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Washington D.C. To Southern California: Moving Tips

Washington D.C. To Southern California: Moving Tips

Think About The Bigger Picture

For many today, it makes sense to hire a certain type of mover in order to transfer personal effects, furniture, technology, and other things of this variety. However, there are others who prefer to move such possessions personally; using a U-Haul, or a similar solution. Some people just make multiple trips between locations with their own vehicles.

Which methods you pursue will in large part depend on how far you’re traveling. There are air and ocean shipping solutions as well. In the United States, moving from the east coast to the west coast—or vice versa—could incorporate any or a combination of these moving methods. If you’re, say, in the D.C. area, and you’re headed to Southern California, there’s much to consider.

Any move has many variables; but when you’re changing climates in terms of economic, sociological, ecological, and occupational atmospheres, those variables compound. New ones can even develop, such as your health. The following writing will explore some of these variables, and help you avoid common mistakes during a D.C. to SoCal Move.


1. Be Careful Where You Choose To Live

Places like Ventura or San Bernardino may have slightly lower rates. San Diego additionally has some nearly realistic housing. But generally, unless you’re in the eastern part of the state, and an area no one wants to make their home, you’re going to pay out the nose to live in SoCal What’s worse: the money you pay may not even be worth the property you get.

San Francisco and Los Angeles have housing problems right now. Between illegal immigration, economic expansion, bureaucracy, and increases in taxation, finding a good house at a fair price is next to impossible. If you talk to a Real Estate agent, they’ll tell you that apartments in even remote areas of the greater metropolitan area of L.A. start at $1,500.

Taxation, bureaucracy, and housing difficulties have made finding a good house like seeking a needle in a haystack. Still, your dollar goes further in Los Angeles than it does in D.C. Effectively, about $5,800 in L.A. will buy you what $6,400 would in D.C. That’s a difference of a little more than 10%. Perhaps that ten percent could be used to pay for your move.

2. Find New Services Pertaining To Health

If you’re making the same income in L.A. as you did in D.C., then you can put the 10% increase in your buying power to work helping you find better standards of living. Also, you’re going to want to use that 10% as a cushion during your transition. The climate of L.A. is more arid in totality than D.C. While there are certainly areas near the coast that are humid, microclimates predominate in the greater L.A. area.

If you’re not used to this lack of moisture, you may very well get bloody noses on a regular basis, and find yourself increasingly susceptible to varying illnesses. You need to find physicians to help you and your family transition. Southern California Ear, Nose and Throat doctors (ENTs for short) can be absolutely integral in helping you ensure you stay healthy after a move, and during your personal residence in a given area.

3. Expect The Unexpected, Steel Yourself For It Mentally

Especially when you’re traveling great distances, the unexpected will manifest. Items will be lost, that which is packed will be broken, connections will be missed, timezones will shift, and mistakes will be made. You’ll get a few “freebies” too; but don’t count on them. Expect the worst, hope for the best, and split the difference with reality.

A Less Stressful Move

If you prepare your mind for that which isn’t planned, get your health attended to, and choose your residence carefully, you’re likely to have a much less stressful move over a long distance. There are many differences between D.C. and L.A., but if you’ve got steady income, you can compound earnings positively by at least 10%. Leveraging that against a move makes a lot of sense.

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