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Video Editing: Creative Tricks of the Trade

Video Editing: Creative Tricks of the Trade

Learning all you possibly can about video editing can be a little difficult if you don’t quite know what you’re looking for. There might be plenty of incredible software programs out there that you can use, but just downloading one at random and then expecting to be able to edit videos well straight away isn’t feasible. It takes a good deal of time and dedication – even for those who are looking to edit videos as a hobby.

That said, getting quality intuitive software puts you streets ahead from the start. Final Cut Pro X is exactly that, and those using it can also take advantage of a wealth of Final Cut Pro Plugins which offer improved transitions and visual effects. In order to use such tools well though, you’ll need to learn some of the more creative tricks of the trade. Here are just a few!

Utilising the wipe feature

In a nutshell, the wipe feature (prominent in most available software) is a transition from one scene to another by wiping the first scene away. It honestly sounds a little lame and not very professional at all, but it wouldn’t do to underestimate the wipe feature. After all, the movies that put this type of scene transition on the map was none other than Star Wars. It went on to become an absolute phenomenon when it first appeared in cinemas, which is why you would do well not to underestimate how effective a wipe can be!

Making use of parallel editing

Parallel editing is when you make transitions between scenes that are happening at the same time – but are happening in different places. Inception’s scene where there were four different levels of consciousness happening at once is a good example of this, and it’s a great way to really ramp up the tension. Trying to make these scenes seamless involves having the same background music as you go about showing all of the scenes coming together.

The invisible cut

If you’re thinking about creative tricks of the trade in the realm of video editing, we would be remiss not to mention the invisible cut. This is basically cuts being made in a video to make it seem like it’s all going in one continuous take. Movies often make use of this by switching the scene in the middle of the movement, making use of a similar colourin the middle of the transition to make it seem like the cut was never there to begin with. It can be difficult to replicate, but there’s always a trick to pulling it off – and it’s the type of technique to win Oscars.

To conclude, there are plenty of ways in which you can make video editing a little easier to do. Proper planning and preparation can go a long way to improving your project’s chances. These creative tricks of the trade are also here to provide you with more options as you edit your project – ensuring that you impress whoever’s lucky enough to see the results of your hard work.



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