What Does January Hold In Store For Your Star Sign?

What Does January Hold In Store For Your Star Sign?

January 5, 2019 new moon will bring positive karmic energy to every sign of the zodiac. Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will feel the effects the most. The partial solar eclipse and new moon in Capricorn is all about new beginnings and will be felt for up to six months. This moon is goal-oriented and will concentrate on our public lives and careers.

Capricorn: With the eclipse taking place in your sign, you will feel this energy the most. You are the leader of the pack and will feel in control and empowered. Others are listening so use your words wisely, as you have the power to influence not only your own path, but other as well. Now is the time to get a makeover, start a fitness program and step into your personal power. You will be in command the entire year, but it will take until next December to really see how fr you have come.

Aquarius: A close relationship is nearing its end on January 21st, due to a Lunar Eclipse. It will not hurt, as you both learned all you needed from each other. This will be the year of  personal or professional freedom as you fly. January will see you seeking alone time. This month will be an inward spiritual journey.As you recharge you’re ready to share the personal truths and ideas you’ve uncovered. After the 30th, you’re ready to communicate with others and may say things to shock and catch people off guard.

Pisces: Pisces, you spent most of 2018 cocoon nurturing yourself. January means it’s time to break free and become the butterfly you have morphed into. If you share your talents and abilities, and you will shine. Your past difficulties have past. Friends will play an important role. Re-examine your goals and dreams as they have changed and you need to take notice. You have more energy as your career  and public image get a boost. Meditation is your key in connecting with your higher self. Make sure you address health issues and beware of your words.

Aries: Now is the time for a new career and the cosmic energy has your back. Pay attention as heaven sees you achieving your goals. Authority figures are paying close attention. You’re also getting extra energy to become more creative. Share your view of the world and you will have others listening. Far away places are calling, so if you are asked to travel, this is the time. After January 19, re-examine your dreams and goals as they have grown bigger. Be careful in the romantic department as issues could arise. Just remember networking will help you to achieve your goals, so go socialize.

Taurus: Time of year to expand your horizons – personally, spiritually and mentally. Thinking of moving, now is the time. January will see you contemplating your spiritual side and you might just become engrossed. Also a new idea will spark your intellect. Romance is highlighted with someone that is not your normal type. Personal transformations, career, public image all seem to be highlighted this month. You could be in the spotlight, which is right where you belong.

Gemini: January will see you listening rather than talking. The Universal energy is making you look inward. Right now you desire profoundly deep conversations and intense communication. Also your spiritual awareness is keen, as you expand your personal vision of the Universe. Travel, a different lifestyle and culture from yours is appealing. The new moon wants you to identify if you’re settling for less in your relationships and career choices. You seek genuine connections and superficiality will not do.

Cancer: January has you addressing partnership/relationship issues. A new love could enter your life at this time. Someone may challenge you and you will need that extra energy to begin a new diet or health regimen. Exercise helps relieve the stress and anxiety. By mid-month you need to get more in touch with your inner self, as you undergo a psychological transformation. Finances/taxes require attention. As you identify the issues that have been plaguing you and purge the old and usher in the new, 2019 becomes a year of freedom

Leo: Hello Kitties time to improve your health. Watch the tendency to overindulge in food and drink. The holidays are over!. A emotional situation could derail your happy mood. This month you’ll have a burning desire to express to others who you are. You’ll be surprised as to what you will learn about yourself through others. A passionate romance could see you purring. The energy of the new moon will help you increase productivity at work.

Virgo: January sees you not ready to settle down. Those New Year’s resolutions will have to wait as you are not done playing. Your sleeping habits are disturbed by all the cosmic energies stirring. Why not use that energy to spring clean, both your home and your mind. Creative projects begun mid month will take off.  january is also the time to  step out of your comfort zone and get what you want. If you feel your inner child wanting to be set free, do not deny them as they will have their way! Also watch your health!

Libra: Home and conversations see you taking a trip down nostalgic lane. Time to redecorate your home, as you feel a change coming on. Watch your digestive system as you kicked it into overdrive during the holiday’s and it needs to be cleaned out. Family projects see fruition and romance beckons mid- month. A dream or goal stimulate your mind’s creative juices. Time to focus on your public life, career, and reputation. Follow your intuition, and listen to your heart. Stop viewing yourself through the eyes of others. 2019 is the time to be your authentic self.

Scorpio: January is a busy month for you. So busy that you might just have to take a breather. Communications is the key, so make sure your words are thoughtful. Projects yield beneficial results, as your career hums with earning power. Your career is illuminated especially towards the end of the month. Now is not the time to spend and your home, security and personal finances need attention. It is also time to examine your romantic life. Are you getting all you need? if not maybe it is time to move on.

Sagittarius: Time to tend to your needs. If your life is not working this is the time to take major steps. The universe will support you in all you do. This is the moment to grow  emotionally and gather financial security. Look over finances, determine if your earning power is sufficient. If not make steps in a positive direction and you will see results. Are you living up to your values?  If not expand your vision of life. January also sees a spiritual journey, where all will become clear. Happy 2019

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