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What Are All the Main Signs of Termites in Your House?

What Are All the Main Signs of Termites in Your House?

Termites are the most dangerous and concerning pests in the house and lots of house owners would always encounter such termites in the different parts of their property. It is really very important to obtain the professional pest control service when you have found the availability of the termites. Otherwise, you will get a lot of damages in your living area. The following are the few important signs of termites or warnings necessary to follow in order to find the termites in your house.

Different signs of the termite exist in your home

  • Discarded wings – The first warning sign of the termite availability is the discarded wings which you should notice in the different parts of your house. While searching for the food around your house, the termites are flying very closely to each other on the warm spring day. After the flying to the longer ways, they usually drop off their wings because they will not such wings again. When you found the discarded wings of the termites in your house, you should need to immediately take an action to discard or reduce them.
  • Mud tubes – It is the second warning sign of the availability of termites in your house. When you see the mud tube on the exterior portion of the wall or extended from the ground up on your house wall, it means that there are termites available in the nearby locations. You should need to immediately take the pest control action to eliminate them.
  • Harmed wood itself – The harmed wood is the third warning sign of having termites in the walls of your house. They will drill the small halls in your wooden furniture, windows, doors or anything. In order to avoid such damages in your property, you should need to take the quick pest control action with the help of the professionals.

With the termites, you will also see the wooden dust on your floor, your house wall feels bubbly, the tiny halls on the dry wall and the paint is flicking off the wall.

How to prevent termites in your house?

Once you have encountered all these signs of termites in the different parts of your house, then you need to immediately start working on it. The pest control professional know where to look and how to use the specialized equipment in order to find the availability of the termites inside the walls and eliminate them. Other than the professional help, the house owners should also need to follow these important tips in order to prevent the infestation of the termites.

  • Inspect the entire house regularly.
  • Try to avoid moisture and also the standing water in around your house.
  • Another most important tip to be followed is to clean every breathing wood in your residential area.
  • Frequently trim the plants and vegetation around your house.

When you are regularly following and doing these things, you can definitely control the growth of the termites in your house.


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