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Warehousing Growth in Australia Forcing Business to Look at Several Storage Options

Warehousing Growth in Australia Forcing Business to Look at Several Storage Options

In order for you to run a successful labouring business, you are required to have a fully functional warehouse. A warehouse in any industrial or labouring business acts as the backbone to that business. Imagine now having a wacky backbone for your business. This is not what you want right?

In simple terms, you are going to need a fully functional warehouse and not a wacky one. You will need ample space for you and your employees to comfortably operate in. The ware environment should also be a point of consideration, as poor work environments are known to demoralise workers. This guide from Global Industrial PTY LTD is to inform you on how to create a flawless, right warehouse for your labouring business, be sure to enjoy the read.

Ample Space

To avoid a cluttered and unkempt work area, it’s prudent to always ensure that things are stored in a certain order. Here are seven storage options to help you maximise on space in your warehouse.

Over-Passage Storage

The aisle of the warehouse may contain additional space above it. Installing cross beams may provide additional space for rack pallets. This is a great way to add space for more of your products.

Over The Dock

Space is present above the dock doors. Adding support railings may create an allowance for fitting in pallets, cardboard boxes and stretch wraps. The standard pallet racking can be fitted, although a wider version specifically designed for this is available.

Narrow The Aisle

Most of the time, the passage area consumes space that can be converted to a cubic pallet unit. In the case your aisle is dramatically wide; narrowing it by a few inches will make room for a few more storage units. Also, using stand up type pallets instead of sit down type pallets will increase your storage space.

There Is Space Above

Bolting beams to utilise the available free space above the already fixed racks will always guarantee additional space. In many warehouses, the space above can be converted to hold more storage racks.

Adjust Beam Level

Check the level of each beam and ensure that not any space is lost in the fixing. Loosely fixed beams might consume a lot of space. By utilising the wasted beam spacing, you will end up with a beam level of storage or even more.

Alternate The Storage Medium

It’s rarely the case to find goods in your storage moving in and out at the same speed and rate. This means that one storage medium may not work smoothly with your entire inventory. Shelving may fit one product while the other is better placed on push-backs. Having multiple storage media will contribute to storage efficiency.

A Slotting System

Slotting is the picking of storage locations for your stock keeping unit (SKU). This yields a handful of opportunities and helps to minimise order picking, travel time and eases congestion in the warehouse. Vendors are offering so many options of slotting software to help you systematically assess storage locations of SKU.

A Warehouse Must Be Safe

  1. Warehouse Safety: –Are the goods and products inside the storage facility safe from external intrusion, burglars? Safeguarding the warehouse as burglar proof is one way of running a smooth labouring business.
  2. Warehouse Safety:Your workers also need to feel safe and protected at all times within the storage facility. Insecure employees might be a detriment to your business so before anything else, ensure that everyone inside the warehouse is safe from harm including yourself.

A Warehouse Must Be Strong

  • How Do I Ensure That My Warehouse Is Strong?

The first thing to consider is the strength of the warehouse floor. A strong floor means that the warehouse is up to the job. Test the flexibility and the durability by dropping heavy items on floor or by riding heaving machinery. Make sure that no damage is inflicted on the floor. Ensure that the flooring is covered with strong floor coating.

It is not recommended that you run your business in a wacky warehouse. For the best performance, always ensure that your warehouse has space, and that it’s safe and strong.


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