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Wear Plush Robes and Get the Best Robe Experience

Wear Plush Robes and Get the Best Robe Experience

The union of a great fabric and the right plush robes it the essence of having that luxurious robe experience. Apart from its usefulness, plush robes will be able to provide you with the added benefit of a touch of amazing comfort. Furthermore, you are not just going to experience wearing this kind of robe from hotels, but you can also wear this robe in your home because plush robes are now readily available both in physical and online stores. 

Before you settle of buying your own robe, it is essential for you to consider the kind of robe that you really want so that you will are not going to spend your money on something that is not right for you. It is also crucial that you should keep in mind that not all the robes are created equal and this is why it is important that you should conduct a research first as to the things that you want in a robe. 

You know that robes come in different varieties, be it for men, women, kids, unisex, one-size-fits-all, large robes and petite robes. There are even robes that are thick as well as light robes.  

Things to Consider in Buying Plush Robes

Now it is time that you look into the things to consider when choosing the right robe that is not only going to give you a spa-like experience but also fits best with your budget.

  1. Know the type of robe fabric that you like

Your choice of fabric is essential and the reason is that the fabric is going to give you the experience when you wear the robe. This is how the robe will make you feel when you put it on. There are two fabrics that are established as the best there is – the terry cloth and the waffle weave. 

The terrycloth type is the thick and plush kind, while the waffle weave type is the lighter and thinner cloth. Furthermore, the best robe that is best used for bathing purposes is the one that is made out of cotton, the reason is cotton has the ability to absorb water fast. Cotton also comes in different forms, as there are low, medium and high-grade cotton fabrics. Cotton is the fabric that is best used for bathrobes. 

Other spa robes are made with a waffle weave fabric, and this has become a popular choice as being used as spa robes. The waffle weave robes are the best ones to use when covering your body up because it is made out of light material and is not very warm. 

The quality of the robe is determined from the fabric that is being used because high-quality robes will last longer than robes that are made our of low-quality material. Right now, there is already a lot of choices that are available today. There are fabrics which are 100% cotton and the other is a mix of cotton and polyester. 

  • The cotton fabric robes

The best choice for a robe is cotton because the cotton fabric is very absorbent to water and other similar liquids. Thus, when you go out of a shower, cotton will really make you feel good. If it is a low-medium grade type of cotton, this is the type of material that we used to blend options and is the material that is being used for mass production. On one hand, high-grade cotton fabric is known for its suppleness and sophistication. The high-grade type is the one that is made out of Turkish, Egyptian, Sea Island, Pima, and Supima. And all of these enumerated, the Egyptian cotton robe is the most popular on the market and is an event the best option that you can choose. 

As good as this may be, there are still minor imperfections that are associated with 100% cotton-made robes, this is because of the fabric wrinkles so easily and shrinks after it has been washed. In order to avoid this, you should consider buying one that has a mix of polyester or wrinkle-free or shrinkage-free treatment. 

  • The polyester fabric robes

As stated, this robe is made out of polyester which is a manmade fabric that is not the same as cotton. Polyester is often blended with cotton in order to produce a robe that does not shrink or wrinkle to abruptly after the robe has been washed. 

  • Know the right style of robe is for you

Robes do not come in the same style. Some samples of these styles are the Kimono and the shawl-collared robes. 

The shawl collar robe is the one that usually closes at the neck that is as if you wrapping the shawl around your neck. This feature will give you maximum warmth and coziness. 

The Kimono robe, on the one hand, is more usually tailored fit with wrist-length sleeves and a streamlined flat collar area. The kimono robes are the more popular spa robes because it is a sleek fit and has a lightweight comfort. 

In addition, hooded robes are the perfect type to pull over when you have wet hair from taking a bath after you have swimming sessions. Also, the hood will be able to provide you with additional warmth while the cuffed robes will have a fold at the bottom of the sleeve.

Ultimately, the choice that you are going to make when it comes to choosing the fabric that is best for your robe is going to boil down to its weight, absorbency, and, the style, or cut, and the appearance. You may not want to wear a robe that is too heavy and the material of the robe might be on that repels water or similar liquid. When it comes to a one-size-fits-all this does not ensure that it will really fit you, and the truth is, you may even get on that is too big or too small than what your actual size is. Thus, you should be able to ensure that you are wearing the robe is of a perfect fit, because if it is not, then you may end up wearing something that is awkwardly-fitted. 


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