What Does Your Astrological Sign Say in 2018?

What Does Your Astrological Sign Say in 2018?

Capricorn: Fitness and exercise are the way to start the new year. Not feeling energetic, try yoga, aerobics, or walks in the fresh air. You should have plenty of money this year making this a banner year for you. You may have stopped believing in love, but the new Moon on the 17th January should bring out the romance. If you are attached and this is not partner for you, the cracks will become exposed. You have Pluto in you chart throughout 2018, which makes this a year of  serious transformation.

Aquarius: You start the new year apathetic and not in the best of health. As a matter of fact that might describe the later part of 2017. Once the Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th, your health and energy bounce back. In 2018 you feel in prime shape. 2018 also see success in business and up the ladder you climb. Security will have finally be yours. The New Moon in Aquarius just after Valentine’s Day might bring you your soul mate and  around the middle of June should your soul will be singing.

Pisces: Your start the new year out healthy and happy. You could stand to be more physical on a daily basis. Classes and a new fitness regime are headed your way around February 18th.The Lunar eclipse on January 31st gives you  some success. Maybe an unfulfilled dream gets granted around the 29th May. In 2018 you need to watch your finance resources, as they will be tight. Friendship of the past hold the key to your happiness. Did you misjudge someone? Time to forgive. Your love life sees a commitment and if you are single in  January your feelings are deep. By July, your love life will go swimmingly.

Aries: Your normal vitality is under attack. Surprisingly enough it is not physical, but mental. If you focus on happiness, you will feel like your old self. Meditation right now is the medics you need. Wow, your career section is off the charts. This is the year that if you dream it, it will come. I know this sounds crazy, after the year you have just had, but expect a major career overhaul towards mid January. Money will start to flow after May. As for love, diplomacy is key. Expect all those doubt you have had, to be answered as a  up-coming birthday present. Remember if one chapter closes another one opens and this new is much more positive.

Taurus: Ok, 2018 is the year you need to get up and move, preferably out into the fresh air and sunshine. Your health and happiness depend on it. Baby steps lead to bigger life changes, that you will see were actually easier than you thought. The New Moon on February 15th should offer a raise, and a career offer. You have felt it was time for a change and it is being handed to you on a silver platter. It is possible that you will move states for your career. Say YES!!!!! there is much to gain from this. Your birthday gift is a new relationship that is going to make even the growliest bulls swing their tails. Yep, love is definitely in the air.

Gemini: Time to opt for healthy choices. It is the key for your piece of mind. You have been eating your feelings and it’s time to deal with them. I promise you will be surprised to learn how much more in control you are. Demons are only as big as you make them. Money has you worried and part of that is your extravagant taste. Don’t stress, as a deal is coming your way that will have you back in the swing of things, however there is a glitch sometime in June, but it fades away. Love has eluded you and caused many a heartbreak. If you take control, make the first move, it’s possible that in June you might be coupled up.

Cancer: Like the Gemini’s, you have been eating rather than face your emotions. Not only has that cause weight gain, but also some health issues. If you stick to a routine, as well as start keeping a journal, the pounds and your well being will see an overhaul. Thanks to Uranus, expect a year of  surprises in your career. The good news, is the surprises will offer more security both financially and emotionally. The New Moon in Aquarius on February 15th, will help to transform your fortune overnight. I feel reluctant to tell you this, as you have such a hard time of it, but miracles do happen. Your love life however, will  seem like a rollercoaster. If you are attached and it is for the wrong reasons, don’t expect it to last.

Leo: Hello kitties, been over doing it? Time to take stock, quit those nasty habits and take charge. If you don’t love you, who will? Think of me as that drill sergeant, drastic action is needed, so hop to. Another thing you need to do is let go of the past. It is holding you in a stagnant pattern and until you release all this negativity, these amazing opportunities can’t come to you. The New Moon on March 17th, has gifts to bring you if only you will accept and see that they are there for you and you alone. As for your love life, love is a two way streak. Are you loved as much as you love? Such a hard reality to face. Again if this is the case, let go because in July that person that can warm your heart will be searching for you.

Virgo: Time to shed old habits. Even good ones can be cloying. 2018 is the year for all signs to overhaul their diet for health sake. Most eating habits are born out of not facing emotional road blocks. In most Virgo’scases it is that they feel that they have not reached their full potential. Please let go of expectations and learn to live in the moment. Money and fame do not always make a person happy. Why not try to storyboard and see if maybe, you can find what brings out the authentic you. The answer may surprise you. April is a banner month for seeing your deepest desirer’s fulfilled. Also love I hear my not be all it’s cracked up to be. If you are meant to be, you will feel it in your soul not just your loins.

Libra: Time to connect. I know, hard to do when 2017 saw you burden more than your share of heartache. Your insecurities, have been exposed and you’d rather hide underneath the bed. This trial will show you just how resilient you are. if you face the sunshine, you will see that like a diamond you were being polished for something better. It may take until summer but remember that project you thought would never take off? Guess what, dust it off because it also is going to see the light of day. With that recognition comes such much needed financial help. 2018 should be a year of personal triumph and a year of  your dreams coming true.

Scorpio: Not feeling so well? Try some aromatherapy. There are machines that use your pulse to tell you the diseases that are in your body. Find them because they will ease that gnawing feeling and you will see that you can take charge and win over disease. Sometimes mainstream is not the way to go. A new revenue stream may just see you quitting the job you hate for the one you love. This new job may involve moving and yes, it is exactly what you need. This move will free you to be who you always knew your were. Your love life holds surprises, but if you let your heart open, that surprise will make you smile wider than you ever have.

Sagittarius: This year all those health problems will seem a thing of the past. It will feel as if you have just woken up from a drug induced sleep, but remember sleep heals, always stretch before a marathon and take care of those aches and pains. Just because you have been given a reprieve, doesn’t mean that you have to work your way up to full speed. Career wise this is a banner year. Look for small rewards mid-January, March, late April, early May, late  August and early September. Romance has been a comedy as of late and well it doesn’t change much. However from late July, until the end of September, things look bright and who says we shouldn’t laugh?


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