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What Can You Do With Your Urban Planning Degree?

What Can You Do With Your Urban Planning Degree?

Urban planning graduates are quite important when looking at how places are developed and managed. They have skills that are used in many different sectors. If you recently graduated and you have an urban planning degree though, you might feel a little overwhelmed simply because of the different options available. There are many urban planning firms that you can consider working for but what work you will actually do there depends a lot from one firm to the next.

The main jobs that are directly related to this degree are:

  • Transport planner
  • Local government officer
  • Town planner
  • Housing officer
  • Conservation officer – Historic buildings inspector

Some of the jobs where the urban planning degree is useful include:

  • Sustainability consultant
  • Civil Service administrator
  • Environmental manager
  • Community development worker
  • Developmentsurveyor
  • Planning surveyor

It needs to be mentioned that most employers actually accept applications from the graduates that have all degree subjects. You should not restrict thinking to the above lists.

Work Experience

Even after getting your urban planning degree you need to remain up-to-date with builtenvironment, current planning laws andthe wider environmental issues that affect your work. This is mandatory when going for a planning career. Fortunately, this constant learning will be made easier by the fact that you can constantly express the passion you have for making places better.

Work experience is needed so you want to get it. One of the best ways to do this is through temporary or part-time jobs. You can also consider internships and voluntary positions. There are private sector employers and local authorities that offer planning department work placements.

The Typical Employers

The urban planning graduates normally choose careers in design, planninganddevelopment. There are also work positions available in areas like economic development, environmental consultancy, urban regenerationandeven transport. You can find public sector jobs through:

  • Developed/central government.
  • Local authority departments – like services related to development, planning or regeneration.
  • Major public bodies.

Environmental and private planning consultancies will employ the urban planning graduate in order to adviceindividuals and organizations on some specific planning schemes. It is also possible to find work opportunities with:

  • Utilitycompanies
  • Housing associations
  • Transport organizations
  • Neighborhood planning organizations
  • Large retail businesses

If you need even more work sources, you can consider NGOs and charity sectors that deal with heritage, conservation andenvironmental issues.

CV Skills

As you study urban planning you develop specific specialist knowledge in regional and town planning. This gives you access to various professional skills like finance development, analytical research, place making, partnership working, collaboration and making reasoned arguments. It is also possible that you will develop skills that are going to be pretty useful in other career areas. Examples can be given in problem-solving, IT, written communication, creativity, teamwork, pragmatism anddecision-making.

Further Studying

The last thing that should be mentioned is that you can go on a postgraduate study course in order to further your planning knowledge or when you want to specialize in some specific areas. This might also be necessary for some organization partnerships. You can consider various specialist courses and you can further study some options in order to go to some related careers like landscape architecture or built environment.


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