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Web Analytics Analysis Answers Several Questions To Find Business Growth Opportunities

Web Analytics Analysis Answers Several Questions To Find Business Growth Opportunities

With a proper web analytics analysis you will be able to find all possible opportunities and avenues to take for the proper and desired growth of your business. It is for this reason most businesses of today invest on web analytics analyst or in a data-driven marketer. When it comes to analyzing the success of a website you will need a lot of proper and relevant data. Without any data, you are simply another business person with an opinion. With data you will be able to optimize your site.

Optimization in the world of internet and technology is not about educated hunches and guesses irrespective of the fact that you have been in this industry for quite a number of years now. It involves a several different metrics and parameters to consider and analyze to ensure the success of the site. You will need to:

  • Do the proper research
  • Ask the right questions
  • Dig deeper into the problem areas looking for clues
  • Pay attention to the signs and signals as and when they appear and 
  • Run smart A/B tests.

Ideally, web analytics analysis is one of the major parts of that. It will help you to separate you as an optimizer who is much different from just any other business owner with an opinion. This means you may know what is accessibility but if you do not know how to convert those people who accessed your site to your prospective customers then you will not have a very bright future for your business. Therefore you will need to know much more than that and for that you will need to:

All these practices are a bit complex which is the primary reason that quite a few people skip these steps altogether. If you too are one of those people then rest assured that it is most likely that you and your business are both missing out on a number of hidden opportunities.

Reasons to include web analytics analysis

Your job will be somewhat easy when you employ web analytics analysis in your process. Apart from that there are several other significant reasons to include it in your conversion research process. These are:

  • To ensure the data you obtain are reliable and most accurate
  • To answer to all questions that may arise during such heuristic analysis
  • To unveil the hidden or new problem areas that may lead to the generation of several other questions
  • To know about the most significant areas of interest
  • To find quick wins and fixes and 
  • To have better future A/B test ideas.

The tool will also help you to find some quick answers to several important questions for that matter in advance to ensure that you can complete your web analytics analysis properly. The list of questions that need to be answered will contain and look like the following:

  • Who are browsing your site?
  • When are they browsing it?
  • Are they using any search keyword?
  • Is anyone actually using print button or are they using the text size?
  • What do the most valuable users usually do differently on your site and how does this matter?
  • Are there any broken browsers or devices?
  • Are there any leaks in the funnel? 
  • If there are any then where are the leaks and how can you fix them?
  • Which are the promotions that are most effective?
  • When they perform any action is there any event being fired?
  • How often the users remove the chosen items from the cart?
  • Are there any error messages and are they being recorded?

All these are intelligent business questions that require specific skill set to find an answer that will be actionable. Since you will have a large number of data at your fingertips, these answers will help you to know exactly what you are looking for and therefore find the most effective, result driven and dynamic solution. 

Differentiate data and useful data

Like it is said earlier, you will have a lot of data in hand to deal with but all of it may not be useful for your business and may not help in your business growth in a positive manner. You should ideally differentiate between the data and useful data so that you know exactly what to do with it. Therefore, before you start your web analytics analysis process ensure that you focus on the following aspects:

  • Have a simple and proper site walkthrough
  • Look for all those suspicious and bad areas of your site and 
  • Look for those signs that indicate poor tracking such as similar URLs that are preventing to measure each flow separately.

You will be better off when you compare the list of questions you have in hand with these issues. This will help you to find out the things that you need to change and base it on the answers that you have found for the specific questions. If you find that you do not have answer to any specific question, remove it from your list.

Conduct a health check

Experts however suggest that asking intelligent questions is not quite enough to have accurate web analysis. For this you will need to conduct a Google analytics health check as well. The primary goal of this health check is to assist you in finding out answers to a few other important questions as well. These are:

  • Are you collecting all of the data that you need?
  • Can you rely on the data that you have collected and are collecting?
  • Are anything broken reports?
  • Is the tracking and reporting done correctly? If not, then why?

When you know all these answers you will know whether the enhanced link attribution is turned on and you have the “Working Views” and “Virgin View” configured properly. To ensure accuracy you will be able to configure custom and default channel grouping and set up a perfectly working internal site search. 


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