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What are better – disposable plastic cups or paper cups?

What are better – disposable plastic cups or paper cups?

The 21st century has seen a tremendous rise in the demand for disposable cups. People love to use disposable cups for multiple purposes. Plastic or paper is an essential raw material to make disposable cups. The primary reason for the increase in their demand is that they are quite handy, cheap, and easily disposable. Both the cups are good at conserving water and multiple variants of it are available in the market.

Plastic or paper cups? 

• The cup manufacturing process: Many changes are evident in the manufacturing of plastic and paper cups in the recent past. The manufacturing of paper cups has increased over leaps and bounds since the 1960s. In comparison to them, the plastic cups have also shown a tremendous boost in their manufacturing. You must know that the production of both these items requires a good deal of energy. They also impact the environment on a larger scale. The fact that they are easily disposable adds to the increase of human waste that affects the environment. These cups end up in landfills after their usage.

• The process of recycling disposable cups: one of the advantages of paper cups is they are biodegradable.These cups have the quality to breakdown very quickly, hence causing less damage to the environment. In comparison to them, the plastic cups take a longer time to degrade. The plastic cups are thus a significant source of landfill. 

    Many manufacturers use recyclable materials to manufactures these products. These materials are a good source of energy, and the end product is also eco-friendly. Environmental consideration is a significant aspect of every person. Hence while purchasing disposable cups; you should keep in mind the manufacturing and the recycling process.

• The assessment of the life cycle: the main difference between plastic and paper cups is the factor of biodegradability. Also, there are differences in the life cycle assessment. You will have to keep in mind the various ecological impacts that might include ozone depletion, global warming, resource consumption, and many more. The carbon footprint of the plastic cup is in a smaller proportion as compared to the paper cups. You will have to keep these factors in your mind while purchasing disposable cups. Many manufacturers use reliable measures to manufacture these cups, and you may get special deals from the Typtop shop for disposable ecofriendly cups. 

Hence both plastic and people cops do cause ecological damage. However, people purchase and use them on a larger scale these days. It is because of their low price, handy nature, and attractive looks that people buy them. 

However, you cannot overlook the ecological impact of disposable cups that may cause the environment on a long term basis. The choice is up to you whether you will go for a plastic or a paper cup. Next time you have a small get together at home or are going to picnic with friends think before purchasing. Consider the above points for a better purchase.

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