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What Every Startup’s Finance Team Needs to Know During Inflation & the Stock Market Plunge  



In the finance world, we have seen very low levels of inflation in the past 10 years. Sadly, partly due to the impact of COVID-19, we have been witnessing a stark increase in inflation rates, especially in the U.S. Some businesses benefit from inflation, but others are damaged by it. Either way, with the stock market going down every day, there are a few important things for every startup’s finance team to keep in mind. 

We have reached out to some CEOs, COOs, and VPs, asking for their insight on the financial crisis currently occurring across the globe. Keep reading to learn how to protect your startup against the dangers of high inflation rates. 

Look for Additional Supply Chains 

Depending on an individual supply chain can be quite risky, and that risk has been substantially heightened due to the world’s current financial climate. With the stock market plunging, it is crucial to protect your supply chain against inflation. This can be primarily accomplished by finding an extra supply chain or two for your startup. Another strategy would be to receive your supply quicker and stock up on what is needed, if your finance team thinks that is a risk worth taking. With inflation rising, it’s never been more important to take a good look at your supply chain strategy, determine where the risk lies, and find a quick solution to your dilemma. 

Lina Miranda, is a VP of Marketing at AdQuick. Further regarding the risk in depending on a single supply chain for your startup, she says, “This is a really unfortunate time for startups. They’re up-and-coming and just getting the feel for things, and then suddenly they are smacked in the face with these crazy inflation rates. High inflation could really damage many of the supply chains that new businesses rely on, and too many businesses today are going under because of their supply chains being unpredictable and increasing their prices by a lot. My recommendation for any startup would be to look into working with a couple different supply chains. This takes off pressure from any one supply chain, and if one goes under, your startup will still be functioning as normal.” 

Have a Global Perspective

While it might be easy to only think about the financial situation in the U.S., it is important to remember that every country around the world is experiencing an increase in inflation at the moment. This financial crisis is much bigger than just the U.S., and startups need to maintain that mindset when making financial decisions. Every startup’s finance team should be regularly, if not constantly, evaluating the financial happenings in countries all around the world. Are there new policies for international supply chains? Are new alliances forming between countries? All of these things must be taken into consideration in order to have a comprehensive understanding of what is going on in the world financially. The answers to these questions affect startups everywhere. Don’t think that your startup is protected from the financial changes in countries on the other side of the globe. 

Chris Bridges, a CEO at VITAL, is a big proponent of having a global perspective financially. He says, “Keep a close eye out on the market around the world. Noticing the financial trends going on in other countries will help inform you about the financial decisions you should be making for your startup. If you notice the stocks going down in a lot of different countries – more so than in the U.S. – then you can basically predict that the stock market is going to take a nosedive in a couple days, maybe a couple weeks if you’re lucky.” 

We also talked to George Fraguio, the Vice President of Bridge Lending at Vaster, who says that, “One of the biggest mistakes I see startups everywhere making is believing that they won’t be affected by what’s going on in other countries. If you get ahead of the game and actually acknowledge that your business could be very damaged because of the global market, then you’re one step ahead of most business owners.” 

Increase Your Product Prices 

With rising inflation rates comes the need to keep up with heightened prices around the world. If you have yet to increase your product prices, now might just be the time to do that. Increasing your prices will help your startup to stay in line with the rest of the market, making it more affordable to run business as usual, compared to if you were to keep the same product prices you offered before the stock market dropped. Instead of needing to worry if you can afford to run your business, raising product prices will help your startup function smoothly. Your clients and customers will expect this, too, considering that almost all businesses are increasing their prices. 

Adam Bém is a Co-Founder and COO at Victoria VR. He says, “Don’t be afraid to increase your prices. Your products and services are valuable, and you need to treat them like they are. Since inflation is affecting everyone, your customers won’t be surprised at the increase in price. If you do lose a few customers, you’ll gain them back soon enough, and your business will be doing well financially. Keeping up with the market is always worth it.” 

In the words of financier Suze Orman, “A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.” Following the tips listed above will help your startup have financial freedom, and you won’t need to constantly worry about the financial what-ifs of the world. Looking for additional supply chains, having a global perspective, and increasing your product prices will all contribute to financial success for your startup, which is crucial in the crisis we are witnessing today. We hope that this article gave you insight on what you need to know during inflation and the stock market plunge. 


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How to Prepare Your Business for a Natural Disaster



Businesses can take a serious financial hit from a natural disaster. If you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or even severe snowstorms, it is best to prepare your business ahead of time. Being prepared in advance can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairing damages.

What Is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

 To best prepare your business for a natural disaster, it is best to first understand what might happen in an event out of your control. If your business is damaged in some way by a natural disaster, you will have to be prepared with insurance to cover the damage. For example, most businesses in wildfire regions of the United States are required to have insurance that covers them in the event of a wildfire.

 If you are prepared with insurance for your business, a public insurance adjuster can come into play after the damage has occurred. As opposed to an insurance provider, a public insurance adjuster works for you. This means that they will try to maximize the benefits of your insurance policy to help you recover from the damages.

Having the Right Insurance

Especially in areas prone to natural disaster, it is important to have the right insurance, so you are not impacted financially. If you live in a wooded area prone to tornadoes, you will want to make sure you have tornado insurance coverage that can cover things like shattered windows or a tree falling on your roof. While a public insurance adjuster can help you file the best claim after disaster strikes, they will be working with the insurance that you have before disaster strikes.

Make Sure Your Business Is Prepared Ahead for Bad Weather

 Not all natural disasters can be prepared for, but some can. While it is harder to predict an earthquake, it is easier to predict a hurricane that has been in the forecast for some time. Even in the event of an earthquake, there are certain things you can do to prepare your business. For example, in California, where earthquakes are common, it may not be best to have expensive items on shelves that cannot protect or brace those items for common-sized earthquakes.

 The same goes for your business preparing for a hurricane. If you are receiving warnings about a hurricane in your area, it is best to try and prepare for flooding and high winds by boarding up windows and protecting electrical units from flooding.

When to Contact a Disaster Relief Insurance Claims Adjuster

 After disaster strikes, you will want to contact a public insurance adjuster as soon as possible to help you assess the damage and file a claim. A disaster relief insurance claims adjuster is a public insurance adjuster with specific experience in natural disasters. They will have a full understanding of natural disaster insurance policies that your business may have as part of your coverage. Having someone experienced help you file a claim ensures that you maximize the benefits of your insurance policy at a time when you need the finances the most.

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Photo Booth Printer




Are you in the market for a way to make your business more engaging, interactive, and fun? If so, investing in a photo booth printer may just be the answer. Photo booth printers are becoming increasingly popular with businesses worldwide, as they offer customers an entertaining experience that is also incredibly useful for marketing and branding purposes. In this blog post, we will look at five reasons why having a photo booth printer can take your business up a notch – from increased customer engagement to improved brand awareness. Keep reading to find out how!

Increase Brand Visibility – a fun and interactive way to showcase your brand or logo.

Adding a photo booth printer to your business can significantly increase your brand’s visibility. This can help capture the attention of potential customers and provide your existing customer base with an engaging, interactive experience. By using the photo booth to prominently feature your logo, you can ensure that the full impact of your branding will have a lasting impression on those in contact with it. With the increase in popularity of social media, branded images from a photo booth can also be a great way to reach out beyond just those visiting your business, allowing you to promote your brand even further and keep it top of mind for potential customers.

Stand Out – can be customized with your business’s branding.

Are you looking to increase customer engagement and make your business stand out among the competition? Consider investing in a photo booth printer! A photo booth printer lets you personalize it with your company’s branding, helping you create a unique experience for your customers that they won’t find elsewhere. Not only will it ensure people remember your business, but photo booth printers can also be used to generate additional revenue by providing novelty items associated with your business. Take advantage of all the benefits photo booth printers have to offer today and give your customers an unforgettable personalized experience!

Generate Revenue – generate an additional source of revenue.

Have you ever thought of adding a photo booth printer to your business? This is an excellent revenue stream that can provide an additional source of revenue. With its help, you can make more money by allowing customers to take and print photos on the spot with various filters and design options. Furthermore, businesses that offer photo booth printing services can widen their customer base as the demand for such offers continues to increase. By bringing in the option of photo printing, your business could easily stand out from competitors and offer something unique. So why wait? Invest in a photo booth printer today and enjoy a steady flow of income!

Engage Customers – allows them to share their experiences with family and friends.

Photo booths are an exciting addition to retail stores that enable customers to quickly and easily print memorable photos of their experiences in-store. Not only does this provide fun entertainment for the customer, it also encourages them to engage with your business more deeply and spread the word about the positive experience they had. By integrating a photo booth printer into your store, customers can share their photos with family and friends either instantly or later through social media outlets, driving more traffic to your business.

Build a Loyal Following – By offering customers a unique experience, you esure they return time and again.

Through a photo booth printer, you can give your customers an experience they won’t forget! They’ll have the ability to take fun, memorable photos and have them printed right there onsite – making it easy to share their experiences with others. This unique offering is the perfect way to build a loyal following of customers who are eager to come back again and again for delightful experiences.

Furthermore, through creating a connection between your business and your customers, you provide yourself with an added bonus – the potential for further engagement with those same customers (such as on social media) due to the shared memories from their time at your business.


Concluding thoughts


In conclusion, having a photo booth printer is an effective and efficient way to maximize your business’s success. By increasing brand visibility, you can help differentiate yourself from the competition. You can also generate additional sources of revenue with a photo booth printer. Customers will appreciate the ability to quickly print photos in-store and use them to share their experiences with family and friends. Additionally, they will be more likely to return as photo booth printers create meaningful engagement that result in loyal customers. Investing in a photo booth printer is a smart decision for any business looking to be successful!

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Advantages of Using Renewable Energy Sources




Renewable energy sources are derived from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, water, geothermal and biomass. These energy resources are easily replenished compared to non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels. They are also considered clean and alternative energy sources because they don’t produce large amounts of harmful carbon dioxide gas and other similar emissions.

There’s a more pronounced push to transition from traditional energy sources to alternative energy. Whereas before, renewable energy entailed prohibitive costs, technological developments have lowered the attendant costs of installing and maintaining such facilities in commercial and residential setups. Investing in such equipment is now more cost-efficient, and the benefits typically outweigh the cons. If you want to integrate alternative energy sources into your property, you can find reputable companies to help you. You can check out their website details to arrange for appointments for their experts to come and assess your household energy needs. They can provide you with a personalised scheme tailored to your needs.

Here are some of the advantages of using renewable energy sources.

Limitless supply 

Unlike fossil fuels that are quickly depleted and must undergo intense processing to provide gasoline or diesel and other byproducts, renewable energy sources present an unlimited and highly replenishable supply. Sunlight, wind, hydropower, and even biomass are easily supplied. With the right angles and location, you can easily stock up on solar power. It goes the same way with wind and hydroelectric turbines; find a good spot and let nature take its course. With the right technology, you’re sure to generate enough supply.

Zero carbon emissions

With greenhouse gases and global warming among the trending topics, it’s necessary to remind people that when you transition to using alternative energy sources, there’s a significant decrease in the production of harmful gases. Whereas coal power plants produce about 2.2 pounds of carbon dioxide for every kilowatt-hour produced, solar, wind, and hydropower don’t produce any harmful emissions that can affect the ozone layer. When you switch to renewable energy, you greatly contribute to environmental protection.

Cheaper electricity 

Yes, installing alternative energy sources can cost a pretty penny upfront, but technological developments are driving the prices down. Compared to traditional electricity powered by fossil fuels, you can realise tremendous savings with solar and wind power. With more countries investing in solar energy and other renewable sources, it’s becoming a trend for big companies to reassess their position regarding renewables. Depending on the locale, you can produce your daily electricity supply cheaper than traditional sources. The cost may initially be high, but in the long run, you’re guaranteed savings for a lifetime.

Cleaner water and air 

When you depend on traditional electricity, you support coal power plants that emit harmful smoke. These factories produce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. They also produce heavy metals such as mercury, zinc, lead, and other harmful particulates. These can mix with the water table and the air that we consume. These elements have been proven to have harmful side effects, so it’s imperative that more people transition to cleaner energy.

Alternative energy sources represent a better way to produce energy for households and commercial properties. In addition, people who make the switch can enjoy several benefits immediately.


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