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Unusual Sports Betting Options

Unusual Sports Betting Options

Sports betting is fun, it’s thrilling, and comes with the added advantage of being a money-making venture. One of the biggest charms of sports betting is that fans can enjoy it as a part of the whole gaming experience. Moreover, with bookmakers now going online, it has become easier for adults to bet on sports quickly, and even during a game. 

Sports betting might be all fun and games, but since it involves money, one needs to be extra careful about it. An excellent place to start is by selecting a proper legal bookmaker, and then checking out what all bonuses they are offering, the payment terms, and what sports they cover. Once done, you can then focus on the bets. Any betting professional will tell you that research is fundamental when placing bets. For instance, if you plan to bet on basketball, it is highly advisable that you spend time going through different NBA betting odds by various sportsbooks, before selecting the one best for you. A lesser-discussed fact of betting is that occasionally a punter should also invest in unusual wagers like the ones we discuss below. These are options where the odds are typically in favour of the bettor and can result in much more profitable wins. 

Bet on the Losers

Most of the time, we are focused on choosing teams and players that will win, or score the maximum runs and goals. In the process, we completely overlook the teams that will come last. There are many occasions in a tournament when you cannot decide on who will win it, but there are clear indications that a particular team will not. In horse racing, you can place a wager on the total number of horses that will not complete the race. In the Premier League, you can bet on which teams will be relegated at the end of the competition. 

Make a Celebrity Bet

As strange as it might sound, but spots betting doesn’t have to always be about sports. Sportspersons are celebrities in their own rights and people as well as bookies are often equally interested in their personal lives. Therefore, many a time bookmakers will let punters place bets on the private lives of sports stars. With plenty of famous celebrities dating athletes these days, once can place a bet on when they will get married, if at all. Many bookmakers will also allow wagers on whether an injured player will make a comeback or even something strange like if a notorious athlete will get into trouble outside his or her sport. 

Pick a Small Competition 

One tip that most professional betting enthusiasts never discuss is wagering on small competitions. While betting on the top sporting events is a good move, to keep your profits in the green, it is equally essential to keep a watch over the lesser-known tournaments. As an example, did you know that you could bet on the Burundi Premier League? The thing is that most bookmakers will have a wide variety of odds to keep their catalogues active and full. A lot of the odds for the smaller tournaments aren’t well-researched, and thus they tend to favour the bettor. So, if you put in a bit of extra research, you can increase your chances of winning tenfold by picking up one of these odds. 


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