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Unscramble Words with Vowels and More

Unscramble Words with Vowels and More

Playing a word game can be taxing but at the same time full of fun. Such games work to exercise your brain and keep it healthy no matter your age. Word games like Scrabble is not easy and it can be very difficult to score points without proper training and knowledge. Hats why we recommend reading pro tips for playing scrabble.

Looking at letters can lead to a mental block point. Now, there are many tricks to help you unscramble words. Some are easy to follow, while some will need a little bit of practice. Using tricks to unscramble words is fast and the smartest way to win a game.

Another trick to unscramble words is with the help of vowels. Yes, this is super easy to follow. All you need to do is to spot the vowels in a word and then use them to form a framework for the remaining letters. 

Why use vowels?

Vowels are important because usually, every syllable contains at least one vowel, which is often placed at the center of the syllable. You only need to figure out where the vowel is placed, and the remaining letters will form common patterns which you will notice with experience.

What should you do when vowels dominate consonants?

You will find most of the English words and syllables have a vowel with a consonant on one or both sides. However, in some cases, if you notice the number of vowels exceeding the number of consonants, you should know that there are only a handful of ways in which you can assemble a word together. In such cases, the best idea is to place the vowel in between and then move the letters in all possible ways to find the word. 

A tip here is to keep an eye on the letter “Y” in addition to the usual vowels-  a,e, i,o,u

There are certain patterns you should look out for. For example, the most common pattern is the “Consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel” ( where E is usually the vowel), which is commonly seen in most four-lettered English words. 

But, there may be cases where there is just one vowel per 3-4 consonants. In such a case, look out for consonant pairs that are very common, such as “th.” An example is the word, INHT, which can be reassembled into THIN.

Another trick that can be used with vowels is by placing the vowel as the second letter in the unscrambled words. Thereafter, try mixing up the different consonants around the vowel. This would at least help in filtering down the first three or four letters of the word.

 An example is the word SAVE. If the vowel A is picked and the remaining letters are added in front or behind it, you will get- EAS or SAV. After this, you can place the remaining letter and figure out the word. 

Apart from vowels, one of the easiest letters to spot and work upon is “S.” This letter is a little tricky because of its dual purpose. This letter can be used to build up a syllable in the word, or it can be added at the end of the word to make it plural. These are the reasons that make “S” such an interesting and useful letter in the word game.

To unscramble words with the letter “S” is easy. Here is an example where you have to unscramble SCVEA. In this case, look out for the common pair, which is VE. The next thing is to place the letter A next to the pair since the smartest way is to keep a consonant inside any word you unscramble. This will give you two options-either _ _VEA or _AVE_. 

The next step is to place the remaining two letters into the spaces and checkout. Since S adds plurality to a word, try placing the letter S in the end first, and you will get CAVES. 

On a concluding note, unscramblingany letter is easy and entertaining if you know more tricks or tips to do it. To increase your scoreboard can take a lot of expertise and experience if you don’t follow certain shortcuts. 

Using just the vowels- which is just a set of four letters, you can smoothly manage to unscramble words in huge numbers. Use the above-mentioned tricks to win the next words game of yours.


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