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What Are The Different Kinds Of Dash Cams?

What Are The Different Kinds Of Dash Cams?

There are three fundamental types of devices that can be utilized as dash cameras: digital cameras, smartphones and purpose built dash cams. You are likely to choose purpose built devices if you want to set up the camera when behind the wheel.

Within the category of purpose built dash cams, you will find a number of options available. From basic units to more advanced devices with upgraded features, the market has got a lot of variety. Depending on the budget you can allocate, you can choose the features of your preference. However, make sure you go through reviews on trusted beasts before settling for the best choice.

Basic dash cameras

Most of the dash cameras come under this category since these are viable for most purposes and they are the most affordable as well. These are convenient options that are easier to install. These are usually hard-wired into your car’s electrical system although some may require a different mechanism.

Whatever the case is, basic dash cameras are video cameras with removable or built-in storage media that continuously records while driving. If you have a limited budget, then this may be the best option one can go for.

Dash cams with advanced features

Most of dash cams are pretty simple but there is a category that come with advanced feature sets. There are several additional features one may look for such as:

  • Speed sensors
  • GPS logging
  • Audio recording

GPS logging is one the most amazing features you will find in dash cameras. These devices come with built-in GPS receivers. These may be beneficial if you want to figure out the location of vehicle after an incident has occurred.

Speed sensors can be useful if you want to know how fast your vehicle was travelling at some point in time. These are additional features that enhances the functionality and usability.

Dual camera dash cams

Dual camera dash cams are those where there are two cameras, one facing outwards and other recording the interior aspect of vehicle. These cameras are basically used for two main purposes:

  • Allowing vehicle owners to keep a look on the interior and exterior of vehicle.
  • Allowing parents to keep a look on new teenage drivers.

These cameras are used for additional surveillance which automatically enkindles a sense of responsibility amongst drivers. It encourages drivers to drive with more caution and care. Furthermore, these dash cams can be used for security purposes as well.

If you want to set these devices on recording mode when you vehicle is parked, it might capture video evidence of hit and run accidents and theft.

These were three different kinds of dash cams that are popular in the market right now. In the end, everything comes down to your budget. If you have a higher budget, do spend on additional features. However, cheaper ones are useful as well. Make sure you are choosing good quality. This can be ensured by conducting a proper product research before sealing the deal.


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