What Does Your Sign Says About Your Career In 2019?

What Does Your Sign Says About Your Career In 2019?

The new year is just around the corner and, with it, comes questions about our future. While the new year fills us with hopes, there is also apprehension about what the year will hold, especially when it comes to our careers. Our careers are an important part of our lives that provide for us financially and help us to fill our time with a useful engagement.

This guide from  is a great starting point for anyone who wants to use their own intuition to look into their path for the next year. But, luckily, astrology also provides us with lots of guidance for the year, as well.

Here, we will briefly break down what each sign has to offer their career in 2019.


If you’re an Aries, you are in luck for 2019! This year is all about the go-getter, which is perfect for this sign. Your career is going to have one of the best and most fulfilling years yet, filled with numerous opportunities, such as promotions and pay raises. Taking the new and exciting offer that provides you with an adventure is worth considering this year, though be cautious if this opportunity arises in the months of January, February or March, as these are destined to be tempestuous for you. Make sure to continue to work hard and be the bubbly and friendly individual you are.


For the Taurus, 2019 is all about starting new ventures. Do not allow negativity to engulf you and take the leap into the opportunity that you have been dreaming about. Your career path is destined to flourish this year and, during the months of March and April, you may even get more recognition for your hard work than you expected. Aim for your highest challenges yet and stick to it with a strong mindset, utilizing the qualities of the bull to the fullest.


2019 is going to be a significant year for Gemini. This year is all about change for your sign. Your career is expected to expand, creating many challenges for you and opportunities to show your skills. Be cautious in March and April as the stars say something is going to happen that could place obstacles in your career path. Prioritize yourself and your work to make sure that you are successful in your endeavors during these months. If you get another offer this year, make sure that you examine it thoroughly to determine if you are on the right path. Remember that time waits for no man, so it is up to you to take the time and make the right decision.


The career or a Cancer is destined to be filled with growth this year. Your career is expected to expand in a big way. Make sure that you take every opportunity that you are presented with this year as you are sure to find a lot of joy in these experiences. If you’re looking to make a change, make sure to do so between September and October as your sign says this would be the right time for you. Make sure to be cautious of your decisions, as starting arguments with your bosses will lead you to messy situations this coming year. Keep your opinions secret until you have asked for them in a professional setting.


As a Leo, you are going to receive a lot of recognition for your skills and hard work this year. Your skills are going to be extremely fruitful for you going into 2019. The stars say that this year is going to be crucial for your professional growth and will even be a turning point in your career. Make sure that your leadership skills are on full display this year, as you are destined to be offered a promotion or another position that will make use of these skills to their fullest. Keep accelerating toward your target as better things are coming your way.


For Virgo, the first half of this year will be beneficial in many ways…and the second half of the year will not favor your sign at all. It is important to be aware of this so that you can take an alternate path when you see things begin to get rocky in your career. Ups and downs are bound to happen at work this year, but you need to get over the hurdles in whatever way you can, whether it seems favorable or unfavorable. Just keep going. Your job is destined to improve.


The 2019 of a Libra is going to be highly dependent on Karma. You will need to embrace everything in your path this coming year to make sure you continue seeing success. Your creative ideas will take you one step closer to your goals and they will gain you greater recognition this year. Any new venture you start will flourish and you are destined to be offered many sources of extra income throughout the year. Your efforts will see huge returns this year, as long as you keep working toward your goals.


Scorpio has one of the best years for change in 2019. New jobs, promotions, raises…these are all opportunities that will benefit you in 2019. Get acquainted with new people and places to broaden your perspective on business this year. It will take you one step closer to your goal. If you take on a part-time job with your full-time position, you are destined to flourish financially from the decision. This year will be an especially creative and successful time for you, as long as you embrace the path that you are on and keep your goals in mind.


Hunting down new opportunities will leave Sagittarius blessed in the coming year. An unexpected trip will lead to an exciting new business offer or an idea that will widely benefit you. Make sure you take the time to identify new opportunities and use them in the right way to obtain the expertise necessary to reach your career goals. Make sure that you do not ignore occasional hindrances, as these may become larger problems for your career if you let them fester. Stay focused on your career and utilize every resource to your advantage to stay successful all year long.


If you’re a Capricorn, this will be a good year for your career to flourish. After April, your future career prospects will blossom and you will gain more than you expected from your efforts. This year will bring lots of chances for growth and development in your career. You may be promoted or be offered a different position within your company. Take this new opportunity as your efforts are destined to be recognized by your superiors. The more opportunities you take, the more you are guaranteed to excel in your career.


2019 will help you create the necessary changes to your career that you need. If you give exceptional service to your customers, you will receive amazing benefits all year long. Make sure that you give special attention to the finer details, especially during July and August. Focus on your health and well-being so that you can keep receiving the recognition that you deserve.


Pisces people are going to do well in many areas this year. You may have to be careful during the beginning of the year with a new change in higher management that will see rule changes throughout your company. Make sure that you listen well and follow the new rules. Your hard work this year will see you receiving largely positive comments from the people you work with and will have a lasting impact on these relationships. Making the right decisions will prove beneficial for you and your entire company this year.

The new year may bring you apprehension, but the stars show many positive opportunities for all signs. Seeking out the opportunities which are best suited to your skill is guaranteed to bring you success. Continue to work hard to receive the recognition you deserve in 2019!



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