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Visiting a Med Spa? – Here are 5 Beauty Treatment Reviews to Consider

Visiting a Med Spa? – Here are 5 Beauty Treatment Reviews to Consider

Keeping yourself looking young and beautiful becomes harder to do on your own as you get older. Med spas offer a suite of non-medical anti-aging procedures to help you maintain your beauty. The following is a list of 5 beauty treatment reviews for procedures you should consider if you want to see what a med spa can do for you.


The HydraFacial is a less abrasive version of a microdermabrasion facial. It is a 3-step process that takes about 30 minutes total. First, the practitioner uses the tool to expose a new layer of skin through gentle resurfacing and exfoliation.

Next, dirt is sucked from pores using a light vacuum tool. The open pores are immediately filled with moisturizers. During the final step, specialized serums made out of peptides and antioxidants are spread evenly across the skin. It is by far the most popular facial at the best med spas or at any med spa for that matter.


CoolSculpting removes stubborn fat that won’t come off with diet and exercise. It works by freezing the fat cells at the treatment area to death. The body then naturally cycles out the dead cells within a few weeks.

The CoolSculpting process takes about an hour to complete, but it could be a bit shorter or longer depending on your treatment area. The results are long-lasting. That being said, multiple sessions are usually needed to get ideal results.

Most people rate CoolSculpting as painless, and this no downtime afterwards. It’s definitely something to consider if you have some vanity pounds you want to get rid of.


Microneedling is a multi-purpose treatment that is used to treat acne scars and other skin conditions, as well as a way to fight against hair loss. This process makes use of a dozen tiny needles that prick the skin at depths between 0.5 and 2.5 mm, which stimulates the body’s natural collagen production.

This treatment is not designed for people who have extremely low pain tolerance  Most people consider the pricks to be less painful than a bee sting, but that still is too much pain for some. There is also a little blood involved, so it’s not for the squeamish.


Botox is probably the procedure you are most likely to have heard about on this list of beauty treatment reviews. It is a procedure popular among the rich and famous, and it has spread to regular people looking to keep young.

The serum is made out of neurotoxins that keep the muscles in the injection area from contracting. This reduces expression lines around the mouth and between the brows.

Botox is not for you if you aren’t a fan of needles. There are also some side effects, which is why it’s always important to get injections at a med spa rather than a Botox party.

Sculptra Butt Lift

Sculptra is an injectable poly-l-lactic acid that stimulates the body’s natural collagen growth and thickens the skin. This gives the butt a more full and shapely appearance.

Sculptra works gradually over time, so multiple injection sessions are needed. Like Botox, this is not a procedure or someone with a fear of needles.

These 5 beauty treatment reviews are just a sample of what med spas have to offer. Find a med spa near you for a complete break down of everything they can do to make you look and feel your best.

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