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What Device to get as a gift to your boyfriend to show that you love him

What Device to get as a gift to your boyfriend to show that you love him

Gadgets make for great gifts. However, not all gadgets are equally good for it and it is not so easy to buy something that can show your boyfriend you love him. In this article we will talk about devices you can get as gifts which scram “I love you!”. 

The easy way would be buying any device you want and typing the “I love you!” message on the screen before presenting it to your boyfriend (such advice is quite common on the Internet), however this will hardly impact him like white magic love spells. Since that is what we ultimately want to achieve, we will do something completely different.

The price you pay to get a present for your boyfriend does not matter. The key is the message you send with it. Messages vary. You will send the best one, “I can hear you!”, if you give the guy the device he has always wanted. Just make sure you know what your man really wants because just a polite “thank you” is not going to be enough for you.

Like we said, the price is irrelevant. Moreover, sometimes it can work against you. For example, if the man is not really into you, your expensive gift can put him in an awkward position. On the other hand, if the man wants a very expensive laptop or tablet, you do not have to buy it. Also, it is better to buy something more affordable, like a book, rather than giving him a cheaper replica of his dream device promising that next time you will give him exactly what he wants. 

Your boyfriend will be disappointed and probably humiliated. It is like you treat him like a child. You give him a toy car and promise to give him a real one later when he grows up. If you want to make your boyfriend’s dream come true, make it come true exactly as he wants it. This is the only want to make him feel like under one of the professional love spells

Let us tell you one secret. Men like getting presents which they can use in their work or which can help them build a successful career. So it is a good idea to give him something he can use only at the office, provided the man really needs it at his office. Anyways, it is often difficult to get something better than that for him at the moment. 

“I want you to stand out!” is the message you send by giving him an expensive laptop or tablet. “I think you’re the best and I want you to have only the best things.” Just remember that your gift should fit the man’s lifestyle. For example, if you are dating a biker, do not give him some elegant electronic organizer, no matter how expensive. If you are in a relationship with a manager working for a large enterprise, do not give him an extreme temperature resistant smartphone as he is not going to need it any time soon.

If you want to give your guy a retro gadget, make sure:

– It is working;

– He does appreciate things like that;

– He will want to keep it at home.

Otherwise, your gift will become junk. 

How can you know whether or not your boyfriend will want to keep your gift at home? It is easy. For example, no journalist will ever want to get rid of an old typewriter. Obviously, he will not use it, yet he will be happy to decorate his office or workshop with it. So think which retro gadget could make your boyfriend as happy as an old typewriter makes a journalist. 

Some women like getting two identical gifts, one for themselves and one for the boyfriend. For example, you can buy two identical phones or two identical tablets. This works only if you know for sure the man really likes you. Otherwise, what is the point in doing it? You will just make the guy feel uncomfortable as if he is obliged to take some responsibility which he does not want to take.

There is one gift you can never go wrong with. It is the latest version of a popular smartphone or laptop. Since everybody wants it, your boyfriend will be very happy to get it from you. Just make sure he has not pre-ordered it, as that way your white magic will not work on him. 

Other expensive gifts include phones made of precious metals or super powerful PCs in leather cases. They are given to successful men who are used to expensive and luxury things. If your boyfriend is just starting his career, your gift should never be the most expensive thing he has ever had. It is better to get him something less flashy but also new and modern. 

As you see, any woman can cast white magic love spells by getting the right gifts for her boyfriend. You just need to really want to show your boyfriend you love him and figure out what gift would help you do it best. 


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