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What Are The Five Ways Your Upcoming Mobile Tour Can Become a Raving Success?

What Are The Five Ways Your Upcoming Mobile Tour Can Become a Raving Success?

Are you in search of a break from the ways of traditional marketing and ad campaigns? Do you want to give your target audience a reason to love your brand and never forget it? Then it is time to think simple. Do you remember the awesome experience of ice cream trucks in the summer? Or, chancing upon a great falafel (food) truck on your way from work? These are a few blissful moments that make a person remember a brand forever.

Now that you think about these incidents from a marketer’s perspective you come to realize that they hold meaning for you and other customers because they were offering more than products. These incidents were offering concrete experiences. These experiences have turned to memories that also involve the name of the products or brands. That is what your business needs right now – a marketing campaign that can make a difference.

Why mobile tours?

Mobile tours and trucks were always there as far as our memories go back. The only difference is that the trend of mobile marketing has caught on significantly over the last couple of years. It is a form of experiential marketing that gives the control back to the consumer. Think about it! When you brand a truck and take your product out to the customer, you are reaching them at their place of comfort. You are giving them a choice to indulge and participate in an experience that is a diversion from their daily routines. You can make their days a little special. That is everything a brand needs to thrive. Once you add social media marketing to event marketing, you have the complete package that can drive your upcoming campaigns for the next season in the least.

Why are the mobile marketing events so popular today?

There are several reasons mobile marketing tours are popular today, and here we are with five leading reasons your live event can be too.

  1. There is a significant percentage of people, who are inaccessible to digital marketing. Mobile tours can reach them at their workplace or living area without being too intrusive. As we said before, mobile trucks and pop-up activations always give the people the choice of participation. As a result, the experience feels more rewarding than the traditional forms of marketing.
  2. The companies that have a dedicated online presence can now approach people, who do not shop online. It can include baby boomers and millennials alike. Research shows that over 30% of baby boomers still prefer brick-and-mortar shopping experiences over online ones. Millennials prefer shopping online from new brands only when they are famous or heavily discounted.

3.  Mobile trucks and glass truck tours give the opportunity to a brand to personify their brand. People can interact with the brand ambassadors. It makes an exclusively online product tangible. Potential customers find brands with a face more trustworthy than the emerging online brands with just social media presences. It boosts brand loyalty significantly.

  1. The consumers have the chance to taste/test and review their products. The presence of mobile tours enables the participants to share their opinions and views online on social media. The fact that they can do so with branded hashtags and filters is an added benefit for the businesses.
  2. The young buyers (millennials) like to be a part of the unique experiences that mobile trucks provide. There is a certain novelty about these tours and their unpredictability that makes the youngsters value these windows. With a little heads-up on social media, it is easy to find the millennials flock to the destinations at the right time.

A few final points to think about

These five reasons are also substantial benefits for all brands looking forward to organizing a mobile truck tour. However, these are not parts of every experiential strategy. Your tour experience has to be novel to be able to command their attention. You need to give them a strong reason to visit the site of your event cum activation. What is your big plan for the day? Will you lure them with a big reveal of your new product like Nintendo or EA Sports? Will you offer them free samples of your new launch? Are you planning to provide early-bird discounts to the first 50 customers? You need to deliver something unique, and you need to speak about it on social media before the event.

People need to learn about the time and location of your truck before you get there. They should know that you will make the experience worth their time. One of the best ways to do that is by turning to social media. Speak about the planning procedure. Include a few behind-the-scenes videos and images. Include snippets from the brand ambassadors about the upcoming activation. It will ensure the best use of your resources and pave the way for the highest ROI.


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