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What Does It Take to Open Your Own Pizza Place?

What Does It Take to Open Your Own Pizza Place?

So, you want to dip your fingers into the world of professional cuisine and try running your own pizza place? That’s a very popular idea among entrepreneurs and culinary enthusiasts alike, and there are numerous opportunities available for you to implement it right. However, there are some precautions that will be critical to consider in detail before making any serious steps. Otherwise, you risk finding yourself in some serious trouble later on.

Location Is Everything

Picking the right location for your place is going to take some time, but the more you can afford to search for it, the better you’ll fare in the long run. Choosing a good spot matters more than you might think, and it’s going to determine many factors of your pizza place’s success. Even if you plan to focus on takeout and deliveries, you should still consider things like proximity to suppliers, transport issues (for yourself), as well as the property values in the area, as those will determine your rent and bills.

Legal and Financial Issues

It’s not as simple as clicking your fingers and deciding to open shop. Running a place that serves food comes with various strings attached on the legal side, and you have to observe those details very carefully. Make sure you have all your licenses in order, and ideally, talk to a lawyer to ensure that you’re not missing any details on that front.

Finances are similarly important to sort out from early on. If you don’t have enough funds to get things running, make sure that you know your options for a loan, and keep exploring them in as much detail as possible in the weeks leading up to the actual date when you’re going to contact the lenders. You should be prepared and know exactly how much that loan is going to cost you in the long run.


Don’t expect people to start rushing in just because you’ve successfully opened up. You still have a long road ahead of you, and you’ll want to put some extra effort into promoting your place if you want to see it succeed. People aren’t just going to find out about it on their own, and they’re going to need a little push.

The good news is that you have tons of options available here. Make sure to list yourself at sites like Slice – they can give you a significant boost to your performance. Slice in particular is a somewhat innovative service in this regard, and it’s already been showing great success for many companies out there. It’s worth exploring what it has to offer you as well.


You might be able to run your place just fine all on your own, but that won’t last forever. Sooner or later you’re going to need to bring some extra help on board, and you should be prepared with extensive research into your local market before doing that. Know exactly what kinds of people you’re looking to hire and how many you will need. Prepare the place in physical terms as well – can it actually support that number of new employees safely?

This is also a point at which you’ll need to reconsider the legal and licensing issues we mentioned above. You might have to get another safety inspection if you’re planning to expand with more employees, for example. Sometimes you may even find out that you aren’t allowed to hire any more people until you’ve made some physical accommodations for them. And this can be pretty problematic if you only learn it at the point where you’re already bringing new people in and showing them the ropes.


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