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What Are The Best Options For Fresh Pizza In Detroit Area

What Are The Best Options For Fresh Pizza In Detroit Area

Delicious Pizza in the Detroit Area 

The history of pizza is lengthy. The idea of pizza has been around for thousands of years. The earliest concept of pizza was inspired by early cultures that would create different types of flatbreads with toppings. Pizza has evolved from those days. Now you can create your pizza with just a phone call or a couple of taps on a phone application. Detroit, Michigan is well known for its history of great pizza. From flatbread pizza to hand-tossed deliciousness, check out the Green Lantern Pizzeria for inexpensive, late-night, and delicious pizza. 

 The Green Lantern Pizzeria

 This delicious pizzeria offers whatever type of pizza you could be looking for from the basic cheese to specialty pizzas. The history of the Green Lantern Pizzeria starts over 55 years ago. When its founders began, they were operating out of a small farmhouse with a green lantern out front. During the prohibition era, it was believed that establishments with a Green Lantern out front meant you could purchase alcohol there. Nowadays, they have a brick and mortar establishment and are more than available to meet your pizza needs. 


 The Green Lantern Pizzeria offers pizza in the Detroit area and everything pizza-related from salads, breadsticks to just plain old pizza. You have the options for building your own pizza as well as self-creating your own salads. They pride themselves in ranging everything from authentic pizza to specialty orders. They have a couple of specialty pizzas that only the Green Lantern offers; Johns Jumbo Supreme and Tommy’s Super Special. These two pizzas come with delicious toppings, including cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, and ham. They also offer a delicious chicken siciliano as well as a gluten-free pizza for those who cannot have gluten. They also provide a specialty Octopus pizza. Instead of being the traditional round, it is square and offers eight square pieces.

Along with specialty pizzas, they also offer specialty sandwiches and submarines. Among the sandwich, the menu is a ham and cheese sandwich that is served warm and delicious. Even Corned beef and stacked turkey sandwich. Both of which are prepared in house and delicious. They also offer a Green Lantern Special called the Green Lantern Reuben. It provides the option of corned beef or turkey, swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing. It is then topped with the Green lantern specialty cole slaw. It is the absolute most delicious Reuben you will ever try! Among the submenu is the Italian sub and the double meat and cheese submarine. Basically, anything that you could think of when you think of things related to pizza, the Green Lantern pizzeria offers. They offer a variety of salads for healthy eaters in the group.


 You can find GreenLantern Pizza in the Detroit area at six locations. These locations are two locations in Clinton Township, Macomb, Madison Heights, Rochester Hills, and Royal Oak. With a location opening in 2020 in Berkeley Hills. The hours at most of their locations stretch from 11 am to 12 am. With some areas staying open until 2 am on the weekend nights. This way, you can get there delicious pizza ordered to your home after a night of hanging out with friends or going out! 

 Rewards Programs 

 The Green Lantern offers a pizza program that, for every 10 dollars you spend, you earn 10 points. 100 points gets you a free large three-topping pizza. 100 points add up quickly, and you can’t beat free pizza. The points add up!

 Along with pizza points, you can also purchase gift cards, which is a perfect option for this Christmas season. It is an ideal present for your pizza-loving friends. 

 Work for Green Lantern

 If you need a job, consider working for Green Lantern. With many positions open, you can, for sure, find any hours that work for you. With options of benefits as well as a healthy, fun working environment, you are sure to find an enjoyable, pleasant place to work. The owners take great care of their employees, and you will have very little to complain about. The Green Lantern can offer an insurance package for full-time employees as well as be lenient with any schedule. 


 Pizza in the Detroit area has been around since basically the beginning of time. With early cultures making crude versions of pizza by putting toppings on various types of flatbread. Everyone loves pizza, from children to adults. Green Lantern Pizza has over half a century of practice making the perfect pizza for anyone looking for delicious, inexpensive yummy pizza. When visiting Detroit or if you live in Detroit, be sure to check out the delightful Green Lantern Pizzeria for your pizza needs! They will not let you down!

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