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What Criteria Should You Look for in an Event Bartending Company?

What Criteria Should You Look for in an Event Bartending Company?

Various events need professional help as you, on your own, cannot handle and manage all the activities. There will be an ample number of agencies that will provide you with this service, but you have to select the best service provider that will fulfill all your needs and will fall into your budget. The options to choose are plenty. 

You can enquire with their previous clients about the type of services, and take their reviews before the final decision-making process. Also, if you have hired an event organizer team, you can seek inputs from them. Event organizers mostly have an idea about the event bartenders and the quality of service they provide. This can give insights about the best evet bartender agency in your location, that too, from a verified and legit source. Below are some of the essentials that you need to confirm before you enter into any agreement: –

  • Bartenders

Bartenders contribute a significant role and carry out primary activities in any event. Search for an agency that will provide you with experienced bartenders from a professional and reputed bartending school. More the experience of the bartender, more knowledgeable and skilled he will be, and the probability of the success of your event will be high. Also, ask for what type of venues and events the licensed bartender has participated in. Seek bartenders who have worked at numerous types of events, such as weddings, holidays, fundraisers, and exclusive event parties, among others. A lot of variety will give you the ability to trust in the multitasking capabilities of the bartender.

  • Proficient in Primary Activities

Seek for certifications and awards received by the agency. One mandatory accreditation that has to be present with the event bartenders is the TIPS certification. It is a training intervention procedure that the professionals know about. It includes responsible alcohol training that is designed to prevent intoxication, drunk driving, and underage drinking, by augmenting the servers. Also, supplier selection, media coordination, security, and bouncer selection, has to be done with a precise eye for detail by the agency.

  • The Fees

The fees for the event can vary depending on various factors; including the type of event. A reputed company with quality bartender service will offer competitive rates. Most of the times, the fees include the gratuity, the labor charges, insurances, such as liquor liability coverage and general liability coverage, rent of any equipment or tool, and so on. Liquor liability coverage is crucial in case it will provide you coverage against any intoxicated person causes any harm to a person or any physical damage.

When selecting the agency, ponder on all the factors mentioned above and decide according to the budget for the event. One has to cross-check if all your requirements are met or not. You should also read the agreement properly to check if all the criteria are successfully inserted, and enquire if anything is missing or raise any doubts or queries.


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