorce attorney fees and corporate lawyers.

The major problem here is how was a corporation which had been closed since 2013 allowed to use a closed company to have checks written or deposited to another company? This has now been brought to the IRS, Wells Fargo and the FBI’s attention. Yet, Judge Viscovich has sat on this information for years and never brought it to anyone’s attention. It was brought to Judge Viscovich’s attention by my friend’s very first  attorney, Michael Black. It was included in a deposition conducted on January 29, 2020 that was presented to the court. Even his lawyer, Maria Coffinas, was made aware of this information at that time. My friend dismissed Mr. Black because of the slowness of the Wells Fargo information being released.

O embezzled $9 million + $3 million + $1.8 million to defraud my friend and other stakeholders.

O also used his sons to continue this trend. O conceals his own deceptions under the name’s of his sons.

There is even more, but it is like going down a long, dark rabbit hole.

Despite all this, Judge Viscovich gives O and his lawyer preferential treatment. Whenever my friend tried to bring this up in court, she was hushed and threatened. Her lawyer at the time, Alyssa Eisner, also sat on this information and berated my friend for suggesting she question and talk about it. Due to all this, there was a motion TO BRING ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON RECORD MOTION dated May 25, 2023.

Here is more of what is being withheld:

O holds the material interest in a property purchased in Syosset valued at $2 million. The property is owned by Muttontown Real Estate Holdings, Inc., which is a corporation directly or indirectly owned by O, the beneficial owner, and King & King, LLP, who has been an advising law firm to O.

O is residing at the said premises, instead of a humble apartment in Queens, and, yet, this has not only been suppressed, but also concealed.

Up next, let’s talk about Alyssa Eisner, my friend’s lawyer for the time I was in court with her.

Again, if you are in need of help, have more information, or can help please email us at

Inspector General’s Office

New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, 61 Broadway, Suite 1200, New York, New York 10006

Marguerite A. Grays: Administrative Judge-Civil Term, Eleventh Judicial District: Presiding Justice – Commercial Division, Queens County: Queens County Supreme Court: 88-11 Sutphin Boulevard: Jamaica, NY 11435 (718) 298-1212

Grievance Committee for the Second, Eleventh, and Thirteenth Judicial Districts: Renaissance Plaza
335 Adams Street, Suite 2400: Brooklyn, NY 11201-3745: (718) 923-6300

The Queens Courier PO Box 610257, Bayside NY, 11361 Phone: 718–260–2500 718-224-5863

TimesLedger Elizabeth Aloni 45-17 Marathon Parkway Little Neck, NY 11362 718-260-4537

Queens Chronicles Mark Weidler  718-205-8000 x114 4161 Kissena Blvd Ste 2077 Flushing, NY 11355 (718) 886-8160 30 Rockefeller Plz Fl 7 New York City, NY 10012 (212) 664-4444



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Corruption In The Queens Divorce Courts



Going through a divorce is hard enough. You are vulnerable, sad, angry, exhausted, frustrated and confused. It is difficult, no matter the reason. Now, what do you do when the court system disregards their own rules? To whom are you suppose to turn? To whom do you complain? I never thought I would be writing this article, but today in a sense, I was forced.

I have a friend who has been going through a divorce for 8 years. She has spent more the $600,000, due to the Judge in charge and the blatant disregard of the law. She has now had to go Pro Se and file bankruptcy.

I believe no-one should have to go to court alone, due to the scary and frightening nature for all of us in this matter. I have been by her side for over a year, as I have watched some the most egregious behavior take place.

On day one, I was asked if I was to be on a witness list and both sides said no. The second time presented the same question and answer. I do not know if this is on court record, as Judge Viscovich decides what is and isn’t on the record. A lot of times, I witnessed that it was not allowed or they are told point blank not to record. I witnessed this at least eight times. Suddenly, today, in a tactic of intimidation, I was on the witness list, though I have not been subpoenaed and according to court law a witness list was never given by either party prior to the trial. In the case of my friend, it is because she is clueless when it comes to the law. In the case of Maria Coffinas, the lawyer for the other side…she has 40 years of courtroom and trial experience. What is her excuse?

Here are the discrepancies that need to be brought to the proper authorities:

During a meeting of deciding who got what, my friend was sent away to get the house appraised even though her life was being decided on. She was given no choice. While at the appraisal, she slipped and fell, not feeling well. The next day in court, she told the Judge she was not well. He didn’t care, even though her lawyer at the time actually stood up for her for the first time since I had arrived. It was clear my friend was unwell. I actually wondered if she was drunk, even though she doesn’t drink. The court went on that day for over two hours. By the end of it my friend was so ill, we went to a doctor who diagnosed her with a brain concussion and she was hospitalized. She ended up having to see a specialist and was still made to go on zoom conference calls, even though she was not well.

Judge Viscovich constantly threatens her by telling her he is throwing her in Riker’s Island for contempt and continues to do so. On at least three occasions, he has had the handcuffs out and was seriously scary. Instead of being impartial, it was clear something was going on. What makes this so wrong is that the Judge refuses to see the evidence where this contempt charge is bogus and believes only what the other side states.

Due to a combination of that and everything else, my friend was forced to claim bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court has possession 0f most of the marital assets, yet the Judge refuses to comply with the higher court, which is odd, considering he has stated numerous times he wants this case gone.

Another thing is Judge Viscovich is constantly trying to give the house to the other side, but now his hands are tied, but that doesn’t stop the threats. This has gotten so bad that Ms. Coffinas threatened my friend over the house, until she was forced to confront the truth. She was suppose to send Judge Viscovich an email that no further action was to be taken, but yet again it was the first thing he mentioned yesterday in court and Ms. Coffinas trumped up yet another false excuse. Yet, they are not being held in contempt, and there is a stay in place. I can provide all the texts to this statement because Ms. Coffinas states all this and more.

I have proof of all I am saying, as this is just the tip of this iceberg. How am I supposed to be a witness when I have been privy to all that has gone on? I will have more tomorrow on IRS and criminal activity that this Judge has sat on for eight years.

My friend isn’t the only victim of Judge Viscovich’s court. His destruction has been written about several times. Even NBC News did a story on him. I had other references, but from the time I published this until I made sure everything was ok they were taken down or scrubbed. Only this was left. “An 8 year old girl demands NYS Queens County Supreme Court Judiciary Reform” over Judge Viscovich. I can also supply several victims names to the proof of what is happening.

I tried to talk to people in authority to no avail yesterday. I told the Judge and the court, that I am a journalist. I gave people in several different areas this information. So, now, I am giving a list of all to whom I am planning to send this article, in case anyone else needs this help. If you have more information or can help please email us at

Viscovich gives a list of his rules; however, the basic laws and rules are being disregarded. He doesn’t just destroy families, but lives.

New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, 61 Broadway, Suite 1200, New York, New York 10006

Marguerite A. Grays: Administrative Judge-Civil Term, Eleventh Judicial District: Presiding Justice – Commercial Division, Queens County: Queens County Supreme Court: 88-11 Sutphin Boulevard: Jamaica, NY 11435 (718) 298-1212

Grievance Committee for the Second, Eleventh, and Thirteenth Judicial Districts: Renaissance Plaza
335 Adams Street, Suite 2400: Brooklyn, NY 11201-3745: (718) 923-6300

The Queens Courier PO Box 610257, Bayside NY, 11361 Phone: 718–260–2500 718-224-5863

TimesLedger Elizabeth Aloni 45-17 Marathon Parkway Little Neck, NY 11362 718-260-4537

Queens Chronicles Mark Weidler  718-205-8000 x114 4161 Kissena Blvd Ste 2077 Flushing, NY 11355 (718) 886-8160 30 Rockefeller Plz Fl 7 New York City, NY 10012 (212) 664-4444



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