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What Are Share Economy Apps And How To Use Them

What Are Share Economy Apps And How To Use Them

Advancement in technology has brought about a lot of technological innovations, and this includes share economy apps. But, before we can dive even further, what are share economy apps?  

Share economy apps allow the peer-to-peer activity to link persons–buyers to a service provider or seller–in exchange for a good or service. Through the peer-to-peer (P2P) system, share economy apps allow two individuals (the buyer and the seller) to directly trade between each other without needing an intermediary to facilitate the transaction. As a result, share economy apps play a significant role in generating income for conventional employees that are looking to boost their income. It can also be a source of income for full-time freelancers in search of an independent revenue stream.  

How Can You Use Share Economy Apps? 

In today’s society, since people are looking to save a higher percentage of their income and space, there’s shrinking demand to own items. These changes have been brought about by the continued rise in the cost of living, requiring a new sustainable and affordable ways of saving your money. 

This is where share economy apps come in as they look to address this problem in various industries, such as how people travel, take meals, dress, access finance, and dress. The success of these share economy apps has been noticeable in the urban areas characterized by high population densities. 

For instance, using a share economy app, such as Lyft or Uber, allows the user to get a ride at a much affordable rate compared to the traditional taxi charge. Even though a certain percentage goes to the platform, as a driver, this app allows you to earn income from every trip. 

This increased convenience that share economy apps offer has led to a widespread disruption of most industries while threatening to replace some of the world’s biggest traditional companies. 

What Are The Benefits of Share Economy Apps?

There’s no doubt that share economy apps have transformed the way we do business, which has led to numerous benefits in today’s society. 

These are some of the benefits of shared economy apps: 

  • Share economy apps has promoted peer-to-peer business and micro-transactions, which has not only ease online sharing but also made it more trustworthy. This has been vital in enabling the tapping of the informal economy and get some value from it. 
  • These apps have played a part in promoting the cultural shift, especially among the Generation Z-ers and millennials. This is best illustrated by the younger persons who are more willing to access and enjoy its service than owning. 
  • Share economy apps have allowed the efficient use of underutilized online resources by matching them directly to their consumers. 

Popular Share Economy Apps 

  1. Uber  

If you want to enjoy incredible convenience when ordering a cab, Uber is the ideal share economy app to go for. Integrated into this user-friendly app are a simple payment system and the ability of you to know your driver’s location, and vice versa. 

Uber also provides you with pocket-friendly prices for their services, something that regular cabs can’t guarantee. Therefore, it’s no surprise why Uber’s popularity quickly soared across the globe, revolutionizing the cab industry. 

  • DoorDash

For independent restaurants that aren’t looking to hire and manage a fleet of delivery drivers, DoorDash is the way to go. This on-demand share economy app specializes in the delivery of already prepared food. 

In many of the big metro markets that DoorDash operates, you’ll find an infinite number of restaurants looking for this company’s services. This is no problem for DoorDash as it boasts many drivers, called Dashers, who are always willing to make the delivery. 

If you wish to become a Dasher, you must pass several requirements, including having a clean driving record, no criminal record, and a car in superb condition. The average earning for a Dasher is $1 for every delivery made and 100% of the customer’s tip. However, this figure fluctuates and can either be higher or lower, depending on the customer demand and Dasher supply.  

  • Instacart  

One of the most popular share economy apps is Instacart, a delivery app specializing in the delivery of dry goods and groceries. Using this app, you can order items from popular national chains, including Costco, Whole Foods, Target, and non-grocers, such as Petco or regional grocery stores. The pay Instacart offers to its two categories of fulfillment workers: the in-store shoppers and full-service shoppers, depending on the demand and market.  

After reading this article, you now have better insight into how to share economy apps work and how to use them. With this in mind, it’ll be easier to see how these apps have revolutionized how your regular daily routines get done. As a result, you get to either make additional income or save money, all of which is thanks to technological innovation, which has made the world a much better place.  


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