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Use This Machine Daily If You Want To Live To 100

Use This Machine Daily If You Want To Live To 100
We live in the best time. Modern medicine keeps us healthy and gives us the tools to fight infections that used to kill humans in their 40s. Modern electrical conveniences let us live in comfort our entire lives. Our food stays cold until we want to heat it instantly in a microwave.We even get to eat our delicious meals while reclined in beautiful, comfortable recliners. We live better than the kings of yesteryear.  (I mean, what king had flushing toilets? We have it good!) Ironically, this lifestyle is trying to kill us.
New research by CDC is pointing to a sedentary crisis in America. Fewer than 30% of high schoolers get an hour of exercise every day. And for adults, it is worse: fewer than 20% workout for 90 minutes a week. It’s not that we’re too busy farming or walking to market every day to workout. No, we’re sitting in our comfy chairs watching TV.  So, while we have the opportunity to live the most extended, healthiest, happiest, most comfortable lives of anyone in the history of Humankind, we don’t seize it.
Instead, we live surprisingly dull lives of going to work, and returning home. On weekends we break up that monotony by acquiring more debt (eating out and shopping), which requires us to dig deeper into our tedious cycle of going to work and coming home.
It’s a vicious cycle and one that we tend to pursue to our grave as rapidly as we can. But what if I told you that there was a machine that could reverse that damage? A machine that can reduce your debt, and help you live longer? This machine that was first invented in the 1800s and for many years was that was at first only available for men to use (no women allowed!)
Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you to the Bicycle.
1. Cycling Decreases Debt
This is a bold claim. After all, a bike costs money to acquire.
However, even a more expensive, $500 bicycle works out to be $80 per month for the first summer. And from there you get cheap — almost free– fun.
Cycling takes time. You will likely want to drive to your favorite spot, meet up with friends or family, and go for a 1-2 hour bike ride. It can easily take up an entire Saturday morning.
But, when you are done, you don’t need retail therapy. You don’t need to be entertained. Most avid cyclists are going to go home and garden, or spend more time hiking and engaging in other activities.
Frequent bicycling rewires the brain from being entertained continuously to being an engaged story-creator. You are creating events and memories that you will want to share with others.
2. Cycling Reverses Cardiovascular Damage
You don’t know this, but your vessel walls are becoming hard and less pliable.
Some doctors blame it on the fat in your diet. Others blame it on the salt. And yet others blame it on all of the sugar we consume.
And then there are our sedentary lifestyle choices. Unlike our predecessors, our blood vessels never have to deal with the stresses of running from a lion.
They never get a good workout.
Blood vessels are a muscle. And without a regular workout, they become weak.
Then, when deposits from our food get dumped on them, they are too weak to fight.
It’s a losing battle and one that you can reverse by spending a few minutes on your bicycle every evening.
3. Cycling Increases Insulin Sensitivity
Our sugary and carbohydrate-heavy diets are repeatedly assailing our bodies’ abilities to process them. Sugar triggers an insulin response which then shuttles the sugar into the proper cells.
But when pushed to their limit, our bodies will resist and can no longer process that sugar, leading to diabetes or diabetic-like complications.
It’s not healthy.
One of the things doctors push is an active lifestyle.  And you don’t have to look very far to find folks who have reversed the damage by pedaling a bike.
Even if you aren’t diabetic, you can steer clear of ever receiving that diagnosis, by merely prioritizing your health a little more and finding the time to work out.
Getting Started
Cycling is an easy sport to get in to. You need a helmet and a bicycle.
Most communities have small shops that rent bicycles. This is an excellent place to start.
If you want to buy a bike, you can shop pawn shops and thrift stores to find a good-quality used bicycle.
There is also a large number of online stores that sell bikes direct to the consumer. Dave Henly of cautions online shoppers to consult a bike sizing chart and to make sure they get the correct bike size before they buy.
You are likely reading this now and thinking it sounds like too much work. But it isn’t. You don’t need a machine to reverse the damage of age. You could, right now stand up from your desk and start walking.
It doesn’t take much to make a difference, but it does require consistency.
Scientists remain on the look-out for the “cure for old age.” With any luck, they will find it.
Maybe these incredible age-reversing machines will keep us alive until they figure it out.


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