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Want to Increase Traffic on Your Website? Read This

Want to Increase Traffic on Your Website? Read This

Websites have become a key part of businesses. No matter the size of the business, having a website is a must as it helps acquire new customers by reaching a larger audience. But building a successful website is not a piece of cake. You need to keep several points in mind if you want to increase traffic on your website and see your business grow along with it:


Today, search engines have become such an important part of our life that none of us can imagine a world without it. Most people discover new brands and sites via search engines. To increase traffic on your website, you must be able to use SEO or Search Engine Optimization cleverly. If done right, SEO can drive a conversion rate of about 14.6%.

The first step towards an SEO optimized website is that it must contain keywords used by your customers to search for the products/services offered by you. These keywords must have high industry-relevance and low competition.

You can also make use of keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and then design your content accordingly. This will push your website rankings which will consequently increase your website traffic. Also, keep an eye on the keyword used by your competitors and also the industry leaders. This will give you a clear idea of the types of keywords used by your target audience. Take help from some professional and affordable seo companies in India and up your SEO game while not hurting your core tasks.

Improve your social media game

Having a strong social media presence will help you draw a lot of traffic to your website. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the best places to build a strong reputation for your website and attract audiences. Currently, Facebook is leading the market with over 3.5 billion users worldwide.

Moreover, much of the marketing you do on social media will be free or very cheap. All you need to do is to create content that resonates with your target audience and encourages them to visit your website. Make sure your feed is aesthetically very strong with high-quality content added regularly.

You can also look towards successful social media handles of websites similar to yours to get an idea of what sort of content your target audience prefers. To attract more people, you can tie up with a famous social media influencer who has a strong following. When these influencers promote your content, there will be an increase in the number of people who visit your profile and subsequently, your website. This concept is introduced as influencer marketing to the world.

Personalize customers’ experiences

One of the most important things that people seek in everything nowadays is a strong personal connection. Purchasing a product or regularly visiting a website isn’t just about necessity anymore- people want to have a personal bond with it.

You should spend some time analyzing the general likes and dislikes of your target audience on various topics. Once you get a clear idea of it, create an experience that will be appreciated by them.

On your social media profiles, create content based on these preferences. Try to keep followers engaged with small competitions that can be fun. On your website, include testimonials from regular customers and inspiring stories of some of your employees. Provide some behind the scenes videos of the content you create or the products you make. Doing all of this will help your audience create a special bond with you as a brand and that will encourage them to visit it repeatedly and they would also refer you to someone having similar tastes.

Send out newsletters

Sending newsletters via email is the most basic, and most effective, method of increasing traffic to your website. Send interesting samples of the newsletter to people from your target audience. Provide them with a subscription plan for the newsletter. Stats reveal that newsletters have recorded an open rate of more than 22%!

Thus, the more people subscribe to your newsletter, the more they will visit your website. The newsletters you send them should be thoughtfully created keeping in mind what would capture your target audience’s attention. Provide them with the latest information regarding your field and what’s new on your website. Always send the link to your website in a form CTA with every newsletter.

In the beginning, you will have to spend some time to figure out what kind of topics are being appreciated and how many people are actually using the links to visit your website. After the initial days, you can set up an automated system that sends newsletters on its own at the scheduled time.

Increasing traffic on your website is critical for its survival and to reach a larger audience. Work on these points immediately to attract as many people as possible to your website and help it grow.


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