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Various Programs Administered By The Area Agency On Aging



As a part and parcel of their service, the area agencies on aging offer a wide variety of programs. All these have a common objective and that is to provide the best care and support to the seniors. While most of the services are standardized and cover all aspects of daily living activities of the seniors, there are also a few customized services and programs provided to meet with the specific needs of the seniors and their family as well.

Some of the most common types of services and programs provided by the area agencies on aging are:

  • Adult day care
  • Case management
  • Aide and support staff
  • Caregiver training
  • Chore support
  • Companionship
  • Congregate meals
  • Emergency alert response
  • Gerontological counseling to individual
  • Escort
  • Transportation
  • Financial risk reduction
  • Home delivered meals
  • Homemaker
  • Assessment and maintenance
  • Housing improvement
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Personal care
  • Medication management
  • Pest control initiation and maintenance
  • Specialized medical equipment and supplies
  • Respite in home

In addition to the above most of the agencies under the Philadelphia Corporation for aging also provides several other services especially to those who suffer from specific medical conditions.

Alzheimer’s disease initiative 

ADI or the Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative is a specific program provided by the area agencies on aging that is particularly designed to provide community-based respite services. This program can be availed by all those people with special needs aged 18 years and above due to the Alzheimer’s disease and its associated memory disorders. 

The eligibility requirement to receive ADI include:

  • Individuals must be 18 years of age or above
  • They must be diagnoses with Alzheimer’s disease or any related disorder due to it or
  • May be suspected of having Alzheimer’s disease or related disorder.  

The caregivers for this specific disease usually need respite. The funding source of it is the State General Revenue Department of Elder Affairs.

Community care for seniors

The area agency on aging may also provide community care for the elderly. These are usually organized as a continuum of care. This type of care is especially helpful for those seniors who are impaired and need help to function normal activities of daily living.

  • This special CCE program is designed to provide community-based services. 
  • This care services are provided to impaired people of 60 years of age and above.

The program ensures that the persons live in an environment that is the least restrictive but most cost-effective and is best fitted for their specific needs. The funding source is once again the State General Revenue Department of Elder Affairs.

Home care services

Providing home care services for the elderly or HCE is one of the most important services provided by these agencies. This is a specific program that provides supportive care to people 60 years and older.

  • This type of care is provided in a family-type living environment within private homes
  • This is a useful and cost-effective alternative to nursing home or institutional care.

The basic subsidy to this kind of care services is provided by the State General Revenue Department of Elder Affairs once again for providing maintenance and support to the elder along with a few specific medical costs. 

The recipient of such care services however must meet the asset and financial income criteria set for it and have a live-in caregiver.

The Older Americans Act

According to the Older Americans Act the area agency on aging should follow a few specific guidelines mentioned in its different Titles. 

  • According to the Title III B, the agencies should provide specific supportive services to the elders in order to boost the overall well-being of the elders. These services ideally help the elders to live independently in their homes and in the community as well.
  • According to the Title III C1, the agencies should provide congregate meals to the elders along with nutrition education. This must be provided in the strategically situated centers such as the schools, churches, senior centers, community centers, or any other public or private facilities. In here, other rehabilitative and social services may also be provided.
  • As per the Title III C2, the agencies are required to provide home-delivered meals as well as nutrition education to the homebound individuals.
  • Lastly, according to the Title III E National Family Caregiver Support, it is mandatory for the care giving agencies to provide services through this program to support families caring for weaker older members. It is also aimed at those grandparents or other older relatives who are the caregivers for children aged 18 years and younger or of any age having disabilities.

In order to get such beneficial services, a person needs to be 60 years of age or older. In most of the times, these services are provided free of cost but voluntary contributions are welcome. These services are actually designed for the low-income older individuals and low-income minority older individuals. In addition to them, older people having limited proficiency in English and those who are old and residing in rural areas can also avail such type of Federal Department of Elder Affairs service from the area agency on aging.

Department of Agriculture

Surprised at the subheading? Well, you should and there is nothing wrong in it. Ideally, the United States Department of Agriculture provides a set reimbursement for the congregate and home-delivered meals consumed by the older people. 

This fund is ideally used to increase the number of meals provided to the seniors all through the Planning and Service area. Once again, the funding source here is the Federal Department of Elder Affairs.

Summing it up

Therefore, you can see that the job of the area agency on aging is not limited to providing the basis care and support services to the older people. Their job comprises of a lot of other things all of which is aimed at ensuring a better living and health standard for the older citizens. 

It all depends on your need and your eligibility as to which one you will choose for you or for the loved one in your family. Therefore, a thorough research and balancing the features with your needs is elementary for making the right choice. 


Indigenous Climate Warriors in Times Square



(Photo by Honor the Earth)

On Tuesday September 19, 2023, the Indigenous peoples took to the frontlines of the climate crisis on Turtle Island and took over Times Square painting a giant mural with the message, “No Green Colonialism; Land Back NOW!”

This mural came the day before the UN Climate Ambition Summit, where world leaders are expected to come together and make decisions around the climate crisis.

The Indigenous communities are organizing to push back on the Biden Administration’s push toward solutions to the climate crisis that threaten the lives of Indigenous people across Turtle Island, which they call “Green Colonialism.” “For too long, Native lands and communities have borne the brunt of harm from mining and other extractive industries. As the federal government moves to support clean energy development, this cannot come at the expense of clean water or Indigenous rights. This familiar assault on Native lands and communities is another wave of colonialism, and we will not stand by and allow our lands to be sacrificed,” Krystal Two Bulls,  executive director of the national Indigenous organization Honor the Earth said in a press release.

The mining projects violate treaty rights and threaten clean water and land in places such as Thacker Pass, Oak Flat , and the Talon-Tamarak mine near the Mississippi headwaters.

We should all be fighting this fight!


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Food and Drink

White Wine for Summer Send Off




It is hard to believe that summer is officially wrapping up. But as days get shorter there is still plenty of time to toast the season in style with these favorite white wines.

Kenwood Vineyards Six Ridges Chardonnay 2019

This refreshing chardonnay crisp apple and crunchy peach flavors is electrifying and oh, so yummy! It brings out the feeling of velvet caressing you. This is simmply all of the best the Russian River Valley of Sonoma County has to offer.

Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc


Divinely balanced wine with zesty aromas and highlights of pink grapefruit, melon and gooseberry. It refreshing and perfectly sweet. Every sip will have you singing praises to the wonderful summer you just had.

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Beatles Brunch at City Winery Where Strawberry Fields Lives Forever



I was taken to City Winery by Eli Marcus for the Beatles Brunch with Strawberry Fields.
This show plays every Sunday with an unlimited brunch buffet that includes coffee, tea and juice, starting at noon. A bottomless brunch cocktail package is also available and children get in free. Here tourists mingle with New Yorkers, eating scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, dried out French toast, spicy potatoes with onions and peppers, perfectly done chicken, salad and fresh fruit. What is so nice, is that everyone seems happy to to be here, to see and hear the Fab Four.

Eli Marcus, Suzanna Bowling

The show starts off without fan fare. The lights dim and four men enter, not quite looking like the originals. Tony Garofalo (John Lennon), Billy J. Ray (Paul McCartney), Ira Siegel (George Harrison), and Michael Bellusci (Ringo Starr) and their costumes and wigs have seen better days. Then the music starts. You can watch one of our video’s here.

From the early hits like “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” “She Loves You,” “Ticket To Ride” “Eight Days A Week” and more the first act is nostalgia at it’s best. It was adorable to watch the audience, especially the young ones “Twist and Shout.”

After a break in came the Sergeant Pepper era, clothing and all. From that we got “Nowhere Man,” “My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “When I’m 64,” “Penny Lane” and songs that dig into your soul. They are done well and the Beatles live again. You can see our video here.

Then the later songs like “I Am The Walrus” and “Don’t Let Me Down” end a show that is almost two hour long of music, that is classic. I have to admit I wanted to hear “Blackbird” and “Norwegian Wood,” but what you get is a  well rounded assortment of those songs that shaped several era’s.

Billy J. Ray, Ira Siegel

Ira Siegel stands out with his guitar playing that is out of this world. I really loved all the songs he sang as well.

Michael Bellusci

Michael Bellusci, gives Ringo a run for his money on the drums.

Tony Garofalo

Tony Garofalo is the founder, creator and producer playing rhythm and lead guitar and singing lead vocals along with Alan LeBoeuf from the original Beatlemania playing bass guitar. Ray looks the most like the Beatle he is playing.

Alan LeBoeuf, Ira Siegel

Alan LeBoeuf, Ira Siegel

Alan LeBoeuf

Strawberry Fields has been covering The Beatles for over three decades. They used to have a residency at B.B. Kings, but these days their home base is City Winery and it is definitely a great way to spend a Sunday. All four are consummate musicians and obviously have a love for what they do and that rubs off on their audience.

For a souvenir up a City Winery Strawberry Fields Rose Wine and have it signed by the cast. With its is its strawberry pink color, you get a combination of kiwi, watermelon and the taste of strawberry that lingers.

City Winery is right next to Little Island, Chelsea Market, The Highline, the Meatpacking district, Chelsea, and West Village. Everything is nearby to make a perfect outing for the whole day and this is one brunch where you definitely get your money’s worth. Click HERE for tickets

Tickets are $65.45

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A Fun Night at Dave and Buster’s 42nd Street



Thank-you again to Eli Marcus and the staff of Dave and Buster’s, at 234 West 42nd Street.

Eli Marcus

Eli was sending the concierge’s to the show The Shark Is Broken.

The producers of The Shark Must Be Broken, Eli Marcus and the general manager of Dave and Buster’s

There were lots of new friends to be made such as Carol Mennie, Caroline Rosado from the Hilton, Dinnella Collado from the Washington Square Hotel, Benjamin Maddy from Dave and Buster’s and Michaela Paratore of Benjamin Steakhouse Prime

Michaela Paratore

This destination for sports enthusiasts, foodies, and arcade offers space, fun and some fabulous happy hour deals.

All across the multiple screens were football, basketball, and hockey games from across the sporting world. At the sports bar an impressive selection of drinks, including craft beers, signature cocktails await. I sampled some their tasty bites and was impressed.


Pretzel Dogs

To sooth your inner child air hockey and arcade games are waiting to be played.

Margarita and I playing for Make A Wish

If you are looking for entertainment they have a legendary Trivia Night with fantastic prizes.

Double Pepperoni Flatbread


BBQ Chicken Flatbread

This is actually a great place to throw your holiday parties.

Fire-Grilled Atlantic Salmon

Boneless Wings

Chocolate- and caramel-filled churros with chocolate and salted caramel dipping sauces.

I am so glad the Mayor of Times Square invited me to his event.

Margarita Parlionas and Eli Marcus

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Book Reviews

We’re Here to Help – When Guardianship Goes Wrong



This happened to Britney Spares, as well as Frances Rappaport, Libra Max  and countless other loved ones who became victimized by a system that was supposed to protect them.
Diane Dimond uses compelling stories of real people, like Frances Rappaport, Libra Max and countless others to pull back the curtain on a guardianship system shrouded in secrecy, where power, greed and influence all too often intersect with devastating consequences.
 A powerful book.

-Kent Walz, attorney & journalist

Diane Dimond’s book on the scourge of abusive adult guardianships is coming out very soon. It only took her 8 long years of investigation and countless interviews with affected people to get to the bottom of this extremely flawed part of the justice system.

People who have lived through this nightmare knows first hand what this “protective” part of the court system can do to rip apart families. But because it’s such a secretive system few Americans realize that they – or someone they love – could be guardianized without warning. It’s not just Britney Spears – up to 2 million people currently live under guardianship/court control.

All it takes is for someone (a vindictive relative, a greedy business partner, a former lover, even a landlord) to file a guardianship petition with the court saying someone is not competent to care for themselves. The judge usually agrees – often without ever seeing the targeted person – and the guardianship is established. Judges routinely appoint a total stranger as guardian to make all life decisions for the new “ward of the court.” All their civil rights are stripped away and, suddenly, the person has no say in their own life –they can’t even hire their own lawyer to fight it. There are many more horrific aspects to this “justice” system and Ms. Dimond spells it all out in the book.

We’re Here to Help – When Guardianship Goes Wrong not only reveals the predatory nature of the system (which controls a collective $50 billion in ward’s money every year!) but also tells what to look out for. It provides a guide for readers to protect themselves and those they love.

Diane Dimond is the author of four books including the upcoming, “We’re Here to Help: When Guardianship Goes Wrong, published by Brandeis University Press, released Sept. 19, 2023


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