What Are CBD Edibles and How Do They Work?

What Are CBD Edibles and How Do They Work?

By now, you’ve probably heard of cannabis edibles. But many find there’s one particular product that eludes them, and that’s CBD edibles. CBD is said to help with relaxation, focus and energy levels without any of the intoxicating effects of standard marijuana edibles. These days, CBD is used for all kinds of consumable and topical supplements that claim to support healthy body functions, better sleep and a greater sense of well being throughout the day. While researchers are still discovering the many benefits, applications and how these compounds affect our bodies, there is compelling testimony from users that suggest it can help support confidence and relaxation in the body. But what are they exactly, and how do they work? Do they even work at all? If these are questions you’re asking yourself, then keep reading for a basic overview of what CBD edibles are and how they work.

What They Are

CBD edibles are edible products infused with CBD (cannabidiol), a compound extracted from the marijuana plant. CBD is different from THC, although many strains of cannabis contain both compounds in high quantities. When both are consumed, the user will get some benefits of CBD while also experiencing mind and perception altering effects from THC. When cannabis products contain only CBD, there is no intoxicating effect at all. CBD is a cannabinoid that is thought to induce the feelings of relaxation and contain the most medicinal benefits out of all the compounds in the plant. So, CBD edibles are cannabis products meant to support the medicinal properties of cannabis rather than the intoxicating ones.

How They Work

CBD, and all cannabinoids, work by binding with our body’s endocannabinoid system. We still don’t know a lot about this system, how it works and what total effects ingesting cannabinoids has on our body’s, but we do know that the body does process these chemicals and they do bind with our system that distributes these compounds throughout the body. Users report greater feelings of relaxation, better sleep and less overall anxiety when taking CBD. When trying them for the first time, it’s best to stick with a smaller dose to see how it affects you. Once you understand how the product reacts in your body, you can adjust your daily dosage from there.

What They’re Used For

CBD edibles can and are used by consumers to help them deal with a number of different issues. It should again be noted that CBD is not meant to function as a cure for any particular disorder or ailment. The research around CBD suggests that it can support some body functions and our ability to relax, but this is all it should be considered being used for. With that being said, there are all kinds of uses for CBD. It can be used to help encourage deeper, easier sleep. Or it can be used to help relax during particularly stressful days. Many find that taking CBD during the day can help their focus and outlook on the day ahead, without getting their energy drained mid-day. CBD may also be a helpful component in topical medications for those that suffer from acute pain or stiffness in the joints. Topical CBD medications work quickly, and target the area of discomfort directly without having to wait for oral medications ot kick in.

Different Varieties

When it comes to edibles, the varieties are endless. There are tinctures, which are liquid extracts that you can mix with water or put under your tongue, baked goods and even gummies with tons of different flavors. In addition to product variety, there are also different choices when it comes to how you’re going to use it. If you intend to improve your daytime routine, there are daytime CBD edibles infused with not just CBD but all kinds of components to help keep your focus and energy up throughout the day. If help with sleep is what you need, then you can go with a nighttime blend infused with CBD and melatonin to help you get to sleep faster and deeper.

CBD edibles are essentially a personal wellness product meant to support a variety of body functions and provide temporary relief from daily stresses. The primary component, CBD, is extracted from the marijuana plant but doesn’t intoxicate the user. CBD is thought to contain the majority of medicinal purposes in cannabis, which is why it’s been so heavily researched and experimented with in recent years. Whether you’re looking for more focus throughout the day, help sleeping at night, a way to curb anxiety or to manage chronic pain, CBD could be a great way to support a more relaxed state of mind to deal with symptoms and feel more in control of your personal wellness.


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