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Ways You Can Communicate Appreciation To Your Employees

Ways You Can Communicate Appreciation To Your Employees

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Think back to your days as a student in elementary school. Which teachers did you perform better for? Those who valued you, treated you like a person, and attended to you, or those who treated you like a little person that was beneath them, and enforced a strict code of classroom conduct?

Likely you were more amenable to the former type of instructor, and more apt to pull some form of shenanigans under the tutelage of the latter. It’s very similar with employees and employers owing simply to human nature. Adults are just children with greater independence and expanded resources. Certainly there’s a philosophical aspect to that statement, but it’s a great way to look at your business.

No, your new-hires aren’t on the same plane as those in management—but if they work hard and learn the business, they could themselves become managers someday. This is comparable to a military officer rising through the ranks and getting awarded with new positions and being appreciated with challenge coins. Would you expect a CEO to have less than ten years’ experience? Or eighteen?

Something else to consider is intelligence. In the US, approximately 9% of the population has an Intelligence Quotient, or IQ, that is under 90. Ideally, you’ll have only smart employees working for your business—but do you need your janitor to be a rocket scientist?

Pragmatic Considerations Regarding Human Nature

Someone who is more intelligent is more apt to grasp the bigger picture. Someone who doesn’t have that mental capacity will have greater difficulty doing so, and so may not understand certain management decisions. Even severely intelligent individuals may miss social cues for the same reason children in a classroom may think they’re being unfairly put-upon by a teacher because they’ve been assigned more work.

In reality, the teacher is increasing their learning. In your company, increased work is good—it means the business is turning a profit, and greater effort is needed from everyone. But until you reach a new threshold of operations, this increased activity may not result in a raise, facilitating resentment—even if it’s not that great.

The thing is, a lot of that resentment will be hidden from your eyes. Even if you’re doing everything in your power to show your employees you appreciate them, they may have resentments you never see until they deliberately drop the ball for some inexplicable reason.


Preventative Measures

In order to prevent this from happening, you need to give your employees every possible opportunity to fully succeed in the environment in which they’ve been placed. You want to give them the right tools for the job, and you want to make it less complicated to conduct that job. Also, you want that success available for all employees, not just the technical ones.

For example, clocking in and out shouldn’t be some abstract mathematical concept that causes new-hires to incorrectly log hours coming in, and so loses them money. These kinds of things should be as automated as possible. Online timekeeping solutions like Clockspot are perfect for small businesses, franchises, and mobile times. The site goes on to note that they’ve helped thousands of companies big and small end manual time tracking for good.

There are a lot of advantages to such an innovation for both employees and employers. Employers reduce operational complications. Employees can work remotely or locally, clocking in as necessary through the swipe of a smartphone screen. Everybody ultimately wins.

The bottom line is, when your employees are doing well, it generally means your business is doing well. So give your employees every opportunity you can to succeed. This will show them you appreciate them in a subconscious kind of way—and even directly, for those with eyes to see.



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