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Web Design Trends of 2018

Web Design Trends of 2018

Web design is constantly evolving, and there is always something new on the horizon to think of.  There are lots of trends we are seeing in 2018, which we have shared with you below. Make sure you keep up with the pace, to stay on top of your competition.

Video Integration

Video is making massive inroads in 2018, not only on websites but on social media too.  You will see it is integrated much more readily on the homepage of a company website to give you an idea of their story and who they are.  Video backgrounds are becoming increasingly popular and more widely used than before.

More Focus on Mobile

We were warned for quite some time by Google that they will favour websites that are mobile friendly – and since Google’s Mobile First Index has rolled out, that will definitely be the case.  This means that there is more pressure than ever before for companies to make sure they have made the move to improve the mobile functionality of their site. Make sure you bring in the best web designer in Bristol to achieve this for you, as it will be incredibly important.

The Use of Bold Fonts

The other thing is, Google are all about the user experience – so they want the fonts to be easy for them to read.  This means that there are some larger typefaces being used to make sure that the text is legible as soon as the user gets on to the site.  The same goes with graphic design in general, with business cards etc – bold and easy to read fonts are the way forward.

Brighter Colour Schemes

The pantone of the year in 2018 was Ultra-Violet.  Web designers now have more room than they did before to be more creative with colour.  You might find that websites are more vivid than they were before, although it will of course be in a controlled setting.  Bright is most definitely in when it comes to 2018.

Elements that are Hand Drawn

There is evidence to suggest that stock photos can have a negative impact in conversion rates over custom photography.  What is becoming even more popular than that is hand-written elements. This allows a designer to put a fantastic creative flair on the project and makes it more unique than ever.

Integrating Sticky Elements

There are some web design trends of 2018 that aren’t quite as disruptive such as sticky elements.  Web designers are experimenting with introducing sticky navigation bars at the top of site to make it more user friendly.  This means there isn’t a need for constant scrolling – and they can make their way to the sections they need to with ease. Call to actions or “hello bars” are also being added as sticky elements to improve conversion rates.

2018 will bring us lots of exciting things in terms of web design – and if you aren’t keeping up with that as an organisation who is looking for a presence online, the likelihood is that you will fall behind the others.  Keep up to date with the latest design and marketing trends to stand out from the crowd.



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