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What Changes Are There in the iPhone 8?

What Changes Are There in the iPhone 8?

The customer base to Apple’s iPhones is perhaps one of the most loyal in the world. This year things are pretty much the same as people await the release and purchase of iPhone 8. For many customers, the purchase is about staying on track with the franchise and its releases, but others are concerned with the specifications and modifications from previous models, which is where the new iPhone’s really shine.

This article will highlight the definite changes that you will see and will be felt in the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X.

  1. A Glassy Makeover

High quality durable and waterproof glass is the main composition of the iPhone 8, as the body is made entirely from glass, which Apple guarantees will not shatter or break as easily. This was the case when the iPhone 4 was released. Customers complained that the iPhone broke too easily, and costly repairs and decreased performance was soon to follow. This new design is sleek and elegant. The glass will add to the shine of the phone so you can expect a touch feel like never before.

  1. Camera

 The option for auto-focus on a 12 megapixel camera was finally introduced in the iPhone 8 series, which means that the brilliance of iPhone cameras can now be combined with focus and various portrait modes, bringing you unmatched picture quality as far as smartphones are concerned.

Apart from the auto-focus however, the camera is roughly of the same ability as it was in iPhone 7.

  1. Processing Speed

 iPhone 8 is locked with an A11 Bionic chip which is a very fast processor relative to A10 which was used in the previous model. The chip is said to have six cores, meaning that the speed will be at an all-time high. As far as the processor and iOS durability of the phone is concerned, Apple has always promised its clients long-lasting systems which are quite difficult to unethically tap into, and iPhone 8 is a chapter of the same story.

  1. Wireless Charging

 This was a technology the users were very much looking forward to, and the glass exterior of the iPhone allows an interface to finally carry it out. Apple has yet to launch an air-pad which can be used to charge multiple devices simultaneously without the involvement of wires.

For now, the company is using charging pads from third party companies which deliver to the software with a lot of compatibility.

  1. The Gold Crown

This is a fitting title, because iPhone has been the king of smartphones and now it is introducing a unique gold color which has all the potential users buzzing. The gold is said to have a slight rosy tint to it, which came about as an alternative to the initial ‘striking copper color’ plan that iPhone had.

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