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Ways to Survive Stress When Moving Into A New Home

Ways to Survive Stress When Moving Into A New Home

So, you have finally decided to move to another city, and start your life in a complete new environment. It is also very likely that you have found the perfect apartment for your family members. No doubt, moving from one city or state to another is not an easy walk in the park. The process of packing your stuffs and getting them relocated to your new house can be somewhat daunting. This is the reason why a lot of people feel stressed simply by thinking about the entire thing.

However, you can make the process less stressful by following certain tips. The methods mentioned below will prove to be quite helpful for you; right from the process of packing, till un-boxing the items.

How to deal with stress when moving?

  • Clear the clutter

People feel more stressed if there are lots of junk items around them, particularly in the closets. So, the first thing you need to do is get rid of the clutter, because they are stressful. You can do so by organizing things, which can be done by throwing away the items which you no longer need. In this regard, you can create three categories of piles- sell, toss, and donate.

In the sell category, you should include items that are valuable. So, by selling them you will surely get some good amount of money in return. In the donate category, select items that can prove highly useful for the needy ones, such as old clothes, shoes, mats, etc. In the toss category, place items that can be recycled, such as plastic bottles, damaged electronic items, etc.

  • Clear your calendar

Shifting to a new place is a big task, and hence you must focus on it completely. It would be better to keep aside two or three days and dedicate them completely for that single task. If you have kids at home, you can ask your family member or a friend to take care of your kids. In this way, you will not have to worry about the safety of your kids. When you pack things continuously (say for 5 to 6 hours), you end up doing more productive work. In other words, you will be able to pack a lot of things. It would be better if you ask a couple of friends to help you in this process. But, don’t forget to buy drinks and dinner for them!

  • Gather boxes

Once you have decided to move, you should start accumulating boxes and stacks of newspapers for the packing purpose. It would be better if you do the same at least three weeks before the date of move. Newspapers can prove to be quite useful at the time of packing fragile and heavy items, such as flower vases, crockery items, mirrors, dining tables, etc. If you do not buy newspapers, you can buy the old ones from your nearest grocery store.

Likewise, you can ask you neighbours and friends if they have spare boxes which you can use. Again, whenever you visit any local grocery store, you can get a few boxes. In this way, in a month’s time you will have enough packing supplies for your requirements. If you buy packing boxes from the packers and movers, you will certainly get high quality boxes. So, what you can do is purchase a couple of high quality boxes and you can use them only for packing the fragile and expensive items. Plus, the aspect of standard size makes these boxes fit for a wide range of items.

  • Chalk out a plan


Before you start packing your stuffs, it is vital to have a strategic plan. In this context, one of the best ways to pack your stuffs is to systematically move from one room to the other. So, it is better to pack your items in the dining room first, and then move onto the bedroom. While packing, always keep a luggage bag or a suitcase in which you can store items that you will need very soon, such as toothbrush, beard trimmer, socks, underwear, etc. Finally, do not forget to label each and every box as per the room; for example- kitchen, bedroom, dining room, etc.

  • Protect your expensive items

In the end, do not forget to keep your highly expensive items completely safe and at one place, such as wedding ring, passport, important documents, debit/credit cards, etc. You should have a separate bag for it, of portable size. Once the items have been stored, it would be better keep inside a bank safe-deposit box.

So, those were some of the useful methods that you can follow in order to keep the stress level as possible. Plus, hiring the best Brisbane removalist can make things much easier and convenient for you. Hence, go for the best ones!


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