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Urgent: Pets Need Foster and Forever Homes❤

Urgent: Pets Need Foster and Forever Homes❤

Hi everyone, its time to foster, foster, foster! The time right now, is the most important time to reach out to your local pet shelter to foster or adopt a pet. You can volunteer to care for a pet temporarily, while they wait for a forever home instead of having them face horrible conditions or euthanasia due to the overcrowding in shelters. This terrible outbreak of the Coronavirus puts everyone and everything in a crisis state. The good news is adoptions and fosters are on the rise during the coronavirus pandemic, but there are still animals in need of homes.

We are facing this crisis as a nation and in the world! It is important to pray for one another and act! We can all make a difference, it just takes reaching out to one another and that includes our beloved pets! Shelters nationwide are bracing for an onslot of animals if people can’t afford to care for their pets or need hospitalized.

The surmounting number of pets that need fosters or forever homes is overwhelming and the shelters are facing the reality of having to let them go. As you know we rely on rescue groups, weekly adoption events and adoption fund raisers. Please make a difference in there lives, I can promise they will make a difference in yoursGimme Shelter Animal Rescue and NYC Animal Care Center are a few of my favorites.

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