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What are your shoes saying about you?

What are your shoes saying about you?

We have heard this phrase numerous times before – “looks can be deceiving”. Scientists have done some research into the choice of shoes that we all make and it is now official that the shoes a person wears says a lot about their personality. If you sat at a corner of a street where all you could see of the people who were passing-by were their shoes, it may astound you to know that the guesses you make of their age, social status, political views and gender would be close to 90% accurate. This happened in a study conducted by the University of Kansas so yes; shoes speak for who you are. 

You may have just picked a shoe from your closet without much thought or perhaps the only thing you considered is that it complemented your current attire. It is more pronounced for women than men, but the personality of both projects through their choice of shoes. Obviously, shoes communicate to those who see us through non-verbal cues. Here are some of the things your shoes are saying; 

  • Designer shoes – designer shoes set people apart from the crowd. They tell you that the wearer knows what is good for them and has gone out their way to get it. In addition, designer shoes tell you that an individual is not afraid of standing out – designer shoes are limited and those who acquire them want to be seen and noticed. Aspects of designer shoes that make them unique apart from the brand are eyelets for shoes and other accessories. 
  • High heeled shoes – look around you and try to spot a woman who is in high heels. Chances are that she is walking with an aura of confidence around her and is not afraid to be noticed. High heels suit the modern woman who is not only attractive but has excellent taste for the fine things in life. If you want to feel confident standing in front of a crowd of people, do it in high heels. 
  • Expensive shoes – it is obvious that people who buy expensive things are rich and have quite a substantial amount of disposable income. It is important to note however that expensive does not necessarily mean attractive. Those who appreciate the quality of a shoe and know the value of having it will spend a fortune on it. if you spot someone with a pair of expensive shoes and you conclude that they are successful, earn a lot of money and have good taste, you are right. 
  • Bright colored shoes – bold shouting colors and a blend of colors both fall under this category. Shoes are made in different colors and shades and for someone to opt for the colorful options; it means that they are not afraid to be seen. On one hand are the extroverts who want to draw attention to them as they walk by and on the other hand are introverts who although silent, are comfortable in their skin. 
  • Custom made shoes – you will go about a long way before you come across a custom design that looks like any other shoe you have seen. Most are orders made by customers who want to lead the trends; these are people who like to ignite conversations without putting in too much effort. By giving people something to talk about every time they pass by, they draw power in their choices and influence others. 

You might dismiss your shoes because all they are seemingly good at is protecting your feet and kicking the dust. Well, the soles of your feet are your souls and the entire shoe plus accessories should be working together to bring that to life every single moment you walk. 


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