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What Are Electronic Signatures and Why Should a Business Use It?

What Are Electronic Signatures and Why Should a Business Use It?

The nature of electronic and usual signatures is quite the same – both of them are handwritten autographs of a person used to verify documents they sign. However, the difference between e-signature and its more traditional counterpart lies in the way they are written– with the help of an electronic device and specified software or on paper. E-signatures are completely equal to usual ones from a legal point of view, meaning that they unite the advantages of digital document exchange with the credibility of traditional signatures. So how do you get full use of e-signatures for your business? Through the agency of SignNow, of course!

Why SignNow? 

An unprecedentedly convenient interface, powerful API designed to work with multiple devices, and the utmost attention to security are guaranteed. We know those features need further explanation, so let’s discuss each point in more detail here:

  •  The app is really easy to use on a customer’s side. SignNow knows that everything truly genuine should be simple, so the application is built in minimalistic design, with maximum utilization of space on your monitor. The app’s interface is user-friendly, and no odd windows or unnecessary details appear. You will never miss important details as essential fields are always highlighted to immediately attract attention. In addition, the app is designed to fit everyone’s needs, which possibly include working on the go. So, it is available for multiple operating systems, e.g. desktops, Android, and IOS. Here’s an example of one of the app’s possible usages and the code running in the background: 
  •  Speaking of the code. You don’t need to be a tech specialist to use SignNow, of course, but if you wish to dive into more detail about this smart software, you can check a dedicated page on the company’s website. To save you some time here, we’d note that the app is built using REST API, which allows you to embed e-signatures into your website, custom application, or CRM with no sweat.  
  •  You can request signatures from other users of SignNow as well, saving a significant amount of time on the administrative paperwork. If you wish to test the API, it’s absolutely free of charge, and the company would not ask you for any personal information or data about your credit cards. Just use your email to log in to a Sandbox account and enjoy the advantages of the service.  
  •  Moving to security. SignNow knows how valuable documents are and how sensitive the information they include is. So, the company provides clients with maximum protection from possible interruptions. The software has attained SOC 2 Type II and PCI DSS certifications, along with 21 CFR Part 11 and GDPR compliance assurances. Each document processed through the app is followed by a Document Audit log to ensure transparency at every step. In addition, SignNow has developed a Disaster Recovery plan to run in case of an emergency. The security measures also include steps to secure files from DDoS attacks, SOC 2 compliant servers to protect data while transferring it, and 365/24/7 physical on-site protection.   

The interface of the app as it would appear to a user:

Powerful Integration Possibilities 

If you are curious how SignNow would work with applications you are already using at your workplace, there is no need to worry as the software can be easily integrated with most services that a modern office utilizes. GSuite, NetSuite, Salesforce, Oracle, Google Drive, MS Office, and dozens of other applications and CRMs are supported by SignNow. This means that you can access the features of SignNow without leaving the app you are currently working in. 

Send and Receive Documents to Sign 

With SignNow, you can enhance your organization’s workflow by eliminating the need for much paperwork. Send documents for signature to your colleagues, partners, and clients using customizable signing invitations. Moreover, you can allow your recipients to forward documents to others for further processing. SignNow understands how important timely transition of documents for business is, so the company has included the possibility to set an expiration date, along with completion notifications that you receive immediately after your documents are finished. In addition, you will be notified in case a recipient declines signing a document. 

Cooperation and Collaboration 

Teams have proved to be the most effective way of delegating tasks within a company, so why not make them even more efficient by introducing employees to SignNow? This way, you can create work groups and permit or deny access to certain documents, add and remove team members, and share templates with them. Moreover, SignNow provides an organizational dashboard feature, allowing you to easily manage all teams and distribute files accordingly, along with setting up team administrators all in one place. 

Keep Record of Your Documents on the Go

With a totally set up Android and IOS apps, you can be sure to never miss out an important signature! SignNow allows you to utilize a phone’s camera to turn pictures you take into fillable documents or use a photo from a gallery. If you need an e-signature right away, you can simply write your signature on the screen of your mobile device, and it would become legally binding in moments. The full potential of a desktop app is available on both mobile platforms, with such services as creating and managing teams, organizing workflows, and setting up signatures exchange available for your convenience. You can also use your iPhone to print a hard copy of a document if needed.


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