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What are MKV files and which is the best MKV player?

What are MKV files and which is the best MKV player?

A lot of people think MKV files are an audio or video compression format, which is not true. It is actually multimedia that contains various formats. In an MKV container, one can store media ranging from audios, videos, and subtitles all into a single file. However, these different forms have different types of encoding. MKV container was built, keeping in mind the future, so they are future proof. This means all the data stored in the MKV container will never become outdated. There are a few features of MKV player:

  • It recovers error so that you can play corrupted files as well
  • It is compatible with online streaming services
  • You can select different audio and video streams
  • Fast seeking
  • It supports chapter, menu, and metadata
  • Hard as well soft-coded subtitles are supported

You will find free MKV player as well as paid MKV player in the market. If you are using it just for watching movies or TV shows, then it is better to choose a free MKV player. But, if you are looking for more than just TV shows and movies, you have paid players in the market. Given below is a list of some of the best MKV video player:

5K Player

5K Player is a mixture of free HD video and music player DLNA, and AirPlay-enabled media streamer and online downloader. It is one of the best MKV players that you will find in the market. It will enable you several services, from instant screen mirroring to playing music. It will also allow you to render the whole screen of your device including Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, etc. it is a nice blend of DLNA controller, renderer, and server. Features of 5K Player:

  • It is capable of playing 4K/UHD/ 360-degree video, music, DVD, live radio, etc. So, you can play 4K videos.
  • It has a built-in robust codec which supports almost all formats. 
  • You can stream video music in DLNA compatible devices including PC, Mac, Android, Smart, TV, PS4, or Xbox. 
  • You can also record the iPhone screen while mirroring.
  • It enables different features such as editing, rotating, changing playback speed, color balance, audio, etc. of the video.

What are the benefits of having a file with MKV format? 

  • They are free of cost- MKV was built as an open standard file format. This means that anyone who wants to use MKV can get access to UHD MKVwithout paying any extra charges. You would not need any license fee or anything of that sort. 
  • They are future-ready- As already mentioned; MKV files were built keeping future in mind. They will never become outdated or run out of use, even in the coming years.
  • Complete storage- The best part about MKV files is that you can store an entire movie along with a large number of audios and videos, all into a single file. 

Isn’t this what you are looking for in a UHD player? You will be able to watch movies the way you want without any hassle. 

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