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What Every Business Owner Should Know About Sales Tax

What Every Business Owner Should Know About Sales Tax

Being a business owner means you have a lot to deal with on a daily basis. From interacting with customers, to paying employees and filing documents, it’s easy to find yourself extremely overwhelmed.

One thing you don’t want to ignore as a business owner is running into the law. Owning a business means you need to adhere to state and federal laws regarding employee rights, safety, codes, taxes and more. One form of tax you need to be aware of this tax season is sales tax. Sales tax is a consumption tax on the sale of goods and services, which is collected by the company (you), and passed on to the government. Below, we highlight some important things you need to know about sales tax as a business owner.

Managing Your Finances

Managing your finances is an important aspect of running a successful business, and mismanagement can lead to trouble with the IRS. You can look into sales tax consulting services to save you time on trying to figure out all you need to do to properly file your sales tax. To help with this, utilize the services of online and mobile budgeting apps. Apps like these can help you manage your expenses, track financial operations, and set reminders on bills you have to pay, ultimately saving you money and stress. Managing your finances is a crucial step in running a business, remaining professional, and ensuring you won’t have any trouble with the law. Using services to help your day to day expense-tracking is something that all business owners should know. It’ll help you understand and file your sales tax.

Staying Organized

Staying organized is another crucial component when it comes to filing taxes. As a business owner, you need to keep track of every sale and receipt so you can calculate how much sales tax you owe the government. When your office is filled with papers, it can easily get disorganized and cluttered. You can go paperless by using document scanning apps on your smartphone or tablet to digitize all of your receipts, transactions, and other documents.

Once you’re documents are uploaded to your computer, organize them with an online document management system that can itemize all of your important papers on a backed up system. This will ensure you don’t lose track of any documents you need as tax season rolls around.

How You Can Get in Trouble with the IRS

As a business owner, you can find yourself in deep trouble if you collect sales tax from your products or services and fail to pay it back to the government. Running a business is hard, stressful, and time consuming. Adhering with state and federal laws will give you a sigh of relief and sense of peace when the taxman comes around.

However, if you either forget or intentionally fail to file your taxes as a business, you can risk losing all your life’s work and even end up in jail for tax evasion. If you fail to file your sales tax, you can risk your business being audited. Auditing means the government will come in, inspect your company, and ask for all of your business’s financial information. If you are missing any documents they need, or if they discover you haven’t been filing your taxes correctly, you can face huge fines and even imprisonment.

Filing your periodic sales taxes will relieve this headache and show the government that you are in compliance with their laws and regulation. To reduce your risk of audit, keep the state happy by filing your sales tax returns.

Summing It Up

As a business owner, you get to go to work every day doing something you love and having a company that you worked hard to establish and run. In order to be a successful business owner and keep your company on solid grounds, you need to comply with state and federal tax laws for sales tax. Managing and organizing your company’s documents, receipts, and transactions is important when calculating your sales taxes and keeping the state happy. Once you’re done filing your period sales tax, treat yourself with local drinks and take advantage of deals going on after Tax Day


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