Upgrading your locks

Upgrading your locks

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own homes and workplaces. The feelings of security and safety are paramount to being able to rest and relax comfortably at night and during the day when you are away. Suffering through break-ins are probably the worst wake up calls. If you have or know someone who has gone through a break in, you will be aware of how traumatic and disturbing the violation of privacy can be. Not only is it an unpleasant emotional consequence, but just a financial one.

The first step to maintaining your security is to invest in a good safety lock. Home security is critical. If you are in the process of changing homes or moving cities, you should seriously start considering the benefits of upgrading the preexisting locks on the doors and windows to increase the security. If you are unsure how to do this, you could contact a reputed locksmith, like Seymour Locksmiths and request a consultation to amp the safety of your property from all aspects, and not just the main door. You could consider upgrading your locks to comply with the standards set by insurance companies so that you are financially secure in the long term.

Let us look at how you can reinforce the security of your locks to keep your property safe from thieves and burglars.

Check all locks:

The first thing to do is to always take stock of how easy it is to break into your own house. Try to jimmy a window open or kick the doorjamb a few times to test how well they hold against external force and pressure. Many times, you will realize that with a few strategically placed kicks to the main door or back door, it is relatively easy to force open your way into the house.

Most burglaries happen by kicking in the main, front, back, or garage doors since these are not always secure. Old locks, without any reinforcement, can be detrimental to the safety of your house rather than remaining instrumental in protecting your home. Get a reputable locksmith to evaluate the feasibility of your doors and which locks would suit your home the best.

Replace the deadbolt:

Start your upgrade journey by replacing the old deadbolt. Mostly all deadbolts are held together by 2 screws on the interior and two more on the faceplate. Unscrew and remove the old one, measure it, make a note of the hole size and distance of the back set. These measurements will help you decide the correct size to buy a new deadbolt to replace the old one. Rebore the hole by clamping ¼-inches plywood over the current hole location. Once done, make the markings for the earlier measurements and bore the hole with a hole-saw.

Once done, you can start installing the new deadbolt. Chisel out any additional wood to get the perfect fit for your new bolt. Once you’re done, insert and screw the new deadbolt cylinder. Now, clean up, and test the new deadbolt. This is the most crucial step of the process. You could also have a reputable locksmith come and do this for you at a fee.

Reinforce the security strike plate:

Don’t just pay attention to the locking mechanisms and the deadbolt. You should also reinforce or upgrade the strike plate on your doors. The Strike plate houses the entire door lock and is made of metal. Often, when a door is kicked in, the strike plate tends to dislocate first. Professional locksmiths will inform you about the importance of the strike plate since regular strike plates have relatively small areas and cannot transmit force all over the surface structure.

Ideally, to prevent this from happening, you should buy a security strike plate to secure the door, jamb, deadbolt, and locking mechanisms. Security strike plates are more robust to break and last longer than the normal ones. The help in transmitting the force of a kick or excessive pressure throughout the door and do not shatter upon impact.

Apart from just upgrading your locks on the door, you should also look at securing the windows and installing protective shatterproof glass. Outfitting your doors with mortise locks that cannot be bumped or picked open can help secure your house. Mortise locks ensure that the discs inside the deadbolt locks are difficult to tamper with. Many manufacturers also have patented design on their keys which increases the overall security of the bolts and prevents key tampering and copying.


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