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What Are the Challenges of Traveling While Disabled?

What Are the Challenges of Traveling While Disabled?

Whenever you are traveling abroad or within country, the essential thing you must do is to look for a place with an appropriate accommodation where you can be at ease and free from any worries. However, if you are a person with a disability, there might be some challenges you might face during your trip. 

Some problems might arise during your journey; that’s why travel industries are providing the individual needs of people with disabilities. E.g., the doors are wide enough for you to enter and if you can go up and down the stairs. You should know this information before deciding on the place where you will stay. If you fail to clarify these, here are the problems you might encounter during your trip.

  1. Inconvenience

Many factors will significantly affect your accessibility needs if you are a person with a disability and off on your trip. 

  • Also, some hotels are not wheelchair friendly as they have a narrow hallway leading to the bathroom. 
  • Double-deckers are also not the best options for travelers with inability because it is difficult to climb to the top bunk.
  •  In airplanes, you are required to use isle chairs, and you should use it in narrow aisles, but there are times that it is not available onboard. 
  • Public transport is the most challenging issue because some places don’t prioritize or think of travelers with a disability. Thus, it is difficult for you to move from one place to another, you will have to deal with pushing your wheelchair on a busy street and doing that is troublesome.

For you to have a more comfortable trip, fortunately, some wheelchairs can transport you without hassle, such as the Rolstoel electric wheelchairs. These portable folding wheelchairs can easily fit storage for a more relaxed, pleasant, and convenient journey, even if you’re alone.

  1. Bringing Your Medical Supplies

Carrying your medical supplies can cause inconvenience, but you don’t have any choice because this equipment is necessary. It would be best if you took it with you in case you have an allergy or any incident that can risk your health and safety. 

Additionally, there are also some apparatus that is needed for a disability. For example, some people with disabilities need special equipment for them to shower thoroughly in the hotel. 

Although you need to pack your luggage lightly, you still should have more space for your hand sanitation, catheters, and more. Some necessities are hard to find in a foreign land, so it is better to be sure and pack enough.

  1. Other People’s Treatment and Mindset to People with Disabilities

Other people’s attitudes towards your disability can also be a big challenge while you are traveling. Some people don’t embrace acceptance and often look down on people with disabilities. Few countries don’t have the same way when accepting them. 

Although it is a bit frustrating and disappointing, you still must understand that there are places where there are ignorant people. They don’t understand other’s disabilities and how these people continue to strive and live their lives.

On the other hand, some countries don’t discriminate against a person with a disability. These people don’t just have a broad understanding, but they are also compassionate and hospitable, helping others in need the way they could.

  1. Prohibiting You from Strenuous Activities

There are activities where some people treat you as a kid because they are afraid that you will injure yourself, and you will sue them. They will treat you as if you need extra help during the activity, which will make you uncomfortable. Some areas are also not wheelchair accessible because they want to prevent any accidents. Thus, you will not have experience with a specific tour you want. 

To prevent this, you can ask and clarify these things to ensure you are able to do activities freely while being safe. Thus, they can adjust the events based on your capabilities.

  1. Dealing with Airline

Entering your destination and finding out that your wheelchair is already useless is one of the nightmares when you’re traveling. Hearing other people’s stories where their wheelchairs were broken due to poor handling by the luggage staff is horrifying story and may cause much trouble. 

Although the airline will compensate you, this is still a cause of inconvenience. As you are stranded in another country and unfamiliar items add to the anxiety. 

There are also some issues that the staff are not ready to guide you, and you might have to wait for a long time. 

However, there is also assistance provided to people with disabilities, to assist you at the boarding gate and transfer you from your wheelchair to your seat. Your wheelchair will be in the luggage and will be marked so that handlers will know who owns it and deliver it back to you. 

Although this process is helpful and smooth, it is a difficulty to others, and that will make you feel that you’re a disturbance. Thus, allowing you to remain in your wheelchair inside the plane is the best option. Some campaigns are promoting this idea for travelers with disability to move freely and without inconvenience.

Bottom Line

Here are some of the challenges you might face if you’re a person with disability and want to travel. Always keep in mind to clarify things and ensure you’ll have a convenient place and all your necessities. As you’re traveling to unwind and de-stress, so don’t let minor problems ruin your goal. Have a safe and entertaining trip!!!

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