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What are the main differences between a cabinetmaker and a carpenter?

What are the main differences between a cabinetmaker and a carpenter?

Carpenter and cabinetmakers are both masters of one material, wood. However, they work with the material in a very different way and produce different outcomes. A carpenter tends to work on large scale projects and focuses on structural aspects. A cabinetmaker is much more specialised and focuses on the artistic details of building cabinets. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the differences between cabinetmakers and carpenters. 

Attention to detail

Cabinetmakers are all about the detail. They want their pieces to be as refined as possible with plenty of bespoke artisanal details. Cabinetmakers can produce stunning pieces of furniture that are incredibly high quality. A carpenter, on the other hand, focuses on the structural and practical elements of a project. They are less concerned with the tiny details and pay more attention to how the wood functions. 

Access to the right tools

Cabinetmakers have an array of specialised tools to carry out their specialised work. They need much more than a basic hammer and a set of nails. They need multiple Milwaukee drills, finishing stables, unique pieces of wood and much more. Cabinetmakers often work on bespoke pieces that are made to fit a specific home and person. The tools and materials they work with can drastically impact the quality of the final product. 

Higher quality product 

A cabinetmaker produces luxury items, and the price often reflects that. They will make sure the joints, edges and different elements of the cabinet fit together seamlessly. You will not find rough edges and nails jolting out of the seams. Of course, a cabinetmaker is also concerned about how the furniture functions as well as its appearance. They will use beautiful handles to tie the piece together and make it practically sound. 


There is no denying that carpenters are highly skilled professionals. They have to work with obscure angles, stubborn wood planks and plenty of tools. However, cabinetmakers take their craft to the next level and beyond. They manipulate materials into unique shapes and spend weeks crafting ornate designs. Cabinetmakers are like artists who specialise in wooden materials. 

Cabinetmakers offer specialised knowledge and expertise that raises them above others in the trade. They can create a bold cabinet for your home that will remain in the family for generations to come.  They work around your home, style and priorities to make the perfect centrepiece of your home. They have all the tools ready to produce a cabinet at the absolute highest level. Please remember the price will reflect their expertise and impressive skill. 

Cabinetmakers have a keen eye for design and detail. Commission your first bespoke cabinet to take your home to the next level.


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