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Ways to be Gluten Free and Vegan

Ways to be Gluten Free and Vegan

One of the wonders of the modern age has to do with the fact that we are now able to actually look into the things we do and see them for what they truly are. Hence, certain aspects of our diet have come under scrutiny, with a lot of people realizing that foods that contain gluten are really not all that good for you, and the same goes for foods that contain meat or byproducts that were created from meat since these foods tend to be full of hormones and generally don’t provide as much nutritional value as you need them to.

Vegan and gluten free diets have arisen from this newfound wisdom that we have attained about the foods that we tend to eat on a regular basis. Another reason that people tend to follow a vegan diet, and indeed a vegan lifestyle, is because of the fact that they know that meat comes from the slaughter of innocent animals, and that if you want to live in a peaceful and completely nonviolent way then you need to start looking into how you can avoid eating meat as well as any product that is derived from an animal.

And so, the reasoning behind vegan and gluten free diets becomes clear. Part of the reason is that this is the only way to live without harming other sentient creatures, and another part of the reason is that this kind of diet is just healthier and a far more natural way for us to live. The only problem is that following a vegan and gluten free lifestyle is not as easy as it sounds, since foods containing gluten and animal products are far more widespread than you would imagine. We are here to help you find ways to be gluten free and vegan.

The First Step: Avoid Replacements

Most people that go gluten free and vegan try to start off by finding replacements for the foods that they are now going to be missing out on. For example, if they can’t eat beef then they will try to find a burger that does not contain any meat products. This is a decent way to get started, but for the most part you are going to find that meat replacements are not as good as the real thing, and eating them is just going to leave you feeling rather unsatisfied by the kind of meal that you have just eaten.

After some time passes you will get tired of meat replacements and your diet is going to start to seem like a chore to you. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people tend to not last very long when they start to look into veganism. They assume that they will be able to find replacements for anything and that this will be more than enough to give them the kind of diet they require, only to be disappointed when they actually taste the various meat substitutes that are available in the market.

If you want to last as a vegan, you need to start appreciating fruits and vegetables for what they truly are. Don’t try to substitute your meats, instead try to diversify your palette. One advantage of being a vegan is that you are forced to look into whatever other options are available out there, and this can really change the way you look at food. Try to change your cooking methods as well so that they are optimized for the kind of foods that you will now be cooking.

As far as gluten is concerned, the main problem that you are going to face is that you won’t be able to get the same carbs, since most sources of carbs tend to be high in gluten. That is to say, most traditional sources of carbs are high in gluten but the fact of the matter is that you don’t have to necessarily go for traditional carbs if you don’t want to. Plenty of vegetables provide carbs with potatoes being the most prominent of these vegetables. Potatoes don’t have gluten in them so you can get the starch and carbohydrates intake that you need without having to worry about gluten intake.

Replacing dairy is going to be a real struggle for you if you want to go vegan. However, that is only because of the fact that you don’t know about the amazing dairy alternatives that have been taking the market by storm recently. Nut milk is one of the best ways to get your daily required dose of calcium, and it tends to taste a lot better than regular milk as well. Soy milk is also a great example of a dairy alternative that you can incorporate into your diet.

The Second Step: Lifestyle

One thing that you should definitely try to keep in mind at all times while you are trying to follow the sort of vegan diet that you think would work perfectly for you is that veganism is not just about the food that you eat. It’s about the clothes you wear, the furniture you have, the kind of house you live in, all of it comes together to form a proper vegan lifestyle. The fundamental tenet of this lifestyle is that none of your actions should contribute to the harming of any animals in any way, shape or form. Ordering from ActivEats is great because all of their food is ethically sourced.

This means that you can’t wear leather or furs, and you can’t use any other products that have animal parts in them as well. This can be a little tricky because of the fact that you might be used to buying certain products and wouldn’t want this to change, but the fact of the matter is that until and unless you adopt a vegan lifestyle you are just not going to be able to rationalize your reality with the fact that you are contributing to animals getting hurt.


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