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VidPaw 2019 Review – A Software-free and Ads-free YouTube Video Downloader

VidPaw 2019 Review – A Software-free and Ads-free YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube video streaming is an easy activity if you have a reliable network that is good enough to stream online videos with high definition. But when your network connection is poor, many frustrated situations will happen. For example, the YouTube video keeps buffering while streaming, it takes a long time to load the video, or YouTube video black/green screen error, etc. That’s why we need a YouTube video downloader.

The best YouTube video downloader can help you solve all these problems with only one shot, so we make VidPaw here. By downloading YouTube videos to playback offline, we can save much time when the network situation is not guaranteed. Also, the videos can be played more flexibly whenever you need to stream. 

Why should we choose VidPaw YouTube video downloader?

#1. Easy to Use

One of the greatest benefits of VidPaw YouTube video downloader refers to that it requires no software downloaded. All the processes can be completed online, which can save your storage space for installing an extra software. You only need 3 simple steps to download a YouTube video:

STEP 1. Copy the YouTube video’s URL.

STEP2. Paste the URL to VidPaw online downloader’s download bar, and click on “Download”.

STEP 3. Select output format and quality for the video, then hit the “Download” button to save it.

Image Alt: Download Online Videos for free

#2. Comprehensive Functionality

Apart from being a professional online video downloader, VidPaw is also equipped with a set online video services for users to enjoy video resources more freely, like online video searching, online video streaming, VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter, etc. All of these are provided by VidPaw, and more importantly, they are all free of charge.

#3. Secure Environment

For people who are the first time using VidPaw YouTube video downloader, security would be the first factor they need to considerate. To ensure information disclosure or other secure problems not to happen, VidPaw prohibit ads and provides a clean interface on all pages, creating a 100% secure environment for usage.

It should also be noted that VidPaw APK for Android is now on the way. Online video streaming and downloading can even be much easier for Android users with VidPaw APP in the future.

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