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What are the Different Kinds of Rings?

What are the Different Kinds of Rings?

Gothic jewelry is a classic kind of accessory and has never really gone out of style. It is never too late to embrace the beauty of gothic fashion trends because it is a timeless style. The intricacies of gothic jewelry can hardly be seen replicated in any other form of art and even if it is, it goes out of fashion real fast. If you want a fast and reliable fix for your Gothic jewelry needs, you must try visiting the Bikerringshop and take a look at the variety they have. A very essential part of the gothic trend is the rings. There are many kinds of rings to choose from and we are here to list out the most common kinds for your gothic fashion needs.

Skull Rings

Skulls are the most commonly seen symbols on any Goth’s clothing and accessories so they naturally lead the ring fashion as well. The skull symbol on biker rings can be seen in gold, silver or even platinum. Sometimes it comes with a flame pattern or with gems embedded around it or on the eyes. If you want to try wearing Goth jewelry and see what it looks like, you should certainly start with skulls.

Vamp/Bat Rings

Another common form of symbolization you see on Gothic rings is the vampire or bat symbolization. It can come in the shape of a bat or a pair of fangs. Another kind of ring that can be included in the Vamp section is the cross ring although the cross ring may also symbolize Christianity.

Bishop Rings

Some seemingly simple and slightly less intricate Goth rings include Bishop rings. Bishop rings have a large gem embedded in the center of the ring. It sometimes comes with a Christian cross engraved somewhere on the ring. Thee rings are usually quite flashy and bulky.

Pentagram Rings

The symbol of the Pentagram is commonly seen on Goth jewelry as well. A Pentagram is a 5 pointed star, drawn with a single stroke. The Pentagram is used to symbolize the Devil and his summoning or capturing.

Dragon Rings

Dragon symbols and engravings are also very commonly seen on Gothic jewelry. Dragon rings and jewelry often symbolize the wearer to have some sort of good fortune or power. There are many different kinds of Dragons that the people of the Goth culture have included in their universe and listing them all out will be well beyond the scope of this article.


Other than the rings we have mentioned, there are many others that can easily fit in the category of Gothic rings. These include symbols of certain animals, commonly reptiles like different kinds of snakes and crocodiles. Sometimes even a crow is engraved on the ring. Goth fashion is quite often fused with the Steampunk trend to create lovely and intricately designed rings as well. There are many symbols that are included in Goth traditions. This goes to show that it is quite a vast culture.


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