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What are the best practice of Android app promotion

What are the best practice of Android app promotion

App promotion is a complex marketing strategy that requires a lot of money and time to be done. The thing is, if you fail with the app once, it is up to 75% chance that you will do to the point A and create another application instead of trying to market it one more time. But there is one comprehensive and flexible approach that increases the chances of your product to become at the TOP of search as well as saves a large share of your ads budget. 

1-2-3 steps planning before app promotion

The first step – know your competitors. All of them. You will use it for future optimizations. Rivals from the search give you the idea of the message a successful product should drive to the customers. They also are the source of keywords for your cloud. Look through the icons and pick up the techniques that will make your visuals clickable. 

The second step – make your texts optimized before publishing. There is a common mistake: developers publish android apps with 2-3 screens without texts, strange titles, and two-sentences descriptions. You order installs or buy traffic, but get no results as the app page is not optimized. So, they make updates and lose their promotion progress. 

Third step – right keywords. If you have done the 1st step right and also collected all possible words and phrases that you should be searched from, you will get installs from the ads and Play Store search. 

Launch the promotion campaign

You have several options: paid traffic from ads, organic traffic from keyword installs and referral visitors. 

Paid traffic gives instant in-app-activity and people ready to buy your product or play your game all day long. 

Keyword installs move your app up the ranks and give you positions where users will see, download, and use you. It is cheaper and you pay for ranks not each banner click. However, you need to wait before you get the desired positions. 

Referral visitors are the first users you can get – they are cheap, you can ask them about the user experience. But most likely, they will give no revenue. They are good to start with. 

The best practice of getting traffic is not choosing out of 3 of these. It is more reliable to combine keyword installs and ad traffic, read more about balanced Android app promotion. You will get the positions and in-app-activity. In some 6-8 weeks you can finally get all your users from organic search. This will allow you to stop the marketing of the product at all and get leverage only. is a self-service platfrom for application promotion with keywords installs and search optimization.


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