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What can you do with Python?

What can you do with Python?

Developers have come up with many uses for Python. This programming language is object-oriented. It allows you to use the capabilities of machine learning. The main advantage of the usage of Python is its clean code with a clear, logical structure. There are many tutorials uses for Python on the Internet. Among them, you can find small web objects and dynamic large-scale projects.

What Python can be used for?

What can you do with Python? Many large corporations with world renown consider this language to be universal. The technical giant Google develops most of the projects through this language. Instagram launched its web framework, which is also implemented in Python. The Spotify platform analyzes data in internal services through algorithms written in Python.

The following ideas will be useful for beginners and experienced coders:

  1. The language allows you to automate anything. No more manually updating spreadsheets, renaming files, and more. You can create dictionaries, web pages, objects, and classes.
  2. For those who are interested in investing in general and cryptocurrencies in particular, automation of trading will be useful. Python allows you to create algorithms to track price fluctuations. You can also sell and buy currency automatically when the price reaches the required level. At the same time, it is still necessary to monitor the activity of other market participants in order to find a profitable offer. It is easy to integrate HTTP requests and IFTTT applets into the algorithm.
  3. GUI is a popular programming area. People increasingly prefer to go online via smartphones than via PC. Interaction occurs through the icons on the screen. The development of the graphical user interface in conjunction with the UX design can be done in Python. In this case, the programmer needs to work with the Tkinter module.
  4. Python can be used to create a blockchain. This technology is so universal that it can be adapted not only to participate in the creation of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. FinTech apps and other money transfer projects require additional security measures. The blockchain is so flexible that it can be implemented in any area of ​​human life to exclude work with paper documents. In the process, the programmer must use HTTP clients, HTTP requests and a request library.

In this article, we have provided some examples of how you can be implemented as a Phyton developer. The possibilities of this language are extensive. There are many ideas for using Python for apps in other ways. In specialized forums, participants often offer their thoughts and ways to implement them. If you have an idea, but you do not have specialized knowledge, order development from an IT company. For example, Mangosoft employees within a reasonable time implement web or mobile applications for you, corporate projects, database management with machine learning. You can also order the creation of API and integration with existing projects, QA testing. All of these services are the answer to the question, what to code in Python.


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