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Using Wireless Technology to Improve Classroom Learning

Using Wireless Technology to Improve Classroom Learning







With the leaps and bounds that technology is making in people’s lives and by extension, in the classrooms, it is no wonder that technological devices are being used so frequently in classrooms to enhance learning outcomes.

More traditional, blackboard fronted, top-down classroom and teaching environments are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. , tudents have now become attuned to technology, so it is in the best interest of the school board to keep up with this changing technology and the needs of children in schools to improve the rates at which they learn. Implementing the use of technological devices, such as laptops, computers, tablets or even mobile phones, is perhaps one of the smartest moves school boards have made.






One of the best ways to ensure seamless integration with a technology-savvy teaching approach is to use the Airtame. Airtame allows teachers the freedom of moving about the classroom to get everyone fully participating in the lessons.

Airtame is a wireless streaming device that connects to your school network. You plug it into a TV or projector HDMI or USB input, which then allows you to stream data and content wirelessly from your mobile, tablet, Chromebook or computer device. There is no requirement for the device to be plugged into your device, as it functions directly over your internet network.

Once everything is connected, you simply launch the Airtame app to your device and, within a few clicks, you are streaming content wirelessly to your classroom screens. The benefits of the wireless technology are manifold, but a key distinction for classrooms is the ability for teachers to freely move around the room – no longer are they stuck to the front room, tethered to a cable to present anything. This allows for a less “top-down” teaching approach, relaxes students, and makes the room feel more dynamic, open and collaborative.

How Airtame achieves positive outcomes in the classroom

With an integrated Airtame setup, teachers are able to be more dynamic in a classroom. They can move around more freely while presenting and can check in at a student’s desk to ensure they are not being left behind.

Teachers can also “give the floor” to the students, and allow them to screen share their own laptop or equivalent devices – directly from their desk. This drops that well-remember tension a student has in going to the front of a classroom and having to awkwardly present their course material. This modern method of teaching has shown marked academic achievement for each student. Airtame allows teachers, via, to see each student’s progress on their screens and lets teachers see the ones who need help.

Airtame’s wireless HDMI device is a BYOD solution, meaning it works across various operating systems – from Windows to macOS, Linux, Chromebook and mobile devices.

How Airtame works

A common issue in a school environment is restricted budgets, particularly when deploying new and untested AV equipment. Luckily, Airtame is significantly cheaper than it’s competitors –such as Clickshare, ViVi and Mersive Solstice. The software solution is completely free, scalable and improving constantly, based on feedback from a growing, global customer base.

From higher education to K12 and adult colleges, it’s an IT admin’s dream –reducing the number of support tickets, and allowing for a better AV overview across a campus.


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