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What Are The Features To Look For When Buying A Hammer Drill?

What Are The Features To Look For When Buying A Hammer Drill?

Nowadays, there are lots of power tools on the market and in fact, they are greatly contending for the attention of all handymen, DIYers, and even women. On the other hand, one of the most popular power tools is the hammer drill.

However, some hammer drills come as bare tools or tools only. In other words, customers need to buy a charger or battery separately. While others come with extra features and parts.

For that reason, choosing the best one is a bit confusing. But to help everybody, we have compiled some of the important features to look for when buying the right hammer drill.

Four Features to Look For When Buying a Hammer Drill

  1. Motor Power

If you’ll be performing a light to a moderateDIY job in your home, consider buying an electric drill that has a motor power of five to eight amps. However, hammer drills with this power range can drill a hole up to ½ inch.

  1. Power Source

Hammer drills can be powered using a battery or electricity. A battery-powered is more portable, meaning to say, you can use it anywhere but you have to make sure that it has a sufficient battery.

Electric hammer drills, onthe other hand, are bulkier and you need to ensure that you’re close to an outlet while you are using it or use an extension cord.

However, electric models can offer constant power flow and more powerful than battery-powered drills. That’s why if you’re working on concrete or other tough materials, then electric hammer drills are for you.

  1. Chuck Size

This feature will determine the hammer drill’s size and this is where you can attach the drill bit. Nevertheless, the chucksizes can be 5/8, ¼, or ½ inches. However, some models have a keyless chuck, meaning you don’t need to use any tools in order to remove or attach it.

  1. Speed and Torque Power

The speed and power of the drill are measuresusing the torque. In fact, the drill will produce more force if the torque is higher. Plus, some models indicate how much blows they can produce on rough building materials such as concrete, brick, and stone per minute.

The drilling speed, onthe other hand, will be determined depending on the number of rotation or revolutions (rpm) that a particular drill can do per minute. However, the higher the rpm is, the faster the hammer drill will be.

Nevertheless, cordless drills will operate at 1500 rpmswhile the corded models havea speed of 2000 to 3000 rpms. Also, the drilling speed will vary on the type of surface or material you’re currently working with. So, if you’re working concrete or metal consider buying a drill that has a higher speed.

Choosing the best hammer drill for your home doesn’t have to be difficult. However, if you consider the listed features above when shopping for one, rest assured you’ll have the best tool that can help you to do your tasks with ease. Either way, some of the best hammer drills are available on Amazon.



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