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What Are Application Stacks An Informative Guide

What Are Application Stacks An Informative Guide

There are millions of apps in both the App store and the Google Play store. Many of them integrate with desktop programs as well. Most offer you cloud computing opportunities too.

As a business owner, you have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing the tools you want to use. Whether you’re trying to choose apps for your business or you’re building one, it helps to understand what’s under the hood.

That’s where application stacks come in. What is an app stack, and what does it do? This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Defining Application Stacks

An application stack is a set or suite of programs that work together to perform a specific function.

The term originates with app developers. When you look at an app interface, you see the app execute a simple command. Suppose you click a button to go to another page.

Underneath that slick interface, the click of a button sets off a cascade of commands. First, the app has to submit a query to a database. The database has to call the requested page up.

Then it has to send the page back to the app. If you’re trying to log in, there’s an added step. Your credentials have to be run through the database and verified.

To do all this, most apps use several different programs. Take the popular LAMP stack, which uses Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

MySQL provides the database functions. PHP is your web encoding for the user interface.

Why Use a Stack?

Developers shifted to using app stacks because they have certain advantages. Each component is independent of the others. That reduces downtime and makes the app more robust.

It also makes the app more flexible. Stack components are loosely coupled, which means they’re interchangeable. A machine running Windows can change the LAMP stack to one that runs in the Windows environment.

This allows developers to create apps that will run under almost any circumstances. It also makes it easier to update apps. Teams can upgrade one component of the app stack without sacrificing performance.

This is a sharp contrast to monolithic software. Updating monolithic software means rewriting the program, even if just one thing needs to change. Any change to the code can cause other parts of the program to stop functioning.

Building a Stack for Your Business

If you’re not building your own app, you might wonder how app stacks affect your business.

They affect the apps you’re using, but the idea has been transformed by business leaders into the tech stack.

Tech stacks refer to the applications you use to perform functions in your business. For example, you might build a tech stack for your marketing team. This could include

  • a CMS
  • a chatbot for your website
  • social media tools
  • analytics tools to track your campaigns

When you choose tools that work together, you can make your marketing functions more efficient and informed.

Application Stacking for Success

Now you can see the appeal of application stacks, both for apps and as a concept for business.

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