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What Are The Best Cars to Use for Uber or Lyft Drivers?

What Are The Best Cars to Use for Uber or Lyft Drivers?

When joining a drive share company such as uber or lyft, it is important you have the perfect car for the job. You need something that has great MPG, comfortable, and the more seats the better! If you’re not sure what car to get, here’s a list of the best cars for the job.

Skoda Superb
The superb is a cheap and comfortable car. You can take one person in the front and get three in the back comfortably. The car comes with electric seat adjustment and memory so you’ll always be comfortable during the longer shifts. The Superb also includes a great infotainment system with USB, Bluetooth and DAB Radio making sure that anyone you pick up will be entertained throughout his or her journey. The more expensive models also include mobile phone signal booster and wireless charging which might be worth investing in to secure the 5 star ratings!

Vauxhall Insignia
You may see a lot of these on the road but there’s a reason for that, they’re cheap, spacious and reliable. The Insignia also has a comfortable cockpit with the gearstick in the perfect position for any driver. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included so you can mirror your smartphone onto the 7-inch screen.

Toyota Prius
The Prius is the go-to uber car in the UK as its cheap to buy and cheap to run. The Prius is a hybrid so it’s great for being in a city such as London as it has low emissions and wont be charged in the ULEZ. The Prius doesn’t have the usual dash display in front of the driver, it’s in the middle on a 4.2-inch screen that sits above the 7-inch infotainment system. This car can also be purchased via a cheap PCO car hire, if you don’t have the money to purchase one out right.

For more information about hybrids, check out this helpful infographic below.


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