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USA Jacket’s Star Wars Jackets Will Take You Far Far Away in The Galaxy



As there are several attractive factors in the entire franchise of Star Wars, what is the one thing that has been stealing your attention during the entire production? Undoubtedly, it would be the classic jackets that the characters are attired with! The epic space opera media franchise, Star Wars has been an addiction to the fans. The depiction of adventures in a galaxy far, far away – humans and aliens exist with robots, assuring space travel between planets. The mystical power called ‘the Force’ has been the power that binds the galaxy together.As the cast of the franchise has been immensely talented, the costumes that they have been attired with are something that wouldn’t let you take your eyes off them. USA Jacket has introduced an entire category of Star Wars Jacket – by doing justice to the attires that you have been relishing on the screen. This is the time, when you will be embraced with the personality and charisma of the characters of Star Wars. The strength, intellectual and power of the heroes from Star Wars, is just an attire away.

Along with the success of Star Wars franchise, the Star Wars merchandise has become one of the most demanding merch in the world. The action figures of the movies are attired with elegant yet chic jackets and coats, which has been replicated perfectly by USA Jackets for the fans to own. Be it JynErso, Captain Cassian Andor Parka, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Finn, Poe Dameron or any other classic character of the saga, USA Jacket has an entire collection of jackets that would make you imitate their personality in the real world by embracing your fanhood and their charisma.

To move along with the merchandise that the Star Wars Jackets category has, words won’t be enough to describe the passion and enthusiasm that has been embedded in the attires. USA Jacket desires to embrace every fan of Star Wars, with a sigh of passion and excitement as they attire themselves in Star Wars Jackets.As we get started with the category of Star Wars Jackets that USA Jacket has on display with elegance and passion – you would be thrilled to know that the category comprises of jackets, coats, vests, suits and hoodies. Let’s get a tour of the entire category.

Han Solo – the Captain of the Millennium Falcon joins the Rebellion and marries Leia Organa. The personality that Han Solo held was certainly reflected through the gracious attires that he carried out in the movies. USA Jacket has done certain justice to the jackets that have been inspired by the look that Han Solo portrayed on the screen. USA Jackets has a massive collection of jackets that are inspired by the look that Han Solo has been carrying in the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Han Solo Jacket is inspired by the classic personality of the Captain of Millennium Falcon. The brown jacket is made of real leather with an inner viscose lining. The magnetic button closure of the jacket reaches up to an erect style collar which ensures a perfect closure. The three pockets on the outside and two on the inner side, open hem cuffs and a formal look of the jacket is what accessorizes the look of this apparel. USA Jacket has managed to replicate the original look of the attire for the fans of Han Solo. We have also spotted Han Solo attired in a classic vest in Star Wars: A New Hope. The vest is made of real leather with a viscose lining on the inner side. The front zipper closure with slap over it makes the closure fitted and appealing. The pockets on the vest makes it look classic and upgraded. Not to leave behind the Solo: A Star Wars Story Han Solo Suede Jacket – the one which is made of suede leather along with viscose lining on the inner shell. The stand collar, buttoned cuffs and bomber pocket on the chest classifies this apparel into an appealing one. For a fan of Star Wars franchise, it would be an honor to grab onto this merch.

Not only the heroes of the franchise have been stealing the hearts of the audience when it comes to their attire, but also the classic outfits that JynEsro has been attired with in the movies is something to crave for. Star Wars Rogue One JynEsro Jacket is replicated with the same looks that he has been carrying in the movie. The jacket comes along with the vest. Both the attires are made of cotton with a soft viscose lining on the inner side. The grey jacket is fashioned with a brown vest over the top with a buckle front closure. Additionally, Captain Cassian Andor, the intelligence officer of the Rebel Alliance has been spotted in an elegant high-quality cotton jacket. The jacket is available on USA Jacket, replicating the same features and specifications that the original one had. Alongside, Star Wars Rogue One Captain Cassian Andor Parka is an attire that could lead you to carry on the personality that the Captain held in the movie. The jacket is made of real leather with a viscose lining and a shearling hood. The zipper closure, padded shoulders and detailed stitching on the sleeves has been an attraction for the fans.

To come along the journey of Star Wars, who wouldn’t love to own an attire that has been a charm for the First Order stormtrooper, Finn? Star Wars: The Force Awakens Finn Jacket is something that every Star Wars fan would love to grab onto. The jacket is an attire of honor and strength. It is made of real leather with a viscose lining on the inner side. The erect collar of the jacket, belted cuffs, front open style closure and beige color – honors the personality that he withholds in the Star Wars franchise. Additionally, the vest that he has been attired with in the movie is also available of USA Jacket. The vest is made of real leather with a soft viscose lining and an erect color. The beige color is somehow the color that defines his personality. When it comes to Finn, how can we not mention Poe Dameron? The X-wing fighter and the best pilot in the Resistance has been attired with a classic leather jacket in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The jacket is made of real leather with a viscose lining on the inner side. The stand-up collar with a zipper closure ensures a perfect fit. The color brown has been the color of elegance and decency.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Coat is an apparel that has been worn by John Boyega as Finn, Daisy Ridley as Rey and Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron in the series. If you desire to grab onto the look that these inspirational characters have been embraced with, get your hands on this coat before it runs out of stock. The coat is made of genuine leather with viscose lining on the inner side. The erect collar with a hood, front opening zipper closure and padded sleeves have been influencing these characters the strength and elegance that they deserve.The Star Wars Title Logo Hoodie is available at USA Jacket to be grabbed on and embrace the fanhood that you hold for the saga.Or the hoodie with Rebellion logo can also be availed by the fans to portray their fanhood for the Skywalker saga. Star Wars Princess Leia Hoth Vest can be grabbed by the fans to cherish the personality that the elegant lady held in the movie. Moreover, Star Wars Benicio Del Toro Trench Coat is also on display by USA Jacket which is fashioned with a shawl color and is made of real leather. The flapper shoulders and front open style has been replicating the original one. Solo Star Wars Story Alden Ehrenreich Vest, Woody Harrelson Jacket, Darth Maul Jacket, Darth Vader Jacket, Val Jacket and many other gorgeous attires can be grabbed on to. 

When it comes to clothing, material and the durability of the attire is what matters the most. USA Jacket ensures you that the quality of every single piece of attire is mesmerizing and would make you fall in love with it. For the fans of Star Wars, this is what you have been seeking for. The category of Star Wars Jackets will make you get lost in the gorgeous collection of jackets, hoodies, vests and coats.Let this journey take you far, far away in a galaxy, where you can embrace the look and personality of your favorite Star Wars character. This is the moment which would make you cherish your fanhood for the series of Star Wars. All these attires are made of high-quality material which ensures to serve you with style and elegance along with comfort. Let these apparels be an honor to your fanhood.


March Baby Madness



Six March Baby birthdays were celebrated together on St Patrick’s Day Eve.

The celebrants included actress, singer, dancer, Quinn Lemley, Health and Wellness entrepreneur, Women’s Health and Veterans Advocate, Anne Akers, Good Will Ambassador, Errol Rappaport, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Judy Gilbert, entrepreneur, politician and philanthropist, DeCosta Headley and executive director, psychotherapist and columnist, Lorraine Silvetz, MSW.

Robert Silvetz and Lorraine Silvetz Photo by Jeff Smith

Cherie Corso and Lorraine Silvetz Photo by Jeff Smith

A large circle of dear friends joined them for complimentary hors d’oeuvres at the beautiful Sandbar Rooftop at the Chelsea Hilton and then all attendees were gifted tickets to attend Randy Edelman’s performance at the Chelsea Table and Stage. Randy’s show was sold out being one of the most accomplished and world renowned musicians and composers of our times with over 100 film and television soundtracks, a Golden Globe nomination (Last of the Mohicans), and a multitude of awards. He is also recognized for writing some of the most popular songs covered by some of the most popular artists (Barry Manilow, Dionne Warwick, Patty Labelle, Olivia Newton John, among others. His music enchanted the crowd.

Liza Pllumaj, Nicota Hawkeye, Lorraine Silvetz and Flora Pllumaj Photo by Jeff Smith

Photo by Jeff Smith

The 6 March Babies don’t just share birthdays in March but a passion and commitment to philanthropy.

Lorraine Silvetz, David Sexta, and Flora Pllumaj Photo by Jeff Smith

Ralph DePalo, PhD, Lorraine Silvetz, MSW and Robert Silvetz, MD Photo by Jeff Smith

Dear friend and spokesperson for Global Stress Initiative (GSI), 3 Time Emmy Award Winning Anchor and 2 Time NY Times Best Selling Author, Rita Cosby has served as spokesperson for Lorraine Silvetz, MSW’s GSI since she founded it in 2010. GSI focuses on research and treatment of veterans, domestic violence and human trafficking survivors with PTSD.

March Babies and friends Photo by Jeff Smith

Anne Akers, Lorraine Silvetz and Jane Pontarelli Photo by Jeff Smith

The Six March Babies are a very accomplished group of entrepreneurs, writers, actors, dancers and philanthropists. As a group they support and serve as Board embers on several foundations including Lou Gehrig ALS NYC, Ronald MacDonald House, St Francis Food Pantry and Shelter, The DREAM Foundation, Career Bridges, Daisy Jopling Music Mentoring Foundation, Portrait of Freedom, Mommy’s Heart, The Veterans Association of NY, National Meningitis Association, The Skin Cancer Foundation, Ovarian Cancer at Mt Sinai, Tournesol Wellness, David Lynch Foundation, Operation Warrior Wellness, among others.

Corina Cortenescu, Rose Billings, Lorraine Silvetz and Guiseppe Signorinni Photo by Jeff Smith

Cherie Corso, Sara Johnson Kaplan, Flora Pllumaj, Abe Shainberg and Liza Pllumaj
Photo by Jeff Smith

Several notable guests were in attendance including PEP real estate owner and Tribeca Records founder, Johnny Pasquale aka “Soho Johnny”; fashion designers, Guiseppe Singorinni, Daniela Reginato and Diana Mahrach; clinical scientist, Robert Silvetz, MD; psychotherapist and professor, Ralph DePalo, PhD; brain upgrade expert, Paul Oleska; comedian and author, Jeffrey Gurian; former opera singers and Career Bridges’ founders, Barbara and David Bender; celebrity photographer, Rose Billings; artist and Portrait of Freedom co-founders, Tatyana Horoshko Gegera and Alexandr Sasha Gegera; best selling author, Tom Avitabile; PR Guru, Eileen Shapiro; artist, Cherie Corso; oil painting artist and tech innovator, actress/model, Sara Johnson Kaplan, actress/not for profit founder, Julianne Michelle; Purple Runway founder, Gigi McMillan; Rosalind Panda; entertainment correspondent, Jan Mercer Dahms; politician, Jude Elie; artist/actor; Nicole Leigh Morris; inventor/scientist, Nicota Hawkeye; author, Robin Lieberman; entrepreneur, Jessy Moya; Luce Foundation founder, Jim Luce; musician and filmmaker, David Sexta; artist, Tony Silber-Delerieve; President Actors Temple, Carol Ostrow; creative director and founder, makeup artistry, Donna Sousa; health/wellness expert, Judi Hellman, MD; author, Gay Rosen; real estate expert, Marcia Minassian; health wellness expert, Deborah Farkash; publisher and journalist, Suzanna Bowling; entrepreneur, Margarita Parlionas; psychologist, artist, actor, Nicole Leigh Morris; health/ wellness expert, Barbara Bartlik, MD; psychotherapist, Beatty Cohan, LCSW, author; cabaret singer, Carol Sue Gershman; and author Magda Katz.

Sasha Gegera, Tatyana Horoshko Gegera, Danielle ? and Soho Johnny Photo by Jeff Smith

Marcia Minassian and Gay Rose Photo by Jeff Smith

Amazing artist and friend, Tatyana Horoshko Gegera, along with her husband, Alexandr Sasha Gegera, gifted her amazing drawings to several of the March Babies in her signature style. The portrait artist has donated her art to many foundation heads and their honorees including Southampton Animal Shelter, Operation Warrior Shield, Global Stress Initiative, Mommy’s Heart, Doodles for Hunger Drive among others.

Rosalind Panda, Jane Pontarelli, Gay Rosen, Marcia Minassian, Judy Gilbert, Susan Anderson, Joe Pontarelli and guest Photo by Jeff Smith

The March Babies birthday wish was to have as many of their beloved friends, old and new, celebrate their birthdays together since life is too short. It seems they got their wish and then some!

#globalstressinitiative #ritacosby #errolrappaport #mommysheartfoundation #careerbridges #judychristygilbert #tatydesignstudio #saintfrancis #ronaldmacdonaldhouse #lougehrigsdisease #davidlynchfoundation #sashagegera #tatyanahoroshko #avadoramimouniofficial #daisyjopling #quiethero #theveteransassociationofnewyork
#timessquarechronicles #thedreamfoundation

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Looking Your Best With Morphe



For awhile now I have been looking for a make-up brand I could count on. The bases I tried were thick, heavy, never the right color and didn’t make my skin glow. Then I was introduced to Morphe. First I tried their Lightform Extended Hydration Foundation ($20), weightless, long lasting and corrects imperfections instantly with undetectable coverage. My skin also stayed hydrated and radiant.
I also use the Jumbo Bake & Set Soft Focus Setting Powder ($19). This sets my makeup with a soft, natural finish, that lasts.

Their makeup brushes apply everything with a smooth texture and the base. I love the Lightform Dual Ended Complexion Brush ($15) which just makes my life a lot easier. Also the Three-In-One Brow Sculpting Brush ($9)

Another great item is the Continuous Prep & Set Mist+ ($19) and Continuous Setting Mist ($17). What these products do is prime and keep your make-up lasting all day. Infused with vitamin E, vitamin B5, and fruit extracts—sets liquid and powder makeup, enhancing its look and performance all day.

If you are looking for great make-up that doesn’t cost a fortune Morphe is the one to try.

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And Oh What A Party It Was As Randy Edelman Sang Out



The March Babies Birthday Party on St. Patty’s Eve was held at Sandbar Rooftop and Chelsea Table + Stage celebrating hostess Lorraine Silvetz and her March baby frends; Anne Akers, Judy Gilbert, DeCosta Headley, Quinn Lemley and Errol Rappaport. Drinks, hors d’oeuvres and a good time were had by all before heading down to Chelsea Table & Stage.

Birthday babies Judy Gilbert, Errol Rappaport and Quinn Lemley Photo by Jeff Smith

Birthday baby Lorriane Silvetz and Rita Cosby Photo by Jeff Smith

Birthday girl Quinn Lemley with painting by Taty Photo by Jeff Smith

Margarita Parlionas, Rita Cosby, Suzanna Bowling

Sandbar Rooftop is a truly magical place for a party and hostess Lorraine Silvetz made sure that everyone was in the mood for this joint celebration.

Photo by Jeff Smith

Photo by Jeff Smith

Ask for the fabulous manager Kea Chan, who is a performer in her on rights. She served me a Pina Colada that was really unique and rimmed with toasted coconut.

At Chelsea Table & Stage guests were treated to a concert by Randy Edelman, who gave an amazing performance.

Randy Edelman Photo by Jeff Smith

You can hear him play here.

Randy’s magical melodies can be heard in films that transport such as Twins, Ghostbusters II, Kindergarten Cop, Drop Dead Fred, Beethoven, The Distinguished Gentleman, Gettysburg, Angels in the Outfield, The Mask, Dragonheart, and more.

Guests dined on the fare by Chef Kimberley Vega , which was really well done. My Table had the sliders which were plump juicy and plentiful. 

The sliders

We also had the baby spinach and artichoke pinsa with mozzarella.

Both were delightful and easily shared.

Designer Daniela Z. Reginato and Jessy S. Moya Photo by Jeff Smith

Artist Taty and her photographer husband Sasha Photo by Jeff Smith

Photo by Jeff Smith

Here is a toast to all the March Birthday babies. Here’s to life!


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Fashion icon Iris Apfel Brings Her Style To Heaven



Portrait of Iris by

Iris Apfel was born August 29, 1921 in Astoria, Queens. I had the pleasure of meeting Iris, through Errol Rappaport. His mother Francesca had been one of the first people to bring Iris to recognition and had at one time had a lot of her work in her houses. The two of them had been friends for over 70 years.

Francesca Rappaport and Iris Apfel

Francesca Rappaport and Iris Apfal friends for over 70 years

Iris started her career as a copywriter for Women’s Wear Daily and interior designer Elinor Johnson.

Carl, Errol Rappaport and Iris

Errol Rappaport and Iris

In 1948, she married husband Carl Apfel, and the duo owned a textile firm until they retired 44 years later.  Over the years the pair worked on many restoration projects, including the White House.

Errol and Iris

Carl died at the age of 100 in 2015.

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel

Iris at 90, she began teaching at the University of Texas at Austin. At 94, she was the subject of a documentary by Albert Maysles, simply titled “Iris”. At 97, she became a model and modeled for Vogue Italia, Kate Spade, M.A.C. and many others.  Iris was also the oldest person to have had a Barbie doll made by Mattel in her image. In addition to modeling, she also designed her own clothing and accessories line for HSN and published a book in 2018. It was then she became a fashion icon and self-proclaimed “geriatric starlet”, at the age of 102. Sadly she passed away on Friday in her Palm Beach, Florida, home.

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel

Apfel was known for chunky bracelets, layers of necklaces, and those iconic heavy-framed glasses – she nicknamed eyebobs. She came to worldwide attention in 2005 when the Metropolitan Museum of Art showed an exhibition focusing on her fashion sense titled Rara Avis (Rare Bird).

Albert Maysles, Iris Apfel

Albert Maysles and Iris Apfel

Iris’s style, creativity and joy of life will be missed.


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Live From The Hotel Edison Times Square Chronicles Presents Shani Grosz, Dee Rivera, Shani Grosz, Daniela Reginato and Jane Elissa



“Live From The Hotel Edison Times Square Chronicles Presents”, is a new show that is filmed live every Wednesday from 5 – 6 in the lobby of the iconic Hotel Edison, before a live audience. We will run the video on our site every Thursday and then it moves onto the podcast networks.

In this episode T2C’s publisher and owner Suzanna Bowling talks with Dee Rivera, Shani Grosz, Daniela Reginato and Jane Elissa. This show was all about women entrepreneurs and empowering women. 
We were so proud because the show and our guests are now featured on the TV screens in the lobby and the hotel rooms.

I am so grateful to my guests Dee, Shani, Daniela and Jane for joining me. Thank-you Magda Katz for videoing and creating the content to go live, the audience who showed up to support us, Rommel Gopez and The Hotel Edison  for their kindness and hospitality.

We hope to see you there on February 28th. We will announce our guests shortly.

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